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    Radar Table Precision Ceramic Series, Classic Two-color Match

    In the fashion trend, no matter how the global fashion theme changes, black and white, and gold and silver are always in the fashion torrents to stay firmly in the classic throne, it is unbearable! Especially when the high-tech ceramic crystal black and the classic superb gold and silver are fused together, the rich and solid color is absolutely impossible for other materials to look back. Radar watches, which are good at high-tech ceramic timepiece technology, began to gradually increase the proportion of mechanical watches in the series last year to meet the consumer group who like automatic watches. The latest model precision ceramic series two-color mechanical watch is a retro design mixed with modern design, using the language of the radar to reshape the look of a new generation of luxury timepieces.

     Black, white, gold, and silver are the invariable fashion laws in the world. The radar design team perfectly combines these color elements with high-tech ceramic materials and technology to create a fashionable mechanical watch that only leads the trend. This trend of ceramic fashion can be seen in the past two or three years. Various watch brands have switched to scientific and technological ceramics as part of their material elements. Radar watches allow more consumers to appreciate the beauty of the watch when they appreciate the beauty of the timepiece technology. The fashion trend of high-tech ceramics set off by radar.
     The newly launched two-color mechanical watch of the precision ceramic series of the radar table also launched two color combinations of black gold and black silver: a top Wesselton, VVS, and G-class real diamond at 3 and 9 o’clock Watch, the other dial is designed with radial line hour markers. Both models have black dials, using ETA automatic mechanical movement, set with 25 gems, and at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, respectively, the radar watch’s exclusive swinging anchor symbol and date symbolizing the mechanical watch Display window.

     The black gold version of the new radar watch precision ceramic series two-color mechanical watch uses a touch of gold lines to make a large area of ​​black more vivid and natural, making black more mysterious. The golden luster is matched with four clear diamonds on the dials 3 and 9 or the same color radial indexes. The combination of elegance and glitter is eye-catching. The black and silver models have a sense of clarity in the noble, and they are more gentle in the bright colors. They are especially suitable for elegant, tasteful but low-key people. They show less fancy designs, whether they are diamond-set models or time scales. The design, through silver, even looks back to true, slowing down the pace of life and letting people regain the elegance they had long lost in their fine taste.

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    07 Zenith New Elite Series

    1, Zenith Little Love Happy Wild ELITE, Rose Gold
     Features: NEWELITE68 automatic movement, 22K rose gold rotor, embellished with ZENITH printed numbers and star logo. 18K rose gold case set with 56 brown diamonds (13 different sizes), 0.53 carats. Arched sapphire crystal glass surface, anti-reflective treatment on both sides, transparent sapphire glass case back, etched ZENITH star pattern, 30 meters waterproof.

    2. Zhenli Shixiao love happy wild ELITE, stainless steel diamond
     Features: Use NEWELITE68 automatic movement, heavy metal pendulum, ZENITH printed numbers and star logo. Stainless steel case set with 56 TopWesselton diamonds (13 different sizes), 0.53 carats. Leopard belt, stainless steel simple buckle, ZENITH star pattern on the cover.