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    Rolex Permanent Beautiful Oyster Perpetual Date Female Watch

    The design is feminine and youthful. The watch is exquisite in craftsmanship. Its color and material are perfectly crystallized, exuding elegant and refined temperament. This is the Oyster Perpetual Date Lady Watch Rolesor Platinum Steel style. The watch is redesigned in accordance with the classic tradition. It is studded with glittering and magnificent gemstones. The bright charm is not afraid of the test of time. It is beautiful for a long time and creates an eternal legend in a flash.

     Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Women’s Watch

    Charming kaleidoscope

     Mother of pearl is a symbol of mysterious charm and pleasant surprise. Depending on the source, mother-of-pearl may be pink, white, black or yellow. In addition, its shade and structure can also be distinguished by taking it from different parts of the shell. Under different lighting conditions, it may look like a cloudy sky, a bright moon, or even a reflection in the water. Rolex never uses artificially colored mother-of-pearl. However, it uses professional techniques to impart natural beauty and retain its original color. Each mother-of-pearl is unique and each surface is different.

    Shiny noble diamond

     On the dial of the Oyster Perpetual Date Women’s Watch, which is unique and elegant, it is inlaid with 10 eye-catching diamonds, and the outer ring set with 46 precious flash diamonds reflects each other, showing a noble and elegant temperament. Make every wearer indulge.

    Glamour angel coming from the sky

     The gorgeous, eye-catching, picturesque craftsmanship is all focused on the latest Oyster Perpetual Date female watch, as if the goddess descended from the sky, flawless. The connotation is as outstanding as all Oyster watches, equipped with a permanent two-way automatic winding and waterproof system.  Wearing this magnificent and excellent watch, you can enjoy the bright present at the same time and embrace the eternal light.