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    From The Stars Of Your Cheong Song Yi Style Watch With

    New year and new weather, the new year’s construction must take the spirit of twelve points, make a good start for the next year, and show what kind of appearance this is the first step. The recent hit ‘You From the Stars’ has set off a new Korean wave. The classic styles in the play are selected below. I will show you how to match the watch with the watch of the national goddess, Quan Zhixian.

     Jeon Ji Hyun

    Recommended watch: Hermes Faubourg watch

    Hermès Faubourg Women’s Watch

    Qian Songyi, wearing a black tube top dress, looked like a queen fan. Snow-skinned red lips are a different kind of charm, paired with a delicate and exquisite diamond watch, luxurious but without losing style. There must be a lot of party entertainment at the start of the new year, this shape is a great choice for you. Hermès has launched the Faubourg women’s watch. The petite and exquisite dial, like a perfect gemstone, flicks the wrist, is casual, carefree, exquisite metal rings, condensing and shining.

    Recommended watch: Blancpain 2014 Valentine’s Day Limited Women’s Watch

    Blancpain 2014 Valentine’s Day Limited Women’s Watch

    The basic wool coat is a versatile item, but Qian Songyi chose a pure white one, which is simple without any trace of impurities. A tall girl can match this way, and a pair of canvas shoes can also create a different style. In terms of watch selection, Xiaobian recommends a pure white watch. This women’s watch from Blancpain is a limited edition of Valentine’s Day this year. It uses a delicate and charming charm to interpret the romantic expectations of love more vividly, helping the world. Lovers pass true love.

    Recommended watch: Jaeger-LeCoultre date red patent leather watch

    Leather jackets have a handsome and capable side as well as a youthful side. Qian Songyi’s leather jacket has a simple and elegant shape, and he has a good grasp of details. Based on the classic red and black matching, I recommend this Valentine’s Day model from Jaeger-LeCoultre. The red patent leather strap perfectly matches the Rendez-Vous date series watch, showing the elegance and charm of the female wrist with its rose-like beauty. Coupled with the exquisite and concealed inner bag and the secret letter printed with ‘PS I Love You’, it is enough to make every woman bloom the sweetest and happy smile.

    Recommended watch: Raymond Weil Free Knight will dazzle black ladies watch

     Raymond Weil Freelancer Dazzles Black Women’s Watch

    In the play, Qian Songyi also used the mix-and-match style very well. The classical-style plaid jacket was matched with a wool vest, which kept it warm and warm. Watches can choose this all-black watch, with its dazzling appearance, noble and elegant temperament, and bold and innovative design, it can be called the outstanding model of the Raymond Weil watch series. This watch has an ‘all black’ look, the bezel set with black diamonds, and a black PVD-coated case, the ultimate charm of black.