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    Elegant And Elegant, Exquisite Watches And Jewelry With Cool And Hot Summer Days

    It is necessary to match elegantly and beautifully on a hot summer day, and the leisure is too short to go over the street. Silk material is not only breathable, but also elegant and feminine. Delicately paired with fine watches and jewellery for a cool summer

     In the selection of watches, light-colored dials or straps become the first choice in summer. Diamonds on the dials or straps reflect the shining light from time to time with the swing of the hands, and light-colored dials or straps also At the same time brings a touch of coolness to the hot summer. And the choice of accessories tends to concise diamond design types, so as to achieve the purpose of highlighting elegance.

     Ling Yali, one of the original leading designers in the era of Chinese customization, is also the chief designer of DRAGON & IVORY-D & I. In the just-released SS 2013 [Bai Ranmo] series, it is based on Chinese ink Culture and the heterogeneous construction of peony flowers and butterflies have inspired the design, bringing a series of elegant and beautiful haute couture clothing suitable for wearing in this hot summer, rendering the elegant feminine temperament of Bai Zhi.

    Watch: Blancpain
    Dress: DRAGON & IVORY-D & I SS 2013 【白芍 冉 墨】 Series

    Ring: BVLGARI rose gold ring
    Earrings: CHOPARD IMPERIALE Earrings in 18K White Gold
    Dress: DRAGON & IVORY-D & I SS 2013 【白芍 冉 墨】 Series

    Watch: CARL F. BUCHERER limited edition ROYALROSE jewelry watch
    Ring: CHAUMET GOUTTELETTE 18K White Gold Ring
    Dress: DRAGON & IVORY-D & I SS 2013 【白芍 冉 墨】 Series

    Watch: Breguet Queen of Naples ‘DAY_NIGHT’ 8998 Women’s Watch
    Earrings: BOUCHERON QUATRE earrings
    Necklace: CHAUMET JOSE ́PHINE Pendant
    Dress: DRAGON & IVORY-D & I SS 2013 【白芍 冉 墨】 series