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    Cartier Raccoon Decorative Watch

    18K white gold rhodium-plated diamond case raccoon pattern is made of 18K rhodium-plated white gold with diamonds, emerald eyes, black enamel painted stripes, dial with green enamel painted leaves, dark gray silk Strap with quartz movement, diamonds weighing 7 carats
        There are various opinions about the origin of the Cartier Cheetah brooch in the fashion industry. The more common version is: Duke of Windsor who does not love the beauty of the mountains and the mountains, in order to express his affection for his wife, Cartier was invited to design this jewelry with the image of a cheetah as his element. There is also a saying that the design of the cheetah brooch was inspired by a thrilling hunting activity in the African grassland by Louis Cartier, the third generation of Cartier, after that, the image of an agile, elegant and wild cheetah Forever in the minds of Cartier and Jean Dusan, who was appointed director of the high jewelry department in 1933.
        However, over time, some deliberately dusty past events have gradually surfaced-this formerly unknown cheetah brooch seems to have something to do with the designer’s own emotional experience-‘Little Leopard’, it is Louis Cartier who is young And the energetic name of Zhen Dusan.
        Louis Cartier died in a car accident in 1942, while Cartier’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ grew further with the careful attention of Jean Dusan. Today, the image of cats, birds or crocodiles has been widely integrated into Cartier’s jewelry and watch works. What kind of praise these wild animals represent, I am afraid even the designers themselves can’t tell.