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    Two Precious Antique Pocket Watches In The Breguet Museum

    At the Christie’s auction in Geneva on Monday, May 12, 2014, Marc A. Hayek, Chairman and CEO of Breguet, harvested two Breguet antique timepieces that are important in the history of fine watchmaking. The first semi-engraved antique pocket watch, number 4039, is exquisitely crafted with an eccentric dial and a date display. The second Breguet Tourbillon pocket watch, numbered 1176, was very precious to Count Potocki. The total auction price of these two treasures reached CHF 750,000.
     The first antique pocket watch was really rare. It was the first four-minute tourbillon watch made by Abraham-Louis Breguet, and it was also his third tourbillon watch. This famous antique pocket watch (No. 1176) features a sector-shaped power reserve display scaled to 35 hours, an eccentric hour dial, and an additional small scale ring with two small seconds. This antique pocket watch is undoubtedly the ultimate embodiment of Mr. Breguet’s ingenuity, and has an important feature, the ‘natural escapement’ designed by the master in 1789. This prestigious timepiece belonged to the Count of Pototsky, one of the most famous figures in the Polish Enlightenment, and this time sold for more than 680,000 Swiss francs.

     no ° 1176 Antique pocket watch front view

     Abraham-Louis Breguet’s first four-minute tourbillon watch-no ° 1176 antique pocket watch

     no ° 1176 back view of antique pocket watch

     The second antique pocket watch number 4039 was sold to the Duke of Berwick on September 30, 1825. It is one of Breguet’s outstanding examples of ultra-thin questionnaires made according to the specifications of precision timers. This remarkable 18K gold and silver pocket watch embodies Breguet’s brand spirit of constant pursuit of innovation. It is not only equipped with a precision movement with a diameter of 21 centimeters, but also a silver dial with date functions, mechanical carvings, and Famous Breguet pointer. The transaction price was CHF 70,000.

     no ° 4039 Half-print timed antique pocket watch

     no ° 4039 Frontal view of half-cut timed antique pocket watch

     Breguet is proud to announce the inclusion of these two extremely precious Breguet antique timepieces, a move that fully reflects Breguet’s Chairman and CEO, Mark Hayek, in inheriting the Breguet brand culture and history. Long-term commitment and unremitting efforts.

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    Kunlun ‘admiral Cup’ Deephull 48 Watch

    The unique charm of sailing has also spurred the development of various types of marine sports. Many watch brands have also cooperated with them, and the brands that only sponsor various sailing competitions are endless. The win-win cooperation not only makes all kinds of maritime sports more enjoyable and diverse, but also the watch brands participating in it show different product attributes and sports connotations.

    Masterpiece: Kunlun and the ‘Admiral’s Cup’
        This collaboration, which began as early as the 1960s, reveals the mutually beneficial relationship between the horological field and sports events. In order to make the watch more suitable for the atmosphere of the sailing competition, Kunlun specially replaced the 12 hour markers on the dial with 12 nautical monochromatic flags. This design has therefore become the iconic feature of the Kunlun ‘Admiral Cup’ watch . The picture shows Kunlun’s new ‘Admiral Cup’ DeepHull 48 watch, which uses the CO947 manual winding movement certified by the Swiss official observatory. It has an hour, minute, second, calendar and 120-tooth rotating bezel, a titanium case, The pressure reducing valve is located at 9:30, the waterproof depth is 100 meters, and the limit is 500 in the world.