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    Seiko Introduces Astron Gps Satellite Positioning Solar Power World Time Display 8×22 Movement Watch Djokovic Limited Edition

    Since 2014, he has chosen to work as a watch partner. Novak Djokovic has traveled around the world to participate in tennis tournaments. Nowak is not only the world’s number one tennis player. After winning Roland Garros in June this year, he has become one of only eight men in history to complete his career.

       Wearing a Seiko Astron GPS satellite-powered solar watch, Novak can adjust to a new time zone at the touch of a button. Just using light energy, the GPS satellite positioning solar power watch can be connected to the GPS network and automatically adjusted according to the global time zone, presenting an accurate time of one second every 100,000 years.
       Today, Seiko introduces the new Astron GPS satellite positioning solar power world time display watch for Novak. The watch is equipped with Caliber 8X22 movement, which represents a significant advancement of Seiko’s GPS satellite positioning solar power technology. The thickness of this watch case is only 12.4 millimeters, compared to the other 13.3 millimeters of the Caliber 8X series.

       The dial design is simple, and the city time zone, flight mode and daylight saving time display are integrated in a small sub-dial, giving the watch a low-key appearance and perfect legibility. The Astron GPS satellite-powered world time display watch provides all the necessary information without additional details. True, less is more.
       The new Novak Djokovic limited edition watch has a unique design that reflects both the taste of Novak and the characteristics of the new Astron movement. The dark mother-of-pearl dial with black alligator leather strap and rose gold titanium case is powerful and sophisticated, with elegance and sportiness.

       A limited edition of 3,500 pieces are issued worldwide, each with its own unique number, the back of which is decorated with a signature of Novak, and equipped with a special watch box. This watch will be officially launched in November this year, available at Seiko boutiques and other Seiko global retail outlets.
    Seiko Astron GPS Satellite Solar World Time Display Limited Edition Novak Djokovic, Caliber 8X22
    Global positioning control time and time zone adjustment function;
    Perpetual calendar accurate to February 2100 without adjustment;
    World time function: 40 time zones;
    Daylight saving time display function;
    Power saving function;
    Accuracy: ± 15 seconds / month (temperature 5 ℃ -35 ℃).
    Rose gold titanium case;
    Ceramic bezel
    Ultra-clear coating on sapphire crystal;
    10 bar waterproof;
    Magnetic resistance 4,800 A / m;
    44.8 mm in diameter and 12.4 mm in thickness;
    Alligator strap
    Triple folding push button switch buckle;
    Retail price is 2,000 Euros.