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    Omega And Rory Mcilroy Auction Seahorse Aqua Terra “Golf” Watch To Raise Funds For Charity Foundation

    Recently, Omega celebrity ambassador Rory McIlroy appeared on the scene of the Rochester American Professional Golf Championships in New York. ‘Golf’ watch certificate and signature on the case. The sapphire-backed interior of this special watch is sprayed with the signature of Rory McIlroy, and will be used as a lot to participate in auctions held from August 7th to 17th.

       This Sea Horse series Aqua Terra ‘Golf’ watch will be auctioned together with the watch box and certificate. The highest bid will be donated to the Rory McIlroy Foundation

       Interested parties interested in bidding for this unique watch can send an email to [email protected] before 6 pm (US Eastern Summer Time) on August 17th. Bidding starts at $ 5,500.

    Rory McIlroy Foundation
       The Rory McIlroy Foundation supports charities across the globe, regardless of size, regardless of size. Earlier this year, Rory McIlroy implemented the foundation’s first project, the ‘Charity Backpacking Initiative.’ In the 2013 season, Rory’s ‘Charity Backpack’ appeared on the scene of some championships with the names of different children’s charities, and these charities also did their best to cooperate with community charity activities. At each station, an auction will be held for a custom-made ‘charity backpack’, and the proceeds from the auction will be donated directly to charity organizations. At the same time, this project has greatly increased the visibility of these charitable organizations and institutions in the local community.
    Omega and the U.S. Professional Golf Championship
       From August 8th to 11th, the 95th American Professional Golf Championship will begin at the East Course of Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York. This is the third time the U.S. Professional Golf Championship has held a season-end match here. Rory McIlroy will play as the defending champion. Omega will also be the designated timekeeper for the competition.

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    New Roger Dubuis Grand Opening In Geneva

    There is an old saying that when one door is closed, another door must be opened. A few days ago, Roger Dubuis opened the newly opened flagship store in the city where it was born, confirming the true meaning of this proverb. This store is located in Place de la Fusterie in the historic district of Geneva. It replaces the old store on Rue du Rhône and leads people into this outstanding Geneva watchmaking with a new and touching facade. The extraordinary world of the factory.
       Fosterly Plaza not only has advantages because it is located in the luxury shopping district of Geneva, but also for the founder of the brand and Roger Mr. Du Bi is unique because he started his career in the manufacture and repair of watches in the neighbourhood near the square. When Roger. When Mr. Du Bi described his professional watchmaking experience, people were always involuntarily attracted by his love and authentic mission to authentic traditional watches.

       Whether it was the restoration of a complex watch in the Galerie d’Horlogerie Ancienne professional watch auction company in the early days (or the predecessor of the Antiquorum auction company), or the big complication of a Geneva watchmaker The department is dedicated to creating semi-finished movements (also known as whiteboard movements or basic movements), or for the establishment of the Groupement Genevois des Cabinotiers in Geneva, Roger. Mr. Du Bi spares no effort to continue to contribute his enthusiasm and skill, just like the guardian of the watchmaking profession.
    A facade that truly shows the beauty of architecture and superb machinery

       All of Roger Dubuis’s new boutiques feature jewelry box designs, and the new storefront at Fosterley Square is one of 23 unique boutiques with this design style. At the most prestigious locations. Luxury watchmaking and exquisite craftsmanship meet in these magical places, and together build a world that belongs to ancient times, rich and prosperous and bold and innovative. The ubiquitous cube (geometric figures clearly visible on the precious log inlaid floor of the Geneva store) and three iconic colors (bronze, black and red), paired with each Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis World-King of Excalibur Hommage Tribute World, Velvet World, Pulsion Adventurer World, and La Monégasque Player World-presenting distinctive and representative features, showing the outstanding qualities of Roger Dubuis: expressing a dazzling contemporary through innovative aesthetics The spirit also confirms its deep strength to continue to create surprises and attractiveness. The uniquely designed and welcoming furnishings in the specialty store perfectly complement the brand’s characteristics of both bold creativity and superb technology. The warm and detailed environment subtly combines woven leather, bronze and logs to create a quiet atmosphere that helps to think and relax.
    Unique luxury watchmaking experience for watchmakers

       Like all Roger Dubuis boutiques, the boutiques in Geneva feature VIP rooms and data rooms designed for watchmakers to provide them with a rich and unique top watchmaking experience. More importantly, as Mr. Jean-Marc Pontroué, Roger Dubuis Global CEO said, ‘This new Roger Dubuis flagship store is only 15 minutes away from the watchmaking factory. Conveniently arranged visits according to requirements, providing people with a unique opportunity to meet our extraordinary skills and cutting-edge machinery and equipment. Through these skills and equipment, we can accurately grasp the complex functions of timepieces in the entire production process , Which includes dual flying tourbillons and contemporary skeleton movements. These innovations open up new prospects for us and become pioneers who fuse architectural aesthetics and superb machinery. ‘Because of this, Roger Dubuis Stores around the world exquisitely display the brand’s unique style and characteristics, and the latest storefront is an amazing example.
       The Geneva store follows this philosophy and strives to provide customers with the highest quality watch experience, including product maintenance and repairs, as well as exclusive customized services embodied in the concept of ‘rare treasures’.
    Rare treasures-an extraordinary world with endless choices

       This 157-square-meter specialty store is spread over two floors, the first floor of which is exclusively used as an exclusive space for ‘rare treasures’ to cater to the personal preferences and characteristics of customers.
       Roger Dubuis has a tradition of providing unique watches, personalizing the timepieces according to customer requirements, and now the brand has extended this service to all levels in an institutionalized manner to ensure each one The rare character of a watch. The brand is determined to provide customers with exclusive, creative and private services, giving them unprecedented opportunities to immerse themselves in the extraordinary world of Roger Dubuis, and to allow Roger Dubuis to enter their world.
    Praise and respect for the pursuit of excellence

       Fans of Roger Dubuis watches can take this rare opportunity to play an active role in the creation of outstanding timepieces, reflecting their unique personality and taste in any style they choose.
       To celebrate the opening of the latest flagship store and leave an extraordinary mark on the 20th anniversary of the brand, Roger Dubuis has launched a unique restoration plan based on its traditional watchmaking philosophy: the Millésime watch series, which is part of its Hommage lineup Add a magnificent banner. Roger Dubuis will launch a unique ‘retro’ timepiece every year, with a unique appearance to show the richness of the restoration process.
       These exclusive timepieces will only be sold in Roger Dubuis stores and will complement each other’s openings, becoming iconic events in the development of the brand’s sales network.
       The Geneva mark is the strictest quality mark in the fine watchmaking industry. For Roger Dubuis, the certification of the Geneva mark is not the end of the watchmaking process, but the starting point of excellence. This concept also extends to its specialty stores. Business philosophy and decoration design. As the newest member of the Roger Dubuis store lineup, this Geneva store, like other stores established earlier, is dedicated to presenting the brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection and the rigorous discipline it maintains. , And show the brand’s rich and prosperous creativity.
       The Roger Dubuis store embodies the extraordinary world style of the brand, combining modernity, authenticity, openness, comfort and exquisiteness in an amazing way, and at the same time becoming the watchmaker itself and its manufacturing The figurative incarnation of philosophy.