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    Jacquet Droz (Father Love Is Silent, Deep And Heavy)

    Father’s love is subtle and silent, but behind it there is deep-seated true love, which can only be experienced with heart. As Wenhao Dickens said: ‘Father should be a generous friend.’ When we look back on our growth years, our father is one of the most respectable and trustworthy friends. He uses his heavy and selfless love in the journey of life. We cover the wind and rain, guide the direction, and guard us all the time. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Jaquet Droz selected two Grande Seconde watches to present Father’s Day in return for his father’s love.

     The Grande Seconde series, as a classic of the brand, embodies its philosophical value, aesthetic characteristics and technological pursuits. It still leads the way after more than two hundred years, showing the long-lasting vitality of Jacques Dro design philosophy. The unique 8-character inner ring hugs and hugs, like the real and endless love between father and son, embracing and relying on each other, is the permanent spiritual pillar of the other party. The number 8 also contains the meaning of ‘∞’, just like the great continuation of the life that fathers give to their children, creating the eternity of affection.

    Ivory large open flame enamel date large seconds hand (GRANDE SECONDE QUANTIÈME IVORY ENAMEL)
     While adhering to the classic aesthetic style, Jacques de Lo not forgetting to innovate, incorporating a silicon hairspring into the movement’s escapement system, writing a new legend for the large second hand series. The date shows that the large seconds watch respects the classics and respects the tradition, just as the children are grateful and respectful to their father.
     The date display Grande Seconde Quantième was born in 2011 and is inspired by the brand’s legendary models. This year, it will be launched with a new look and movement, injecting vitality into the classic elements of Jaquet Droz, once again confirming the brand’s immortal watchmaking process.
     The watch movement has undergone a major change for the first time, boldly using a silicon balance spring and an inverted pallet fork. The texture of silicon is flexible and flexible, and only a few watchmakers in the world are proficient in using this material for watchmaking. Silicon is very resistant to impact, temperature changes, and pressure, and is not affected by magnetic fields. It is stable and constant.
     Jacques Droe is good at refining the movement, this movement is no exception: the motherboard is polished on both sides with round pearls; the gears are chamfered, polished, and rounded; the steel parts are softly chamfered and straight; the corners are Manually sanded and polished, all of these processes give the movement an exquisite and unique look. The transparent beauty of the case provides a beautiful view of the machine. To coincide with the grand launch of the Grande Seconde Quantième Ivory Enamel date with ivory-colored large enamel enamel, the surface of the movement is also specially decorated with fan-shaped Geneva ripples, highlighting its distinguished identity.
     The movement is carefully retouched to present a new modern aesthetic. The atmospheric bridges and gray-black tones project a more pure modern spirit. The brand’s classic decorative elements are integrated into one.
     Through the change of movement and appearance, Jacques de Loire once again expressed the brand’s unchanging watchmaking philosophy: adhering to the superior craftsmanship and traditional aesthetics, and constantly innovating and performing with the times. Just as children continue to inherit and inherit fatherly love, a watch tells a moving story

    Ivory large open flame enamel date large seconds watch GRANDE SECONDE QUANTIEME IVORY ENAMEL
    Double ivory large open flame enamel dial;
    Red gold case
    Automatic winding movement;
    68-hour power reserve;
    43 mm diameter
    Red gold hour, minute, second and date hands
    Red lacquered decorative date display pointer pin end
    Suggested retail price: 171,000 RMB

    Ivory large open flame enamel seconds hand (GRANDE SECONDE IVORY ENAMEL)
     In 1785, Jacques Droer pioneered the concept of the Grande Seconde, interpreting time in a whole new way. The eye-catching second hand movement makes the wearer better understand the passage of time, which has become the golden rule of the watchmaking industry for centuries. Since then, the accuracy of the minute is no longer unique to scholars, merchants, missionaries, and kings. Anyone who loves beautiful objects can share this relentless pursuit of precision and elegance.

     The beauty of the Grande Seconde is not overshadowed by the passage of time. The unique digital shape and arrangement will always lead the trend of the times: the hours and minutes are expressed in classical Roman numerals; the Arabic numerals are easy to identify and the seconds are displayed, so that the watch reflects modern achievements while reflecting the glorious past. The proportions of the two inner disks are symmetrical and the lines are neat and even. Its design inspiration comes from the auspicious number 8, which is also a lucky number for Jacques Dro watch factory.
     Nowadays, almost all watch factories are keen to launch watches with many complicated functions and compete fiercely in the market, but Jacques Dro has always adhered to principles, pursued the essence, and paid attention to artistic beauty and eternity. Watches are not just simple mechanical devices, but also passion and enthusiasm from the heart. Jacques Dro continues to create timepieces for discerning collectors, always adhering to the philosophy of pursuing innovation and pure beauty.

    Large ivory enamel large seconds hand GRANDE SECONDE IVORY ENAMEL
    Ivory Grand Fire ‘Grand Feu’ Enamel Dial
    18K White Gold Case
    Self-winding movement
    68-hour power reserve
    43 mm diameter
    Suggested retail price: RMB167,000