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    Appearance Is Big But Not Heavy To Wear Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis Excalibur Carbon Fiber Escapement

    Complicated advanced functions with subversive materials create a strange combination that shocks the watch industry. In 2018, ROGER DUBUIS interpreted the brand’s Hyperwatch with the mighty Black Knight, creating a new peak for creative deformation: the all-black Excalibur Quatuor Carbon four-balance spring carbon fiber watch was grandly presented, showing The ultimate contrast between the ‘heavyweight’ movement and the ‘light-weight Hongyu’ ultra-modern timepiece.

    The Excalibur Quatuor four balance spring watch was first introduced in 2013. Last year Roger Dubuis introduced a rare modification of cobalt chromium alloy. In 2018, it was replaced with a multi-layer carbon fiber material, achieving a new level of extreme lightweight

    Roger Dubuy adheres to the watchmaking spirit of ‘combining disruptive materials with advanced complex functions’, forward-looking technological developments and creative aesthetic design-and a surprising combination of the two-have constantly won international reputation and are recognized as innovative avant-garde Watch brand. Its watchmaking factory is like a cradle of creativity and extraordinary skills, and has launched a number of ‘world first’ innovations, including the Quatuor four balance spring hairspring movement, which is a revolutionary counterattack of the brand’s gravity. The Excalibur Quatuor balance spring watch is equipped with four balance springs set at a 45-degree angle. It is the result of 7 years of research and development and has obtained 2 patents. R Roger Dubuis is one of the few brands that can master such a complex movement today. This movement is fully in line with the Excalibur King’s pursuit of outstanding mechanical and powerful aesthetics.

    Four sets of escapements, all tilted at 45 degrees, are connected to each other through five differentials and uniformly output a stable running time rhythm, giving the watch a high degree of accuracy

    Since its introduction in 2013, the original design of the Excalibur Quatuor four balance spring watch has been interpreted in materials such as gold, titanium and silicon, which has shocked the world of watches. In 2017, the brand adopted the most advanced CarTech Micro-Melt BioDur CCM ™ (Registered trademark® in the United States) Co-Cr alloy launched the world’s first. Today, Roger Dubuis once again sets a new standard, combining this iconic timepiece with a highly disruptive multi-layer carbon fiber, bringing the brand’s innovative creations to a higher level.

    The black texture of the multi-layer carbon fiber is matched with the black plated movement bridge and plate to create a mysterious and fashionable temperament. In addition, Roger Dubuis adds red scales, outer rings and stitching to add a sense of vitality.

    The black appearance of this timepiece is not only eye-catching, but also thanks to the lightweight characteristics of carbon fiber, which is more than 60% lighter than gold. The unique cutting method of carbon fiber also makes the case design of this limited edition of 8 watches particularly outstanding. The Excalibur Quatuor Carbon four balance spring carbon fiber watch is dressed in black armor, but almost as light as weight, witnessing how the watch factory uses superb machinery to operate the gravity of the battlefield to affect the accuracy.

    Excalibur Quatuor Carbon

    Multi-layer carbon fiber material / RD101SQ manual winding movement / hour and minute display / four sets of escapement quality / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 48mm / limited 8 / reference price : 2,850,000 RMB

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    Breitling Bentley Supercar B55 Chronograph

    To celebrate the official launch of the new Bentley Continental Supersports, the Breitling for Bentley launches its latest limited edition models, featuring a titanium case, a carbon fiber dial and a racing-specific version Functional intelligent interactive movement. A masterpiece on the wrist that combines many cutting-edge performances, smart and fast.

       In 2003, Breitling for Bentley, which represents British luxury, and the superb performance of the Bentley Continental GT sports car debuted together. The dashboard clock of the sports car was also created by Breitling. Since then, a collection of mechanical chronograph watches has risen proudly. Today, a new addition to this series pays tribute to the new Continental Supersports, the fastest Continental sports car ever built by Bentley, with a top speed of 209 miles (336 kilometers) per hour, accelerating from 0 to every It takes only 3.4 seconds at 60 miles (3.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h), and the timeless classic design is even more impressive.

       The Bentley Supersports B55 Chronograph (Bentley Supersports B55) is limited to 500 pieces worldwide, and its dynamic appearance is extraordinary: the ultra-strong and lightweight titanium case provides perfect protection for the unique carbon fiber dial-carbon fiber The favored material is fully utilized in the new Continental Supersports; the red edge with the black inner double-layer rubber strap makes it even more bold.

       With its extraordinary appearance, it also pulsates an equally outstanding ‘power engine’. Breitling equips this British luxury car joint chronograph with an electronic movement, which is the first time in the history of the Breitling for Bentley series. This is not an ordinary electronic movement. The new Breitling B55 interactive movement includes many functions dedicated to motorsport. In addition to flyback chronograph, lap chronograph and electronic speed tester, this B55 ‘racing’ movement is also equipped with three unique timing functions. The first is the ‘off-road rally’ timing function, which can record up to 30 stages, including the starting date of the rally, the start and duration of each stage, the intermediate time of each stage, and all penalties. The second-large ‘track timing’ function is tailored for the field competition, not only for the timing of each lap segment, but also accurate calculation of the average lap speed. The third is the ‘conventional rally’ timing function, which can not be underestimated for races that require a predetermined distance to be traveled within a specified time. The wearer can set a target time or intermediate time in advance according to the total duration of the game. During the game, just touch the button to confirm whether it has reached the preset goal.

