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    Omega Seamaster 300m Dive Watch

    Estimated price: 2500 ~ 3500 USD
    Falling Hammer: USD 2,200 (about RMB 15,000)
    Limited to 118
    【Year 2009 】
    Attachment: certificate, watch box
    Size: 41.6 mm in diameter
    Case: Three-piece polished and brushed stainless steel case, black bezel and dial. Cal.1120 movement, 23 rubies, single metal balance, flat hairspring. The dial, case, and movement are all signed.
    Condition: as new
         Among sports watches, the most fun is the chronograph, followed by the diving watch. The best dive watches are Rolex, and then Omega and Panerai. Omega diving watch performance is good, the price is also modest, it is indeed a good choice for players involved in diving watch field.

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    Tissot Silverstone Circuit Ceremony In Britain

    Time-honored precious photos, classic watches that are cherished, all prove the long-standing relationship between Tissot and motorcycle racing. Forty years ago, Tissot, one of the pioneers of Swiss watch manufacturers, became the official designated timer and long-term co-sponsor of the MotoGP at the World Motorcycle Championships. This meeting with the widow of former MotoGP driver Bill Doron not only created a legendary and wonderful family anecdote, but also witnessed the early vision of Tissot sponsoring MotoGP, a world-renowned sports event.

        The meeting with Peggy Doron, the widow of Bill Doron, the winner of the two consecutive MotoGP Grand Prix, reflects Tissot’s recognition of the importance of immediately participating in the World Motorcycle Championship in the 1950s. On the day of the event, Peggy attended with her daughter Jenny and granddaughter Emily. When daughter Jenny proudly showed the precious Tissot watch of the late father, the guests present all felt the legendary charm of the story of racing driver Bill and Tissot pioneer.

        In 1949, MotoGP officially kicked off. At the time, British racer Bill Doren was a skilled ‘Continental Circus’ player. An AJS helped him win two 500cc championships at the Essen Grand Prix in Holland and Spa in Belgium. In 1951, Bill won only the runner-up of the 350cc World Championship because he was behind the legendary racing driver Duke Geoff. At the same time, a curve named after Bill Doron was built on his injured Isle of Man TT in 1950.
        59 years ago, Tissot presented precious watches to the top three MotoGP racers to show that Tissot’s passion and passion for MotoGP will never fade. And the daughter of Bill Doron wearing a carved back cover Tissot watch also showed the world that Bill won the runner-up honor on the 7,280 km track of the 500cc Grand Prix in Bern in 1952.

        To this day, Tissot is proud to carry on the tradition of supporting world-class racing events, and tailor-made MotoGP sports watches for each pole level player of different levels. In 1952, Bill lags behind Jeff Brett, who belongs to the AJS team at the Berne Grand Prix in Switzerland. This photo, taken before the start of the game, was collected by European sports critic Julian Ritter and presented to this noble family with Tissot’s new watch.
        This time, Peggy, Jenny and Emily will all be invited guests to participate in the recent Tissot Silverstone Ceremony held in the United Kingdom, and once again witness the glory of Tissot’s 63-year support for the World Motorcycle Championship. Rather than continue to support MotoGP’s confidence in the future. At this Tissot Silverstone Ceremony, Jenny will continue to wear his father’s Bill’s Tissot watch as it always does. It still maintains precise and perfect movement for 59 years, and has always adhered to it: never change.

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    Different In One Life Rado Swiss Radar Brings Two Diamaster 1314 Limited Edition New Timepieces To Congratulate Xinxi

    (Switzerland Linn – December 2017) Pioneering watch brand RADO Swiss Radar is dedicated to two new timepieces when the New Year is approaching-RADO Swiss Radar Diamond Power Series 1314 Power Reserve The limited edition watch, and the RADO Diamond Rover Diamond Series 1314 limited edition watch, welcome the upcoming auspicious year of the dog, and accompany you to start the New Year.

    RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Series 1314 Power Reserve Limited Edition

       These two DiaMaster watches are made of shiny polished plasma high-tech ceramics. Each limited edition of 1,314 pieces is worthy of being an excellent timepiece companion for your happy journey and reunion. There are many significant figures in Chinese culture. 1314 is one of them. Similar to the pronunciation of ‘Lifetime I’, this number is usually used to indicate eternal love, and now it is transformed into a wrist imprint and decorated on the bottom cover of each new DiaMaster series.

    RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Diamond 1313 Limited Edition Watch

       The Chinese Lunar New Year in 2018 coincides with two days after the traditional Valentine’s Day in the West. At this time, it is also a perfect time to give gifts to loved ones and loved ones. RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Diamond Series 1314 Power Reserve Limited Edition watch and RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Diamond Series 1314 Limited Edition watch adhere to the same design philosophy, the watch’s dial has diamond inlaid on it, and uses plasma high technology Ceramic case with luxurious leather strap. At the same time, each of the two watches has its own unique style, which highlights the masculinity of men and the elegance of women, and perfectly interprets the love concept of “unity but difference”.
    Beloved for a lifetime
       The Rado Diamond 1313 Limited Edition watch has an outstanding design style, highlighting the extraordinary charm of women. The mother-of-pearl dial is set with 49 brilliant diamonds, which outline a dazzling eccentric ring. A beige embossed calfskin strap with a delicate 33mm case secures the lightness to the wrist. And RADO Swiss Rado Diamond Diamond Series 1314 power reserve limited edition watch is equipped with power reserve function, classic style, unique masculine temperament, can be called a design masterpiece of much attention. The 12 diamonds on the dial of the watch are glittering with white sun detailing, and the power reserve display window is striking and chic at 9 o’clock.
       These two DiaMaster watches are crafted from plasma high-tech ceramics, one of Rado’s most iconic materials. The white high-tech ceramics that have been formed are placed in a plasma special furnace. The gas with a temperature of up to 20,000 ° C is activated to give the high-tech ceramic surface a shimmering metallic luster. This wrist-like Zhenpin is as sturdy as a beloved one. After baptism in time, it can still be with you for a lifetime.
       RADO DiaMaster 1314 limited edition watch-work with you to start a new chapter in fortune.

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    Starting With The New Oriental Double Lion Watch, For Your Reference!

    Poisoned shortly after the release of the Diving Double Lions in the forum. In fact, when I looked at the card table counter earlier, I saw that I had tried a white model. Unfortunately, I did n’t have the heart on the card table. Why do you care? It’s time to sigh when I see some students in the orange section in the forum. Unfortunately, there is no black model. Suddenly, there is a whim on the TB search and I find that there is a black outer ring in the same section. I immediately decided to start the black circle. It took a lot of effort to find the seller. The overall quality is very satisfactory. The solid steel belt has a good polishing. The driving energy is displayed. The date is relatively small and unsatisfactory. It is difficult to identify the overall evaluation. Very good value, I suggest that not many friends can consider.
       During the use, I found that the kinetic energy can be saved for 40 hours. Actually, it is only about 38. I do n’t know whether it is related to the time and the time (I have the first table with dynamic display). I do n’t care about the accuracy, and it is difficult to calculate the non-stop seconds. However, there is a disadvantage design is that the bright surface of the steel chain is raised, and the reflective effect is very good, but when the steel chain is folded up, it will wear and stand against each other.