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    The Appearance Of New Technologies In The First Half Of 2016

    The two major watch exhibitions at the beginning of this year have attracted global watch enthusiasts. The main reason is that every year, two watch exhibitions will meet with the world like never before. The latest watch concepts and technologies will shine at both exhibitions.

    At this year’s Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair, Audemars Piguet introduced a Royal Oak Concept series super chronograph watch, featuring high pitch and precise pitch. This watch features a lightweight titanium case that sounds perfectly the same, and meets the highest standards of watchmaking with unparalleled acoustic performance, sophisticated sound quality and precise tonality.

       Using three innovative patents, it perfectly combines the ultimate harmony, exclusive sound quality and bright tone. A new method of designing the stainless steel gong structure creates a unique minute repeater sound. The watch uses a newly developed case, and its unique structure prevents sound loss to achieve sound reinforcement. According to the traditional manufacturing process, the gong of the minute repeater mechanism is directly fixed on the main plate of the movement. The gong is mounted on a device made of a special material below the movement. The gong directly transmits the vibration generated by the hammer to the device made of special materials, instead of the traditional main plate of the movement. This technological innovation is like the case of a guitar. Through precise resonance, the sound intensity, tonality and timbre are improved. The adjusting device for controlling the time, time and minute rhythm is also newly designed. The gong bolt is more flexible and can absorb noise generated when the time signal device is operating.

       At the subsequent Basel International Watch Fair, Athens surprised four people with a Grand Deck flagship tourbillon watch. The highlight of this Athens Tourbillon watch is not the tourbillon, but the minute hand. Looks like a normal retrograde hand, but if you look closely you will find that this hand is more than half the diameter of the dial is controlled by a thin wire.

       Obviously, the design of the watch incorporates the elements of the ship, let’s not talk about the function and technology of this watch, such a beautiful dial is worthy of our quiet appreciation. The minute hand is driven by a high-tech nanowire, which moves it on the curved scale. Every hour, the slider will automatically return to the origin. The return of the slider is controlled by a special automatic return mechanism, which can reset the minute hand in only 3 to 4 seconds. In order to solve the huge energy required for slider movement, the UN-630 homemade manual movement used in this watch has a dual barrel design, one for the movement and the other for the time display. In the end, this watch has more than 48-hour power reserve. Water-resistant to 100 meters. It is worth mentioning that the material of this slider is made of Polyethylene Dyneema fiber, which is one of the important materials for making sailing equipment. Regardless of its diameter is only 0.0357 mm, but it can withstand a traction force of 1.41kg. Not only that, the hands of the mast and the wooden dial, lock nails and pulleys are perfectly integrated to create a scene where the ship is about to go out to sea and sail!

       The modular mobile phones that have been popular on the Internet for a while must be familiar to everyone. TAG Heuer has also modularized its Heuer 01 and Heuer 02 watches this year. The case is made up of 12 modules. You can freely change various colors and materials according to your preferences, making the watch more versatile and full of fashion. Heuer is indeed a younger brand.

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    Why Does Longines Succeed? Take A Look At Huo Kenuo’s Brand Marketing Approach

    Apple Watch has recently become the focus of public discussion, but it should also be remembered that it took the Silicon Valley giant 40 years to launch its first watch; Longines, which is located in St. Somia (St. Imier, the brand of the quiet town, has been dedicated to watchmaking since 1867 to the present day. In addition, Apple may claim to be the most valuable brand in the world today, but Longines’ flying wing hourglass logo is the oldest valid registered trademark of the World Intellectual Property Organization.
       Walter von Känel, the current CEO of the brand, joined Longines in 1969, and is still stationed in Sri Lanka after nearly half a century (46 years), so it is not surprising that he dismissed the Apple Watch or generalized smart watch. ‘We have also tried digitization during our 46-year Longines career. After all, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a Swiss patent,’ he said. ‘Then we made some LED (light emitting diode) watches. Museum. Later, with the ETA digital / analog movement, we launched Speed5. ‘
       ‘In my opinion, manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and other smartwatches are just a supplement to our work. I firmly believe that the fundamental function of a watch is no longer just a signal of time, it is also a symbol of identity and taste. Why choose Patek Philippe, not Swatch-because of the desire to show off. ‘
       However, regardless of reputation or value, there is a huge gap between Swatch and Patek Philippe. The world’s largest private collection of Swatch (5,800 pieces) sold for only a quarter of Patek Philippe Henry Graves’ super-complex menu. So where is the position of Longines at both ends of the balance?
       ‘Clocks and watches are an emotional consumer product,’ explains Hokeno. ‘This is also the point where we spend a lot of budget to establish a sponsorship partnership, and the ambassadors are actively promoting it.’ In fact, through cooperation with equestrian, tennis and ski sports Longines has ensured a stable news appearance.
    Hokino and the brand’s elegant ambassador Aishwarya Rai at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

       The background of Huoke Nuo’s background in sales also makes profit and loss become the primary consideration of the brand. During the Basel conference, Hokenau always carried four essential items with him: a stack of plastic-packed forms (sales data, best-selling models, and ledger by country or product line), pencils, sharpeners, and A set of precision calipers dating back to 1969. The old school who lived aloof, frankly, ‘I don’t have a computer, and my mobile phone is also an old guy (old communication equipment in the pre-intelligent era), and I won’t even reply to text messages.’
       His sensitivity and focus on sales are amazing, and those key statistics seem to be imprinted in his mind, and he still remembers them. It is also this sensitivity and focus that has contributed to the birth of the brand’s ‘fifth pillar’-a new series created specifically for equestrian sports.
       ‘If we plan to invest millions in this area and can appear in equestrian events every weekend, chronographs alone are not enough,’ explains Hokeno. ‘We need to develop new ones, especially Women’s collection, and we also have a special watch for the obstacle course. ‘
    New Comcast Classic Moon Phase Ref.L2.798.5.72

       Even if he asks personal questions such as favorite watches, Hokeno can return to sales. ‘This year, our investment and promotion focus is on the Concas classic series (accounting for 7% of Longines’ total sales). This model is a steel and gold two-tone moon phase watch, and I should be consistent with the brand image and lead by example. ‘It seems that it is no longer necessary to guess what watch the Longines CEO is wearing.
       Even considering Hookeno’s sales background, people were taken aback when he announced that Longines set a new sales record last year. In the troubled Hong Kong market, Longines recorded a strong growth record of 10% last year, when mainland tourists turned to support the Hong Kong markets of South Korea and Thailand. So, this year’s economic environment is full of uncertain factors, can this rally continue? ‘It looks like it!’ Hockenor predicts confidently on the opening day of Basel International Watch & Jewellery.