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    Nomos Metro Watch Won The 2015 Green Product Award, Affirming Its Innovative Design And Sustainable Process

    Metro watches recently won the Green Product Award in Berlin. This timepiece, designed by Mark Braun, has won the favor of reviewers because of its climate-friendly process, innovative technical features, and-quoted from a reviewer-“ model durability ”.
       The Green Product Award aims to celebrate products with innovative, high-quality designs and sustainable processes. More than 400 entries shortlisted this year came from more than 21 countries. Panels of experts that serve as reviewers include industry and science, such as Daimler Automotive and the Institute of Environmental Economics. In the selection process, there are also procedures for joining the popular vote.
       With metropolis elegance as the core of its design, Metro is not only a ‘life fashion product’, it is also a watch with timeless beauty-a product that can be worn to accompany the wearer’s life, even longer. Metro’s movement also works for a long time. Since 2013, NOMOS has obtained the Ecoprofit plan certification (The Ecoprofit plan is hosted by the Dresden City of Germany. It is an environmentally-friendly plan that encourages companies to achieve The goal is to save energy, reduce carbon, save costs, be environmentally friendly, and improve efficiency.), And adhere to 95% of the manufacturing process in its own watch factory, has the characteristics of manufacturing in a single area, and the working environment also has high quality. ‘We are always trying to find ways to create high-end watches that fit this era, and at the same time help build a better future,’ said Judith Borowski, director of marketing and design at NOMOS. Product Award), really ecstatic! ‘
       Metro’s technical performance has also been affirmed-it is the first watch to use NOMOS’s self-made escapement system NOMOS swing system. This mechanism related to the accuracy, durability and durability of the watch, when it came out in 2014, broke the long-term monopoly production escapement in Switzerland and declared the independence of NOMOS.
       The Metro watch combines precision movement with elegant and attractive design, its chic surface is equipped with date, power reserve display, and simple time scales reminiscent of ancient chronographs. Its movement DUW44001 is equally wonderful. This is not only a home-made movement, but also a brand-made swing system escapement system. Since 95% of the watch’s manufacturing process is made in-house, NOMOS is able to ensure a short supply chain, efficient energy use, the use of sustainable raw materials, and the creation of local job opportunities. Created for watch fans seeking fashion, high quality and environmental awareness.

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    The Most Complicated In Vacheron Constantin Watch Works

    Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle ‘Caliber 2755’ platinum model
        The follow-up work of Vacheron Constantin’s 250th anniversary model, the most complicated 18th century watchmaker ALBreguet in his watch works so far, once had a very interesting point: all watch works without sound mechanism, even if they are as complex as perpetual calendar, Tourbillons, time equations, etc. can only be called ‘Simple Watch’. This theory sounds strange at first glance, but it also makes sense when you think about it: once the clock has a sound, it is another world of gloom and glory, and the flat visual art has since been transformed into a three-dimensional auditory category. Feelings, indeed, are not comparable to those of the ‘Simple Watch’, whose skills are only at the visual level.

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    Citizen Men’s And Women’s Watches Recommended

