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    Dream To The Sky, Extraordinary Creation, Cartier Launched The New Santos De Cartier Series Watch

    Conquering the sky, sublimating ideals, gravitation in battlefields … The fearless spirit of the pilot Albert Santos Dumont has been faithfully manifested in the new Santos de Cartier watch series.
       The new watch is represented by Albert Santos Dumont, which continues the pioneering spirit, extraordinary style and passion of conquering the sky of the pioneers of the aerospace industry.
       Simplicity, practicality and innovation are the three principles Albert Santos Dumont follows. In 1904, the flight pioneer ordered the first modern watch from Louis Cartier. This timepiece can be worn on the wrist, making it easy for him to check the time while flying the aircraft.


       The simple design of the watch, with its square dial, exposed screw design and ergonomically comfortable strap, make it an industry model of the era.
       It belongs to this ambitious legend-he has invented and designed more than 20 aircraft in total, possesses a large number of patented technologies, conducts test flights without fearing the danger of life, and also generously donates his income. His dress is also praised for its practical elegance.

    Simple and elegant-the new SANTOS-DUMONT watch

       A tribute to classic watches
       The new Santos-Dumont watch with crocodile leather strap is exquisitely subtle, faithfully continuing the elegant style of the original 1904 model. This new work is available in 18K gold, 18K gold and stainless steel or stainless steel case, with Roman numerals, exposed screws, bead-shaped winding crown set with blue cabochon gemstones, continuing the system The historical heritage of the model masterpiece.

    New SANTOS-DUMONT watch

       Cartier retains a square case with a geometric pattern composed of four towers when overlooking the Eiffel Tower, echoing the Parisian architectural aesthetics of simplicity, purity and perfect symmetry. As a symbol of the modern design revolution at the beginning of the 20th century, this watch transcended the limitations of the times, abandoning the round pocket watch styles that were popular at the time, and highlighting the crisp and straight lines.


    Santos-Dumont watch in 18K rose gold, dark grey crocodile leather strap, durable power quartz movement, 6-year battery life

       The simplicity and purity of the Santos-Dumont watch is exactly what Albert Santos Dumont portrayed in modern style: no matter what the occasion, he always dresses well, from suit vests, bowlers, collars, cuffed trousers to The anti-peak peaked cap all reflects its chic style.

       Powerful quartz movement

     Santos-Dumont watch in 18K rose gold and steel, black crocodile leather strap, durable power quartz movement, 6-year battery life

    Santos-Dumont watch Stainless steel, dark blue alligator strap, long-lasting quartz movement, 6-year battery life

       When flying an airplane, Albert Santos Dumont always wears goggles and a custom coat that connects various cables to the rudder. He values ​​comfort and practicality without losing grace.

       Likewise, practicality has played a decisive role in the development of Santos-Dumont watches. In 2019, Cartier equipped the Santos-Dumont watch with a high-efficiency quartz movement with a battery life of about 6 years, which is twice as long as the traditional quartz movement. To this end, the Cartier workshop redesigned and resized the movement in order to reduce power consumption, while equipped with a new high-performance battery.

    Breakthrough record-SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph

    SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph

       Speed ​​is one of many challenges that Albert Santos Dumont must face. How to surpass and control speed? He has repeatedly set records in the aviation field, which can be traced back to the flight speed record set in 1906, that is, 220 meters in 21 seconds.

    SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph, oversized 18K rose gold, interchangeable bracelet / strap (crocodile leather and rubber), Cartier 1904-CN MC workshop-finished self-winding chronograph movement

       Cartier’s new chronograph is specially created for measurement records. In the 21st century, this tradition of excellence continues to be carried forward. Cartier pays attention to the elegant appearance and ergonomic design of the watch. It has a start / stop button at 9 o’clock, and the reset function is directly operated by the crown. Watch design is more simple and easy to operate.

    SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph, oversized model, 18K yellow gold and stainless steel, replaceable bracelet / strap (stainless steel and rubber), Cartier 1904-CN MC-crafted workshop automatic winding chronograph movement

       This watch is equipped with Cartier 1904-CH MC workshop refined movement. Guide column, vertical clutch device and linear return-to-zero hammer constitute a delicate mechanism for controlling and coordinating timing functions.

    SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph, oversized model, ADLC carbon coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon coating) stainless steel, replaceable bracelet / strap (rubber and crocodile skin), Cartier 1904-CN MC workshop refined automatic Winding chronograph movement

       In 1909, Cartier applied for a patent for the first folding buckle design. This year, Cartier continues to innovate the buckle system, highlighting more comfortable, simple and safe quality features. The push-button switch mechanism is equipped with a lighter sheet, which continues the iconic design and makes the operation of replacing the strap / bracelet easy.
       Just like the other Santos de Cartier watch series, its strap / bracelet has the advantage of being easy to use: the stainless steel bracelet, crocodile leather or rubber strap can be easily replaced by the patented QucikSwitch strap quick-change device, Its delicate mechanism is hidden in the case; the exclusive patented SmartLink bracelet adjustment device makes it possible to change the size of the metal bracelet without using tools.

       The night sky was also Albert Santos Dumont’s eager conquest. He had conceived that during the test flight, the night sky was lit with searchlights.


       Cartier presents the new Santos de Cartier Squelette Noctambule hollow luminous watch, realizing this dream: the movement bridge is covered with Super-Luninova® luminous coating, which is no different during the day, and it accumulates the bright light when it falls at night.