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    Omega Held The 50th Anniversary Of The ‘apollo 11’ Moon Landing In Australia

    In 1969, the historic moment of the ‘Apollo 11’ spacecraft landing on the moon caused people’s unlimited reveries of the moon around the world. Therefore, this year’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ‘Apollo 11’ moon landing has gone global, and it is not surprising to hold special celebrations in many different countries or regions.

       In honor of this glorious historical moment, Omega hosted a special dinner at Fox Studios, Sydney, Australia. The banquet was held in ‘Studio No. 1’. Many famous movies have been shot here. The spacious space is an ideal place to receive many VIPs and celebrities.

       Enter the elaborately arranged dinner scene, the moon-inspired decoration and interactive video booth are amazing, and the scene also presents Omega’s ‘Golden Astronaut’, which is hung above the table in a special track to make the celebration atmosphere More lively.

       As a highlight of the dinner, former NASA astronaut Charlie Duke came to the scene and enthusiastically participated in the Q & A session, sharing about walking on the moon, and acting as the flight cabin correspondent of the ‘Apollo 11’ ground control center. Memories.

       The celebration of the moon landing dinner is indispensable for the appearance of the Omega Speedmaster series watches (watches that accompany humans on the moon). The dinner site displayed a number of iconic watches designed to pay tribute to the glorious history of the moon landing and to inspire a new generation of explorers to move forward.