       The completely self-designed and manufactured Breitling Bentley Supersports B55 chronograph watch (Bentley Supersports B55) has a very complete timing function, coupled with a smartphone interaction module, further opening up the watch’s practicality, and can easily store and transmit data-Breitling A dedicated smartphone app has been developed for this watch in Switzerland. The two clear and easy-to-read liquid crystal displays (LCD) are equipped with a high-performance backlight display system. Simply press the crown or tilt your wrist to more than 35 degrees (tilt function), the backlight display system will automatically turn on. A convenient feature is popular in intense competition.
       The Breitling Bentley Supersports B55 is equipped with the SuperQuartz ™ temperature-compensated super quartz movement, which is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), and once again breaks the limits of existing functions, accuracy and performance, not only to the invincible. The king of sports, the Bentley Continental GT sports car, pays the highest respect to the brand spirit of Breitling’s unremitting innovation. A pioneer of interactive timing technology that keeps pace with the times.
    Breitling Bentley Supercar B55 Chronograph
    Technical specifications
    Movement: Breitling-made B55 movement, Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC), SuperQuartz ™ temperature compensated super quartz movement, hands and 12 / 24-hour digital LCD display (with backlight), timing accuracy up to 1/100 second, coordinated World Time (UTC), ‘Time Rally’, ‘Rally Rally’ and ‘Track Time’ functions, lap timer, electronic speed meter, countdown, second time zone, 7 alarms per day, with week display Perpetual calendar, battery charge indication.
    Case: Titanium (limited to 500 pieces); water resistance to 100 meters; sapphire crystal, anti-glare treatment on both sides;
    Diameter: 46 mm. Dial: carbon fiber.
    Strap / Bracelet: TwinPro two-tone rubber strap.

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    Jin Dong Appeared In The Spring And Summer Milan Men’s Week 2018 Wearing A Bucherer Marie Dragon Perpetual Calendar Rose Watch

    The standard for veteran cadres is not only a suit with a dark green collar, but also a classic watch that highlights the shape. Recently, Jin Dong wore a Manero Perpetual Calendar rose gold wrist watch on his wrist and appeared at the Milan Men’s Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2018 show. The bezel of the watch is set with a round of brilliant diamonds, which is rigorous and distinctive. Graceful and courteous, personable veteran cadres, handsome new heights in Milan!

    Pictures from the web

    Bucherer Marly Dragon Perpetual Calendar
       This Malilong Perpetual Calendar watch, certified by the COSC Swiss official observatory, is very rare. It has both a precision timepiece function and perfect diamond setting. It also combines a perpetual calendar and a new moon phase display in the rose gold case. Such as dial elements, exquisite. The perpetual calendar display has got rid of the unchanging circular design, and it is displayed with three unique oval rings, which reflects Bao Qi’s attention and attention to detail. The date display is at three o’clock; the week is at nine; the month and leap year are at twelve.

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    Counting Happy Hours, The 70th Anniversary Of The Boucheron Reflet Watch

    In 1947, the Reflet watch series was born with the dream of being a ‘recording happy time’ craftsman. After more than half a century, Reflet has transformed from a modernist avant-garde design to a classic, and now this classic has become a fun and customizable watch. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Reflet, Boucheron has released 8 new interchangeable straps around the world. Reflet straps now have 70 options.

    The Boucheron Reflet series of watches was born in 1947. Its beautiful formalism and minimalist geometric shapes merge many Boucheron’s signature marks, blooming soft light on the simple rectangular surface of Reflet, classic and not outdated, becoming the representative of aesthetics beyond the times . Boucheron craftsman ‘Hand of Light’ in the Reflet watch sculpts precise and precise Godron straight lines on the rectangular case with top metalworking, and throws K gold into a uniform and round mirror light to capture the light The change and refraction, the crown is adorned with Boucheron’s signature egg-faced sapphire, adding a low-key glow to the collection.

    Reflet’s ingenuity doesn’t stop there. Becheron’s philosophy of time is engraved on the back of each Reflet watch? Je ne sonne que les heures heureuses? (I only count the happy time). Time is treasured one by one. Then, just exhale gently on the sapphire crystal glass, you can see the hologram of the Fontaine Square column hidden in it, wearing a Reflet series watch, as if accompanied by Paris. Finally, the most classic interchangeable strap design and concealed clasp on the Reflet strap allow wearers to not only easily wear the watch, but also to change the color of the strap as they wish, showing different looks.

    70th Anniversary Band of the Boucheron Reflet Collection
    In 2017, the Reflet series entered its 70th anniversary. To this end, Boucheron specially introduced eight special color commemorative straps, including the popular rose pink gold, pearl pink, phosphor, fluorescent yellow, mint blue leather straps, as well as classic wild ivory white and bronze gold. Crocodile leather strap with pearl black, the price is from 7600 to 10400 yuan, plus the existing 63 different material color straps, with different sizes and materials of the case, for the simple and elegant Reflet series to show the changing personality. Welcome all VIPs who love Reflet to try it on and experience the many flavors of Reflet.