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    Athens Launches New Freakwing Tourbillon Watch

    As a partner of the Artemis Regatta team in the America’s Cup, Athens Watch joins the Artemis Regatta team lucky color in the creative and cutting-edge technology ‘FreakWing Tourbillon’, as shown here Like the AC45 catamaran known for its superb skills, the Swedish challenge team sailed with the team.

     To celebrate the 35th America’s Cup Artemis Regatta team, Athens Watch specially added the most representative decoration on the high-tech catamaran to the newly launched ‘FreakWing Tourbillon’: the upper bridge board is sturdy with sails The internal structure of the watch is inspired by the design, displaying the minutes; the hour-turning disc is designed with the silk screen structure of the multihull as the idea; carbon fiber is an essential element of top sailing boats, and the Athens watch uses carbon fiber to create the bezel and watch Bottom cover. Finally, ‘FreakWing Tourbillon’ with the representative color of Swedish challenge team Artemis emphasizes the common values ​​of the two brands-excellence, innovation, precision and technology. Now, you can also put the spirit of a sport sailboat on your wrist!

     The Artemis Regatta represents one of the five most historic yacht clubs in the world-the Royal Swedish Yacht Club-as the challenge team for the America’s Cup Regatta. The design of the AC45 catamaran is unique. The hull has sturdy aircraft wing-shaped sails and airfoils, which can reach an amazing speed of 45 knots (equivalent to 80 kilometers per hour). The ‘Freak Whimsical Tourbillon’ series of Athenian Watch follows the same concept. For fifteen years, it has produced the boldest creation and the most avant-garde structure. In 2001, the Freak Tourbillon was the first to add a silicon escapement, and then launched a diamond escapement in 2005. In the same year, it also launched an Athens two-way escapement. The watch has no dial and hands, and the time is displayed through the movement of the entire movement. The lower bridge is connected to the center of the watch as an hour display, while the upper bridge contains a set of gears, a silicon hairspring and the unique bidirectional silicon crystal escapement of Athens to display the minutes.
     The Artemis Regatta represents one of the five most historic yacht clubs in the world, the Royal Swedish Yacht Club, participating in the America’s Cup regatta. The design of the AC45 catamaran is unique.
     At the center of the watch is a spectacular tourbillon as always, and the logo of the Artemis Regatta is printed on the back cover for a more eye-catching design. The new ‘FreakWing Tourbillon’ has a highly readable hour and minute display and a calendar window at four o’clock. In terms of technology, the watch uses the world’s first UlyChoc safety system. This new generation of shock absorber is completely designed, developed and manufactured by the Athens Watch Factory. It replaces three micro parts in the traditional suspension system with a silicon part. The brand has already Apply for a patent for this structure. This solution can avoid any friction or loosening of the parts. When the watch encounters an impact, the balance shaft core can return to its original position perfectly.
     The case is made of black diamond-like-carbon (DLC-diamond-like-carbon) titanium, which is stronger than ever, with a carbon-fiber check strap with yellow stitching. ‘FreakWing Tourbillon’ is easy to operate. The watch does not have a crown. Its upper and lower bezels are combined with the movement to perform various functions. First, there is a bezel safety lock device between the lugs at 6 o’clock. Turn clockwise to set the hour and minute. Turn counterclockwise to adjust the date. Second, the back of the watch can be wound on the mainspring. The barrel is designed for an eight-day power reserve. Assume.
     The America’s Cup, which dates back to 1851, is the oldest international sporting event and even started earlier than the first Olympics (1896). At that time, the Artemis Regatta and Athenian Watch will be like two crew members, each showing their expertise in their professional field, working closely to create a classic milestone.
    Technical Information
    Limited to 35 pieces
    Model 2103-138 / CF-ARTEMIS
    Movement UN-210
     Display time through movement
     1 hour tourbillon
     UlyChoc safety system for adjusting parts
    Power reserve 8 days, sliding spring
    4 Hz (28,800 times per hour)
    Rotational inertia 8 mg * cm2, adjusted by 4 screws
    Hairspring Silicon hairspring, unique design of Athens watch
    Escapement Athens unique bidirectional silicon escapement, no oil needed
    Running trajectory
    Winding method Manual winding, the winding mechanism is driven by rotating the case back
     One rotation of the case back is equivalent to storing 12 hours of power
    Function Display hour / minute through movement
     Date display
    Time setting Release the lock and turn the outer ring
    Date setting Turn the clock bezel counterclockwise to adjust the date
    Case Black titanium, carbon fiber bezel
    Case diameter 45 mm
    Strap Black leather strap with carbon fiber pattern
    Case in 18K white gold

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    Tag Heuer Becomes Swiss Space System S3 Flight Plan Partner

    Swiss Space Systems (S3) announced that it will launch an Airbus A340-300 with the Tag Heuer brand pattern printing under its ZeroG flight plan, Publicize this flight plan worldwide.

     On February 20, 1962, the American astronaut John Glenn wore a Tag Heuer chronograph and boarded the ‘FriendShip 7’ rocket, which also made Tag Heuer the world’s No. 1 A Swiss watchmaking brand in space.

     A new and unique experience-‘Open space to all’: This flight plan will provide the public with an entry-level zero-gravity flight experience, fully launched in more than 15 locations around the world, an unprecedented flight journey The first phase of the flight will take place in Switzerland in September, followed by the official launch in the United Arab Emirates, and the experience will be opened in Asia and North America.

     The top club in the cloud: the original configuration of the classic A340 Airbus, which has the flexibility to adapt to various routes, can fly at a height of 300 meters above sea level, at Matterhorn or Mont Blanc Free shuttle.
     Collaboration with distinctive pioneers: TAG Heuer will not only appear in the advertising campaign of the program, but will inject the pioneering spirit and innovative practices in the deeply rooted brand concept into the cooperation with the Swiss space system. Produces the unique TAG Heuer S3 watch, which will also serve as an exclusive ‘boarding pass’ for boarding Airbus. After boarding, passengers will be required to wear special equipment and leave watches, jewelry and other valuables on the ground.
    The most beautiful ‘boarding pass’ in the world
     Black TAG Heuer Chrono Formula 1 chronograph, equipped with quartz movement, with a precision of one tenth of a second, made of titanium carbide coated steel. The minute track is marked with a red 25-second time scale, which is the length of time that passengers are weightless during air travel.

     The chronograph at 6 o’clock on the dial and the black rubber strap are printed with the S3 logo, and the back of the watch is cast with a 45-degree airplane curve. All passengers can leave their watches as a commemoration to witness this extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

     The zero-gravity flight plan created by the Swiss space system, with the entry-level and reasonable price of gravity-free flight, makes more and more people feel the astonishing experience of being in space. TAG Heuer’s concept of the close connection between the brand and the consumer makes this cooperation unique and innovative. And this bold adventure has just begun … Meet us in September for more follow-up plans.