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    Hublot Hublot Cross-border Cooperation ‘art China • Peak Night’ Fusion Art Glory Jingcheng

    On May 28, 2015, Swiss watchmaker HUBLOT Hublot cross-border teamed up with the ninth AAC Art China Annual Impact Selection, performing the ‘peak of Chinese art’ at the Beijing Palace Museum Jianfu Palace. night of’! This is a new milestone for Hublot Love Art-Western traditional watchmaking arts and top oriental art events are merged to achieve a new height of glory!

       This is Shenbeimen, the north gate of the event tonight. As the world’s only top art event that can be held in the National Palace Museum in China, the AAC of China in the field of Chinese contemporary art is praised as the most authoritative annual award of contemporary art, which will be unveiled later. Winners of two major awards.

      AAC Art China · Influence of the Year, was launched in 2006 by Yachang Art Network, the world’s largest Chinese art portal, and was jointly organized by 45 authoritative figures in the art field, and received the support of hundreds of media Contest. It aims to summarize and select artists, art events and art markets.

      The activity is centered on academic construction, with the participation of judges in the professional field and art lovers. It is an important platform for the art world to promote Chinese outstanding artists, works of art and art events. The vision of the event is to create ‘the highest award in the Chinese art world’.

       The ancient Forbidden City, under the background of the light, shows that it blends with the water and milk of this era. At the ‘Peak Night’ event, the awards ceremony attracted celebrities from Beijing to gather in the Forbidden City. Taking this opportunity, Hublot joined hands with people from the arts, culture, finance, fashion, and media circles to witness the peak of the Chinese art world in 2015 and reflect Beijing.

       Ascend the Yanchun Pavilion of Jianfu Palace, and re-examine the most familiar white pagoda and Jingshan from this perspective for the first time. It would be nice if there were no haze!
      The Jianfu Palace Garden was built in the five years of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1740). Emperor Qianlong collected his favorite rare relics here, and often wrote poetic paintings in the garden. On June 27, 1923, a mysterious fire broke out suddenly in the garden, and the entire garden was turned into ashes with countless treasures overnight. Since then, the Jianfu Palace Garden has slept under the rubble for 80 years.

      The reconstruction of Jianfu Palace began in 1999. Since its completion in 2006, the Jianfu Palace Garden Area is mainly used as a special place to receive senior VIPs from various countries, hold cultural and academic exchanges, press conferences, and small internal exhibitions. .

    China’s most authoritative annual treasure of contemporary art is presented in this largest treasure house of art in China. How can art-loving Hublot miss it!
    Later, the award ceremony will be held in this yard.

       Hublot regards the ‘fused art’ as the brand philosophy, and regards art as the most persistent belief flowing in the blood-art to Hublot has become a new breakthrough in watchmaking technology. Subversive interpretation, innovative exploration of unique materials.

    Hublot’s famous Big Bang pop watch

    Hublot Classic Fusion Slim Skeleton Watch

     Ten years ago, Hublot’s revolutionary design, the Big Bang series, won many awards as soon as it came out, becoming a model for the watchmaking industry, perfectly presenting Hublot’s ‘fusion’ concept.

     The awards ceremony officially started and was hosted by the well-known singer Lin Yilun.
      According to AAC Art China’s selection rules, an advisory committee composed of more than 100 well-known curators, critics, and senior art practitioners first selected the top 30 shortlists for the three awards. Afterwards, this year’s selection committee voted to select the 5 winners of the 2014 AAC Art China Nomination Award. The final prize will be announced afterwards.
       Due to changes in the selection rules, tonight’s annual art publication award has not been awarded, but only nominations. The nominated award-winning books are: A History of Exhibitions: Shanghai 1979-2006, Contemporary Chinese Art: A Critical History, ‘Contemporary Chinese Art’, ‘A Short History of Radical Art: A Record of Shanghai in the 1980s’, ‘Research on Chinese Contemporary Art’.

     Between the awards, artists from France performed a highly artistic dance for everyone.
      This year’s ‘Young Artist of the Year’ award was won by Lin Ke. Lin Ke’s creations are in a realistic way of simulating reality. He converted the material he created from lines and colors into various images on the computer. Its complex look and feel and the logical structure of the clues are addictive. Its multiple imagination of the relationship between nature and artificial, reality and virtual, exceeds the meaning of the image itself. From the works of Lin Ke, I feel the loneliness of a young man in the Internet age. The modern people’s mind and feelings in front of the computer screen show a kind of warmth, expressing ‘goodwill’ to the world. And for his award, Prince Charles’s cousin, Princess Ingle, in addition to the trophy, Hublot also specially provided a classic fusion series Hublot watch as a prize.
       This year’s heaviest ‘Artist of the Year’ was won by Zhang Peili. Zhang Peili’s work has always contained multiple meanings, including both political and social comments, as well as personal life concerns. His video works focus on the paradox of the relationship between man and the world. With a standpoint of isolation and neutral reflection, he freely and deeply considers human issues, creating a large-capacity, comprehensive, and powerful art system. . Zhang Peili’s work has a special power. His sound installations continue to show strong interference and disappearance, which shows the conflict and anxiety in communication in the media age. The prize is also Hublot’s classic fusion series watch.
       Tonight, in this historic royal palace, the collision between oriental art and western culture, traditional watchmaking and contemporary art, historical accumulation and avant-garde spirit has become the supreme and perfect embodiment of the art of fusion. This is an art gathering with many stars, and the spark of Chinese contemporary art will surely bloom here! ‘(Text / picture watch house Mao Zhuang)