Three Classic Classic Watches

As one of the nobles in the field of watch and clock materials, it is different from the magnificent gold, and also different from the mild rose gold. 18K white gold is often one of the high-colds. They are mostly chosen for high-end brands or limited edition watches. They are gorgeous, delicate and impressive. It always accompanies the wearer’s wrist with a high-cold attitude, presenting a distinguished identity and a low-key beauty. Today, the Watch House will introduce to you three high-cool watches.

Lange-Saxony 215.026

Domestic public price: RMB145,000
Watch diameter: 37 mm
Case thickness: 7.3 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: 18k white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 140,000
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: 18k white gold
Watch details: 147,800
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Case thickness: 5.4 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: 18k white gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: breguet / 1962 /,
Watch reviews: Western elegance and sophistication, just like this Breguet classic series platinum watch. The 38mm 18K white gold case and 18K gold silver-plated dial are visually integrated, bringing a different sensory experience. Paris dial with machine-engraved pattern, exquisite and elegant. The black Roman numerals are elegant and solemn, contrasting with the prominent Breguet blue-steel hands, making it easy to watch. The Breguet invisible signature on both sides of the 12 o’clock mark shows the unique style that the brand gives to the watch, adding a recognizable charm to the entire watch. Attached to a black alligator leather strap, it is solemn and unpretentious, showing the elegant connotation of the man’s wrist.
Summary: The three classic white gold watches show the three characteristics of formal, versatile, and gentleman. Although the surface may seem concise, but the connotation is deep and the performance is relatively good. For those who like to wear formal clothes or high-end casual clothes, watch friends who like them, may wish to enter the brand’s specialty stores, and experience the real feelings brought by the real thing.

Decrypting ‘antique Watches’ Fake Art

People who like antique watches need to spend time and energy to find it. But nowadays, you can search all over the world regardless of time and place, and you can easily compare different quotations. On the Internet, the best place to ‘watch’ watches is the trading platform represented by eBay, like the swift electronic bay, where watch enthusiasts can find watches, pocket watches, and even large timepieces of various periods. Here, people’s knowledge and experience are particularly tested. Opportunities and risks coexist, and the advantages and disadvantages are equally obvious. Fishing in “e-Bay” is the best test of collectors’intelligence and mentality. The following takes eBay as a representative to explore the advantages and disadvantages of buying a second watch collection online. On websites such as eBay, there is a complete range of products listed in the lot catalogue. You can find all the famous brands and ancient treasures in the watch category. You can also find the various categories by ‘watches’ or ‘clock accessories’ in the category catalog and buy a variety Products from different eras, as well as various accessories including turntables and storage boxes, etc.
These auction items must be carefully observed and researched. Take Rolex as an example: the classic Oyster Date usually sells for not less than $ 1,000 or Euro, especially those very rare and special items. The price is too low and it may not be reliable Authentic. More often encountered are Rolex with relatively cheap gold, rose or white gold cases, most of which were made in the 1960s and 1970s-their dials have usually been replaced or reworked. Similar watches are not fake or imitation, but these processed dials are repainted and printed with corresponding text. Although the appearance is completely new and the price is naturally rising, the actual value will shrink greatly. It is worth noting here that Rolex or Omega with pink or turquoise dials usually indicate that these dials are not original parts. Mother-of-pearl dials on Rolex watches in the 1960s were also likely to be counterfeit. There is also a common counterfeit situation: Rolex’s subsidiary Tudor watch, a few years ago used a completely identical Rolex-style case and crown, so some people modify the dial to ‘improve face’, changing the Tudor to a high Rolex sell. These ‘upgraded versions’ of Rolex are not difficult to identify, because Tudor generally only uses ETA movements when the case is opened.
In the online lot description, there is often a description of ‘after market’, which is used to explain that some parts are not originally equipped, but reconfigured later. This situation is concentrated on Rolex’s metal straps. Most of these ‘after market’ straps are made in Asia. Once they are not originally equipped, their value will shrink significantly. There are also some common phenomena, such as the case of many watches without corners and edges. This is actually the so-called spherical polishing by experts. This is to remove the scratch marks. The case is over-polished and the edges of the case are rounded. But the damage to this case cannot be saved. The back of the case often has obvious signs of use, and you can see scratches when you try to open it due to mishandling or using brute force. Although most of the wear on the gold watch case can be repaired, this repair work takes a lot of time and expense, and often only experts can handle it seamlessly.
In order to avoid problems caused by maintenance or repair in the future, it is recommended to carefully study the movement before shooting. Although not all of the online lots provide photos of the movement, if there are relevant photos, you can see the traces of use and maintenance, which provides extremely valuable information-the top of the screw, the spot on the lever or the gear, etc. They are all signs of wear, and the reason for their formation must be analyzed to avoid buying products with serious quality problems.
据 Well-documented repairs or maintenance, especially the so-called official certifications, are very popular with collectors online. It must be remembered that instructions such as ‘professional testing’ are not very trustworthy. In particular, luxury brand watches are best traded through fixed dealers or third-party credit services, and even spending more time and money on this is often worth it. If possible, you can also ask the seller to ask a watchmaker to open the watch to check its authenticity and status. Only in this case can one be sure to buy a watch that really fits the description. Although not every transaction is required for this watch, high-priced watches require this test procedure.
同样 The same is true of antique watches in some years. People try to find very rare and forgotten treasures from almost unrecognizable photos, but first they must be able to identify a lot of fakes that appear more often. Some watches are assembled from samples from ancient atlases. The movement has both rhodium-plated and gold-plated plywood bridges, presenting a ‘colorful’ color combination. Even if they were beautiful, they were not designs and products of the time. In Spain and India, many suspicious antique clocks are produced. For example, an ETA movement is installed in the Citizen case and made a series of decorations, which are quoted as rare collectibles. In addition, it is similar to a watch with a fake anti-vibration device. Although it may move around, it is impossible to run for a long time, and it has no real storage value.
In fact, in addition to eBay and other large websites, there are many small and medium websites that can be traded, and almost everything can be bought here. With experience and reason, you can also buy watches on those professional websites, and shopping on large, comprehensive websites that are not professional in color is especially likely to find a balance between psychological prices and market prices. The heartbeat and the success of the shopping also make The heartbeat of all my friends is even jealous. But you need to be careful when fishing in this bay where people from all over the world come-patience and caution are also important virtues when shopping online.

Sparkling Gold And Mother-of-pearl For A New Hour And Minute Pin Dial

Jaquet Droz presents the new Petite HeureMinute, a simple and pure aesthetic style.

   This watch follows the iconic eccentric design with hour and minute laps only at 12 o’clock. The two blue hands that are gentle, soft and deep like the night echo the hand-rolled blue alligator strap.

   The entire dial is covered with white mother-of-pearl, shining with a grayish iridescent luster, reminiscent of bright moonlight, and a stainless steel case with a diameter of only 35 mm. Jaquet Droz is meticulous about the details of the work and equips the dial with a platinum bezel. The two metals are slightly different in color and complement each other, making the delicate and delicate mother-of-pearl dial more beautiful.

   The new PetiteHeureMinuteMother-Of-Pearl comes in two styles, one of which features a bezel set with 160 diamonds (about 0.97 carats). Diamonds are set against white gold, stainless steel and mother-of-pearl, which shine brightly on the outer ring of the case, adding a special color to the watch. The diamond-set models are elegant and exquisite, showing luxurious style, while the gold and steel models are more simple and fashionable. Each watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement equipped with a dual barrel and has a power reserve of approximately 68 hours.