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    Orient Orient M-force Watch Introduction

    This is a true sports watch, first released in 1997. As its name & ldquo; M-FORCE & rdquo; (abbreviation of & ldquo; mechanical force & rdquo;) indicates, it is a mechanical watch representing & ldquo; force & rdquo; and has been well received since its first release. After a period of about nine years, Orient has inherited the previous concept and now releases a new true diving watch M-FORCE.

     M-FORCE is a real diving watch. Its design is intelligent and sturdy. It is waterproof up to 200 meters when diving. A special structure makes it absorb shocks and meets ISO standards. Although it is a true diving watch, M-FORCE also has a superb design and powerful features, making it also very suitable for daily wear.

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    Tag Heuer’s New 500-meter Luxury Diving Watch

    TAG Heuer applied for a patent for its first waterproof case in 1895, and launched the first waterproof chronograph watch in 1939. A dreamlike ocean world, professional diving and nautical watches that challenge the limits-TAG Heuer’s pursuit of marine sports is no less than its passion and dedication to road sports and motor sports.
       In 1942, the brand released the first regatta sports watch, the YACHTING timer. TAG Heuer SOLUNAR (1949) is the world’s first watch with tide display function, while MAREOGRAPH-SEAFARER (1950) is the first watch with a tide indicator and a regatta dial timer on an auxiliary chronograph Watch.
       Last year, the brand launched the most charming and professional water sports watch series ever: a 500-meter diving watch, high standard functionality and a transparent back cover, setting a new era for diving watches. TAG Heuer’s spokesman and environmental advocate Leonardo DiCaprio promoted the series, allowing consumers to compete in the 500-meter diving series.
    Tag Heuer new 500-meter diving watch
       New Aquaracer 500m CALIBRE 5 ‘Reloaded All Black Overturns the Ocean’
       Magnificent and contrasting: The all black black diving 500m watch has a unique design and is specially crafted for outstanding men. The watch is equipped with a TAG Heuer Calibre 5 self-winding movement. Its fine-brushed titanium case has a diameter of 43 mm and is coated with a black titanium carbide coating. The screw-down crown and unidirectional rotating bezel are coated with black ‘matte’ rubber, and yellow fluorescent dots are marked at 12 o’clock.
       The dark black dial has a vertical stripe design, and the indexes and hour markers treated with black coating and the enlarged date window at 9 o’clock have yellow and green fluorescent markings on both sides. All the words on the dial are white: ‘500M’ is next to the date window, and ‘CALIBRE 5’ and ‘AUTOMATIC’ are at 6 o’clock on the dial. The back cover is made of scratch-resistant smoky sapphire crystal. Fine-brushed automatic helium valve is located at 10 o’clock. The watch has a pure titanium buckle with a black rubber strap and a seat belt button. Black heavy equipment is definitely the best winning weapon for fashionable men. Suggested selling price: 91,000 yuan.

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    This Patek Philippe Diamond Enamel Dragon Watch Is Not For Sale

    It’s worth buying, you must have heard of it and know how good they are, but never thought that someone could make them so delicate and perfect, this is the complexity of Patek Philippe The meaning of watches.

    Patek Philippe has increased its price again, but this enamel dragon watch with diamonds is not included because it is not for sale.
    It is inaccurate to say that Hall 1 lacks highlights this year, because nearly half of the highlights are attributed to the same brand name-yes, it is Patek Philippe, the only high-end watch brand ‘Patek Philippe’ without any official Facebook page so far. ‘There is no latest, only update’, this is the subtitle I originally gave to this chapter. On the one hand, PP launched 21 new watches this year, including 13 men’s watches, 8 women’s watches, and a ‘second most complicated’ 5208P (the first is 5002 and the third is 5207). It is also because PP developed the new GyromaxSi® silicon balance and the new speed-adjusting structure (balance spring and escapement) Oscilillomax ® based on this balance. When the news that shocked the altar was announced, it was over from BASELWORLD. It’s been less than a week.

    Patek Philippe’s new works this year
    I wrote down the ‘newest’ line of thought, and I couldn’t write halfway through it. Recalling that during the exhibition, every time I passed by the PP hall, I saw the beautiful images played on the LCD screen, and the feeling of holding a PP watch in my hand, it seemed that it had nothing to do with new or new — -This is often the case when writing the object of worship, and it will rise when you accidentally adjust it.
    Let me talk about my true feelings about this year’s PP works. In the simplest language, two words can be summarized, one is beauty and the other is complex. The question of beauty is skipped first, and there will be more detailed introduction in the separate volume. I only recommend two watches, a 5153G male watch with a black plate, and a 7041R female watch with a pillow shape. Don’t blame me for not reminding in advance that these two watches are so beautiful that they can be confusing.
    Speaking of complexity, PP’s main 6 complicated function tables this year are 5208P, 5270P, 5216R, 5073P, 7000R, and 7059R. Five of them have the three-question function, four with the perpetual calendar function, and two with the single-button timing function ( One of them is double-tracking). Although not all new movements are used, it is enough to illustrate the strength and height of PP-these are only a few people can afford and worth the stuff, PP one Doing it is half a dozen.
    What impresses me most about PP is that it can only persist in developing complex functions related to our lives, such as three questions, perpetual calendar, and timekeeping, without paying attention to those you have not heard of. It depends on a long introduction. In order to understand, the so-called ‘technical innovation’ that is completely useful and easy to fail after buying it.
    个人 I personally think that no matter how complicated a watch is, it is not worth spending a lot of money for as long as it has nothing to do with our lives and emotions. It’s worth buying, you must have heard of it and know how good they are, but never thought that someone could make them so exquisite and perfect, this is the significance of complex functions to Patek Philippe watches.