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    Introduction To Patek Philippe 5116g

    The protagonist of today & mdash; & mdash; The case of this 5116G watch is 35mm in diameter and only 8mm thick. First released on August 4, 2005, it is water-resistant. Its 18-carat white gold three-piece case is polished and frosted, looking pure and noble.
     In 1932, Patek Philippe launched the extraordinary Calatrava series men’s watches with round surfaces and elegant design. Today, Calatrava series men’s and women’s watches are still the most popular models of Patek Philippe. As far as Patek Philippe is concerned, the most popular models are certainly very extraordinary. Taking the Calatrava series as an example, at least 24 different models have been created. The Calatrava series is named after the beautiful emblem of Patek Philippe, the beautiful Calatrava Cross & mdash; Pictured is Calatrava, hand-wound watch, studded bezel, water-resistant to 25 meters, made of gold or white gold.

     Today’s protagonist, the case of this 5116G watch is 35 mm in diameter and only 8 mm thick. First released on August 4, 2005, it is water-resistant. Its 18-carat white gold three-piece case is polished and frosted, looking pure and noble. The screw-down case back and sculpted crown, together with the crown protection, give the wearer a sense of respect. The sapphire crystal, the milky white enamel dial and the printed radial Roman numerals indicate its noble status to the public.

     This watch uses a 215 PS movement, with the Geneva mark, rhodium-plated, fine polished decoration, 18 rubies inlaid therein, linear lever escapement, Gyromax balance wheel with cold, hot, isochronous and 5-directional precision correction. Compensation for cardless balance springs, and equipped with shock absorption, its dial, case and movement are signed.

     Patek Philippe has a solid-color enamel dial (commonly white, black and off-white). In addition to this model, which was manufactured in 5115 in 2005, there is also a newly introduced platinum shell 5116, which is then a queen-class Flywheel, three questions 3939. Among them, the most famous, rarest and most sought after by collectors is Patek Philippe’s first 2526 (off-white enamel plate) with automatic movement and its successor style 3428

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    Vacheron Constantin Holds Two Exciting Events During The Geneva Haute Horlogerie Exhibition

    [Geneva, January 14, 2019] —— At the same time as the release of new products, Vacheron Constantin also specially invited guests to explore and leave a strong mark in the history of the brand and write a new chapter for the fine watchmaking industry Extraordinary innovation. The following two events in this exhibition are not to be missed:
      On January 14th (Monday), at 11 am, SIHH LIVE: ‘The birth of a new horological complex’.
      A wonderful journey of watchmaking-from the origin of the complication of horology to the recent technological innovation of Vacheron Constantin.
       Mr. Suzanne Wong, Special Editor of REVELUTION Magazine, will have a dialogue with Christian Selmoni, Vacheron Constantin’s Style and Heritage Director.
      SIHH LAB: “Chronicles, milestones of innovation” for the entire week.
      This is a research project conducted jointly by Vacheron Constantin and the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, Switzerland, and the EPFL & ECAL Lab.
      Geneva SIHH LIVE-11 January (Monday) 11 am, Auditorium: ‘The birth of a new horological complex’.
       A wonderful journey of watchmaking-from the origin of the complication of watchmaking to Vacheron Constantin’s recent technological innovation.
      For a fine watchmaking brand founded in 1755, Vacheron Constantin relied on more than one outstanding achievement to succeed. Exquisite mechanical watchmaking expertise, bold yet classic design, exquisite decorative arts, superb polishing and finishing technology, and distinctive style innovation are all factors that make Vacheron Constantin a success. Suzanne Wong, special editor of REVELUTION magazine, and Christian Selmoni, Vacheron Constantin’s style and heritage director, discuss the brand’s latest breakthrough watch innovation, which will change the face and experience of mechanical watchmaking. At the same time, let the audience experience the brand’s never-ending innovation history.

    Christian Selmoni, Vacheron Constantin Style and Heritage Director
      Geneva International Watchmaking Lab (SIHH LAB)-January 14-17, ‘Chronicles, milestones of innovation’

    Chronogram Impact
      Vacheron Constantin demonstrated the ‘Chronogram Impact’ project in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne and the EPFL + ECAL Lab. At the core of this immersive experience are three extraordinary masterpieces of brand timepieces-reference number 57260, Tour de l’Île and World Time Cottier, all examples of the continuous breakthroughs in watchmaking and the brand’s own processes Through many virtual documents and pictures, the brand leads guests to deeply explore the production of super complicated functions. Reduce the inherent limitations of virtual reality scenarios with better watch display methods. This is also the laboratory of Vacheron Constantin, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, and the Lausanne Academy of Fine Arts (EPFL + ECAL Lab). LAB) display area set goals.