    (Right) Women’s Watch: Xinyue Journey Series EC1010-57W
    Citizen Eco-Drive’s Multi-station Radio Wave Women’s Watch ‘Xinyue Journey’ series has the function of receiving global multi-station radio waves. No matter the wearer is in China, the United States, Europe or Japan, as long as the time zone of the city is selected, the watch will automatically receive Standard time radio signal and proof time and date. In addition, the Xinyue Journey Series women’s watch also uses a light kinetic energy movement, which can absorb any visible light source and convert it into kinetic energy to drive the watch’s operation. It does not use ordinary quartz batteries, avoids the environmental pollution caused by waste batteries, and makes the wearer feel at ease. At the same time of peace of mind, it also leads the current fashionable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.
    The watch uses a postmark bezel design, with 24 world city names in different fonts surrounding the bezel. With a trend-setting aesthetic concept, it depicts women’s unique freedom and freedom. The finishing touch on the bezel is the ‘mark of the heart.’ ‘It adds a touch of elegance to the elegance; the dial adopts a double polishing process, crystal clear, artistically matched with Roman numerals and classic hands, and interprets the graceful style in a subtle place, supplemented by the streamlined case design, which vividly outlines the feminine charm. curve. Not only that, this series of watches also uses anti-reflective coating sapphire glass, which clearly shows every moment; the stainless steel case strap is further treated with DURATECT, which can prevent scratches to the greatest extent, making the love watch long-lasting as new.
    For modern urban women who are free to move between work and life and need to travel frequently at home and abroad, the Citizen Eco-Drive Multi-station Radio Wave Women’s Watch ‘Xinyue Journey’ series which combines innovative technology and technical design can not only satisfy them The need for precise time allows them to double their feminine charm.
    (Left) Men’s watch: Multi-station radio watch CB0011-51L
    Citizen Eco-Drive Global Multi-Broad Radio Table CB0011-51L, following the classic watch design concept with silver strap and dark dial, brings out the simplicity and style of modern urban design. The dial is composed of two concentric circles of deep black and pleasing blue, just like a mysterious and noble blue gemstone floating in the quiet and vast night sky, which makes the watch add infinite charm in the low key and highlight the exquisite taste of the wearer. The radiating line design from the center of the dial to the surroundings echoes the bright silver hands and time scales, telling the urban upstarts to control the pulse of time freely. The transparent sapphire glass with anti-reflection coating can clearly display the accurate time, and can also prevent the mirror from being scratched to the greatest extent, giving the watch a long-lasting charm.
     新 The urban upstart who is pursuing a quality of life, not only needs to fully express his personal taste in clothes, but also to accurately grasp the rhythm of life in busy times. The CB0011-51L, a global multi-wave radio-controlled wristwatch, can fully meet your needs. It has the practical function of receiving multiple radio waves around the world. Whether you are in China, the United States, Europe, or Japan, as long as you choose the name of the city in your time zone, the watch can automatically receive the local standard time radio signal and proof the time, making the wearer more at ease. . The thoughtful design of the 26 world city dials placed around the dial is designed to bring you the most convenient time enjoyment. The radio wave signal receiving display window on the left side of the panel shows in a more convenient way whether the watch has successfully received the radio wave signal. In addition, CB0011-51L also has multiple humanized functions such as perpetual calendar, solar power saving, daylight saving time display, etc., allowing you to enjoy peace of mind in the flow of seconds.

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    Green Waves Oris 65 Year Remastered Dive Watch New Green Dial Member

    Oris launched a new 65-year replica diving watch with a green dial. The configuration and design of the watch continues the blue style released earlier this year at the Basel Watch Fair, with stainless steel. 4 kinds of straps, including strap and green NATO fabric strap.

    New 65-year replica diving watch adds 42mm green dial

       Same as the predecessor, the new 65-year replica diving watch green version, inspired by the classic diving watch proudly launched in 1965, pays tribute to the golden age of diving. In the 1960s, pioneers such as Jacques Cousteau (French marine explorer and one of the inventors of scuba), Hans Hass (Austrian biologist, diver), Christian J. Lambertsen (American environmental medicine, diving medical expert), etc. With our efforts, breakthroughs have been made in diving equipment, which has stimulated the rapid development of diving. Reliable underwater timers are just as significant for diving, and Oris has been timing the time to explore the underwater world with precision.

       The design elements such as the streamlined body, the slim diving bezel and the trapezoidal calendar window are inherited from the 1965 antique diving watch. At the same time, state-of-the-art watchmaking technology gives the watch excellent performance and a stylish touch. The bi-directional rotating plastic bezel is updated to an aluminum alloy uni-directional rotating bezel, which is more secure; the iconic spherical watch lens is made of sapphire, which is rugged and wear-resistant. Clear and easy to read; the former radioactive tritium scale was also upgraded to Super-LumiNova®. What hasn’t changed is the Swiss mechanical movement that works stably inside the watch.

       The new watch is the first member of the green dial in the 65-year replica series. The green dial and the retro-brown Super-LumiNova® luminous hands are in sharp contrast to the scales, and they are full of personality and more readable.

       The 65-year replica version of the green disc version has 4 straps to choose from: black rubber strap and stainless steel strap, highlighting the retro diving style; brown suede strap and green and black NATO fabric strap, more fashionable and versatile . The stainless steel back cover is engraved with the vintage brand logo used by Oris in the 1960s.

    The 65-year replica of the diver’s watch in green will be available in October 2016.

    product features

    Oris 65 Year Diver’s Watch Green Edition
    Product number: 733 7720 4057, table diameter: 42.00mm

    • Oris733 automatic mechanical movement, 3 o’clock calendar display
    • Stainless steel case and crown, 100 meters waterproof
    • Unidirectional rotating diving bezel, aluminum 60-minute graduated ring, 0 scale coated with Super-LumiNova®
    • Spherical sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the inside
    • Green convex dial, scales and hands coated with Super-LumiNova®
    • Stainless steel strap, black rubber strap, brown suede strap or black and green NATO fabric strap
    • Suggested retail price: RMB 14,800 for steel belt, RMB 13,400 for others