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    Secret In A Suit Cuff Three Business Watch Recommendations

    Different watches with different outfits will produce different effects. Watches are sometimes a symbol of status and taste. It is true that the so-called ‘life is like a play, a watch is a prop’. Good clothing, watch collocation, and mannerisms give a deep first impression, and the next discussion will be much smoother. Talk and manners can be practiced at any time, but watches cannot be changed at any time. So choosing the right business watch is especially important. If you are still hesitating, you may wish to take a look at the three watches recommended by the editor of the watch house today. They are simple and atmospheric, both formal and confident and temperament. The perfect choice for your business watch.

    Glashütte Original Essence Series 1-36-59-02-05-01

    Watch Series: The Essence
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Gender: Men
    Case material: 18k red gold
    Strap Material: Louisiana Crocodile Skin
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Watch price: ¥ 126500
    Watch details: glashutte / 43722 /
    Watch Reviews: The original Glashütte Superior watch with a silver dial, advanced design, classic appearance, and meets the fine watchmaking art standards, with both innovative ideas and practical value. The watch has passed the brand’s own testing standard certification. The speed and structure are stable, accurate and reliable, the running time is long, and the simple and classic appearance is very beautiful. Through the newly designed movement, the accuracy of the travel time is guaranteed, and the time becomes more pure. Such a watch that integrates brand style and practical performance, it is full of minimalist style with suit leather shoes, low-key luxury, high-grade.

    Lange-Saxony 215.026

    Watch Series: Saxony
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Gender: Men
    Case material: 18k white gold
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Case diameter: 37 mm
    Watch price: ¥ 145000
    Watch details: lange / 10415 /
    Watch comment: 18k white gold highlights the temperament of high and cold, wearing this watch, their own gas field has been strengthened. The watch uses a ‘small three-pin’ design style, the dial is simple and simple, but not overly proud. The avant-garde design of the classic time-resistant watch, the 6-hour seconds dial adds a little watch to the watch, the watch is equipped with a black alligator leather strap, comfortable to wear, perfectly integrated with the watch, very beautiful. The same 18k white gold pin buckle protects the watch from accidentally falling off the wrist and at the same time echoes the case.

    Vacheron Constantin 81180 / 000R-9159 watch

    Watch Series: Legacy
    Movement type: manual machinery
    Gender: Men
    Case material: 18k rose gold
    Strap Material: Mississippi Crocodile Skin
    Case diameter: 40 mm
    Watch price: ¥ 135000
    Watch details: vacheron / 1931 /
    Watch Comments: Like this heritage series of watches, simple and capable, low-key luxury. 18k rose gold case with excellent texture and fine gloss. On the minimalist silver-white dial, the avant-garde watch indexes are elegant and convenient for viewing. The watch uses a unique hour and minute two-hand design, which is full of simplicity. With a Mississippi crocodile leather strap, it is comfortable to wear and contrasts with the watch case, giving people beautiful enjoyment. When worn, it can better set off the wearer’s temperament and aura, and show his unique side.
    Summary: A good business watch needs to be simple, low-key and unique in taste. It feels clean and generous. Inside should be delicate and exquisitely crafted. The three watches recommended by the editor of the watch home today are each a classic of the brand watch. Those who like it can consider buying one of them to add glory to your business trip!

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    Tag Heuer’s New 500-meter Submarine Watch ‘reload Subvert The Ocean’

    The design of the TAG Heuer All Black 500m watch is unique, and it is specially crafted for outstanding men. The watch is equipped with a TAG Heuer Calibre 5 self-winding movement. Its fine-brushed titanium case has a diameter of 43 mm and is coated with a black titanium carbide coating. The screw-down crown and unidirectional rotating bezel are coated with black ‘matte’ rubber, and yellow fluorescent dots are marked at 12 o’clock.

    Dark black dial with vertical stripe design, black coated indicators and time scales, and the enlarged date window at 9 o’clock are marked with yellow-green fluorescence on both sides. All the words on the dial are white: ‘500M’ is next to the date window, and ‘CALIBRE 5’ and ‘AUTOMATIC’ are at 6 o’clock on the dial. The back cover is made of scratch-resistant smoky sapphire crystal. Fine-brushed automatic helium valve is located at 10 o’clock. The watch has a pure titanium buckle with a black rubber strap and a seat belt button. Black heavy equipment is definitely the best winning weapon for fashionable men.

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    Professional Flyback Chronograph Panerai Modern Series Pam 00524 Watch Brief Review

    I wonder if everyone knows what is a flyback chronograph? In fact, I had a lot of doubts before, I always couldn’t figure out the essential difference between flyback and retrograde, so I also found a lot of materials to learn, now I can say that I can basically understand the difference between flyback and retrograde. The essential difference is that the reverse jump can be completed automatically, while the flyback requires manual operation to complete the flyback action. Today I will introduce to you a brief review of Panerai’s modern series PAM00524 watch.

     This PAM00524 flyback chronograph is a new watch released by Panerai at the 2013 Geneva Watch Fair. This new chronograph is equipped with a flyback function and its automatic winding movement has a power of up to three days. Save. It is Panerai’s first work made with the new P.9100 movement, which was independently developed by Panerai’s watchmaking factory in Neuchâtel.

     This chronograph is different from the ordinary chronograph in design. In order to make the chronograph clear and easy to read, the chronograph minute and second hands are set at the center of the main dial. The two are distinguished by different colors. The second hand is Blue, while the minute hand is stainless steel, and its operation is to move forward one block every 60 seconds.

     The watch still uses its unique crown-shaped bridge design, which first appeared on the original Panerai model. It was also recorded in the Italian navy archives in the same year. It became the classic shape of the Luminor model and also became a Panerai brand. Iconic feature.

     The dial structure of this watch adopts the design of Panerai in the late 1930s, which can ensure high reading performance even under extremely weak light. The pure design of the blue chronograph seconds hand and silver chronograph minute hands and the black dial complement each other. Stick hour markers and numbers are presented on the dial. A date window is set at the 3 o’clock position and a small seconds dial is set at the 9 o’clock position.

     The flyback function of this watch is controlled by a button at the 8 o’clock position. It can instantly return the chronograph hands to the zero position and restart the operation immediately. There is no need to press the stop button to stop the hands. , And then press the reset button to return the pointer to the zero position.

     The dial of the watch is composed of two overlapping sheets. The upper sheet is hollowed out at the position corresponding to the time-marked number, so that the light of Super-LumiNova® can be seen.

     The back of the watch is designed with a sapphire crystal back, through which you can admire the P.9100 movement produced by the watchmaker. This flyback chronograph belongs to the brand’s modern series and is equipped with a black leather strap, which can be easily replaced by the Panerai replacement device on the wrist of the watch.

     This watch is equipped with the first self-winding calibre P.9100 developed by Panerai. The chronograph of this new movement includes a vertical clutch and column wheel. The difference is that the chronograph minute is placed in the center of the dial, and it skips forward every 60 seconds. It is also equipped with a very practical flyback function. With the flyback function, the timed indicator that is already in operation can instantly return to the zero position and restart the operation, eliminating the tedious operation of stopping the indicator operation, then returning to zero, and then restarting the operation.

    Summary: This flyback chronograph watch can be said to have raised the watchmaking process of Panerai to another level. However, in the process, the mechanical parts of the watch operate 24 hours, so the necessary maintenance must be performed on the watch to ensure a long life and good operating conditions.
    For more watch details, please click: panelai / 27750 /