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    Richemont Group Announces 2018/19 Annual Financial Results This Year’s Profit Reached 2.8 Billion Euros

    On May 17, 2019, the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont announced its unaudited consolidated results for the year ended March 31, 2019.

    Financial Highlights

    · YOOXNET-A-PORTERGROUP (YNAP) and Watchfinder.co.uk (Watchfinder) were merged into the group account on May 1, 2018 and June 1, 2018, respectively, and counted as online distribution.

    · Calculated at the actual exchange rate, sales increased by 27% year-on-year to reach 13.898 billion euros; calculated at constant exchange rates, sales increased by 27% year-on-year.

    · Excluding YNAP and Watchfinder, sales increased 8% year-on-year at the actual exchange rate, and sales increased 8% year-on-year at the constant exchange rate.

      Growth in all business areas and most regions.
      Double-digit growth in Asia Pacific and Americas.
      Double-digit growth in the jewelry department and specialty watch-brand boutiques.

    · Operating profit increased by 5% year-on-year to 1.943 billion euros; after deducting online distribution and one-time expenses of 118 million euros, operating profit margin increased to 19.5%.

    · This year’s profit increased to 2.787 billion euros, including 1.378 billion euros in non-cash gains after tax after revaluation of YNAP shares held before the acquisition.

    Net cash position of € 2.528 billion.

    Proposed dividend of 2.00 Swiss francs per 1A share / 10B share, an increase of 5%
    Key data

    As of March 31, 2019
    For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018

    13.889 billion euros
    11.013 billion euros
    + 27%

    Gross profit
    8.645 billion euros
    € 7.184 billion
    + 20%

    Gross profit margin

    operating profit
    1.943 billion euros
    1.844 billion euros
    + 5%

    Operating margin

    Profit for the year
    2.787 billion euros
    1,221 million euros
    + 128%

    Earnings per 1A share / 10B share
    € 4,927
    2.158 euro
    + 128%

    Operating cash flow
    2.331 billion euros
    2.723 billion euros
    -392 million euros

    Net cash position
    2.528 billion euros
    5.269 billion euros
    € 2.741 billion

    Sales statistics (by region)
    Unit: Million USD
    As of March 31, 2019
    For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018
    At a constant exchange rate
    At real exchange rate

    + 37%
    + 36%

    Asia Pacific
    + 20%
    + 20%

    + 40%
    + 41%

    + 16%
    + 17%

    Middle East and Africa
    + 8%
    + 9%

    + 27%

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    Animals Also Love Carnival Spiritsnakes Are Crazy

    A colorful Christmas carnival is coming. Even the cold and haze in winter is difficult to hide the joy and restlessness of the festival, as if all life is waiting for the instruction of a carnival to start, waiting for release and a new start. In the wild jungle, there is an animal kingdom, and in the world of high jewelry and fine watches, there is also an animal kingdom. Whether it is a lion, eagle, cheetah with a kingly style, or a beautiful butterfly, whether it is a cute panda, penguin, marine life, or a mysterious spirit snake, weird hedgehog and snail … Many of them are born for the festival Born to commemorate, they didn’t breathe, but they can acutely smell the breath of the festival, and they are also waiting for the Christmas carnival.

       The Christmas party of the gorgeous animal world is about to begin …
    The snake family is also crazy
       In the mysterious nature, snakes always breathe a dangerous breath, but in the beautiful world of jewellery and watches, the spirit snake is a symbol of rights, a symbol of love and protection, and at the same time it is sexy, mysterious and charming The beauty is that there are no spirits that women do not love. This Christmas, the spirit snake family has also dispatched, let’s go crazy together!

    Bulgari Serpenti Secret Luxury Watch
       The spirit snake is already a totem spirit for Bulgari. Nothing can replace the significance of the snake for Bulgari, and no one has shaped the spirit snake and expressed it as Bulgari. This serpentine watch embellished with emeralds and diamonds is luxurious and inaccessible, mysterious and inaccessible.
       Quartz movement, 40mm, 18K white gold case, dial and double spiral bracelet, set with brilliant-cut diamonds and brilliant-cut emeralds, with serpentine inlays of malachite. No. 101902 SPW40D2GD2E.2T.

    Boucheron Serpent Opalescent necklace
       The snake also has a special meaning for Bulgari, a symbol of love and protection. This year, Boucheron redesigned the shape of the snake, fused new materials such as opal and crystal stone, and combined with innovative technology, transformed this once classic icon into a new life in the Serpent Opalescent series, full of color and glowing unprecedented fashion charm.

    Bulgari Serpenti High Jewellery

    Tiffany & Co. Tiffany snake bracelet
       Tiffany & Co.’s snake-shaped jewellery bracelet is the most vivid display of the snake’s agility and vividness, both in color and shape, vivid, 18k white gold set with diamonds, Montana sapphire, snake eyes inlaid with 2 emeralds .

    Bulgari Serpenti High Jewellery

    Boucheron SERPENT BOHÈME jewellery watch
       This Boucheron SERPENT BOHÈME jewellery watch is inspired by snakes. It surrounds the case with a snake shape and is fitted with a mother-of-pearl dial. The case and bracelet are designed with snake-like elements and carved into scales. Do you dare to wear such a textured watch?

       Legendary women always wear legendary jewellery, just as Elizabeth Taylor interprets power and wisdom; Mexican actress María Félix interprets the mystery, wildness, and charm. The snake expresses too much to women. This winter, the spirit snakes do not hibernate, Christmas party strikes, the spirit snake family has already dispatched.

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    Happy Spirits-chopard Happy Hearts

    The heart shape is a cherished pattern by Caroline Scheufele and is also a classic theme of Chopard.
    As a lucky charm carrying love, it is the darling of fashion, constantly re-interpreting and blooming.

    It naturally occupies a place in the Happy Diamonds collection and turns into a separate collection-Happy Hearts, a collection of long necklaces, bracelets, earrings and string bracelets.





    Turquoise, mother-of-pearl and onyx heart pendant combined with agile diamonds
    Gorgeous colors and precious materials, pink ink debut. The traditional hollow hollow pendant is transformed into a heart of turquoise, onyx or mother-of-pearl in Happy Hearts jewelry, with a delicate white or rose gold chain.
    Hollow colored heart pendants are also embellished with fine broken heart pendants containing smart diamonds.




    Happy Hearts inherits Chopard’s long tradition. Prior to this, Happy Diamonds witnessed an important moment in the history of the Chopard brand.
    Its design is inspired by the halo produced by the water drops radiating from the waterfall. It has become the iconic element of the brand since its launch, and it has derived many different styles, showing a distinct and vibrant personality.




    Spinning and jumping, vivid and fun, full of joy, Happy Diamonds, after decorating the watch, appeared gorgeously on the jewelry.