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    Panerai Will Host A Table Exhibition At Harrods

    Famous watch brand Panerai announced that a Panerai historical watch and instrument exhibition will be exhibited in the boutique watch house of Harold Department Store. .

    These models will be exhibited in the exhibition area of ​​the boutique watch house on the first floor of Harrods from September 3, 2014 to September 24, 2014. Visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate many rare watches.

    Panerai will exhibit 14 vintage watches and some vintage naval instruments, some of which are valued at up to £ 300,000. The uniqueness of this exhibition is not only that Panerai did not produce much between the 1930s and the 1990s, but also that most of the models on the exhibition have never appeared before the public.

    The oldest models on display can be traced back to the 1940s, up to the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century, some limited edition models. The models on display include a very rare RadiomirCaliforniaDial3646, a 1955PaneraiLuminor equipped with an Angelus movement and a 1956EgizianoGrosso.

    Also on display was the 1993 MareNostrum based on Panerai’s first chronograph design introduced in 1943. Since 1993 MareNostrum Panerai has launched many chronographs, the most recent one being the highly acclaimed Radiomir 1940 chronograph once launched this year. Two special watches launched in 2002 and 2005 and a limited Paneristi watch that was withdrawn in 2010 will also be on display at the exhibition.

    In addition to these historical models, to commemorate the historical connection between Panerai and the Italian Navy, many military instruments will also be displayed in this exhibition.

    This exhibition is officially open to the public for free
    Venue: Harold Department Store
    Time: Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 9 pm; Sunday, 11:30 am to 6 pm.
    (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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    Clear And Easy To Read Lange’s First Luminous Calendar Watch

    When Lange first introduced the big calendar display that year, it not only received much praise but also set off a wave of many brands vying to follow suit. Make LANGE 1 an undisputed masterpiece. The intricate devices that make this famous big calendar display are usually hidden under a solid silver dial, and now GRAND LANGE 1 ‘Lumen’ will show you this mysterious world generously. This platinum case watch is limited to 100 pieces and fully reflects the characteristics shown in the name: some dials are made of translucent sapphire crystal, only the outer ring, hour display, minute display and small seconds dial are made of black silver The sapphire crystal part reveals the first large calendar display dial device that shines in the dark. In addition, time and power reserve are also legible in the dark. How to ensure the best effect of the luminous function after daily switching operation is the technical problem faced when developing the GRAND LANGE 1 ‘Lumen’. Lange’s product R & D engineer came up with the idea to directly engrav the white luminous coating and black numbers on the ten-digit cross disc. The single digit disc was composed of transparent glass with black numbers and rotated on the luminous background. The sapphire crystal part of the dial is treated with a newly developed coating that blocks most of the visible spectrum. As for the invisible UV spectrum, it is not blocked by the coating. Therefore, the numbers on the dial can penetrate enough photon energy to make them clear and easy to read in the dark: the disc device is still easy to read. GRAND LANGE 1 ‘Lumen’
    This also brings a surprise effect: the scales created by the hands of the calendar splint were originally only visible to the watchmaker during assembly, and now watch wearers can also enjoy such exquisite details. These small overlapping circular cloud patterns are created by human hands with small rolling sand nails and are usually hidden under the dial. The double-assembled watch factory’s self-made L095.2-type movement combines superb craftsmanship and high-level aesthetics, and can also be carefully admired from the other side through the sapphire crystal back cover. There is no doubt that GRAND LANGE 1 ‘Lumen’ is impeccable from every angle.
    Only a year ago, Lange gave the GRAND LANGE 1 a brand new manual winding movement. Thanks to the cancellation of the second mainspring barrel and delicate parts arrangement, the movement can reduce the overall thickness without damaging any power reserve, and at the same time, it can transplant the elegant dial structure of LANGE 1 to large models. The dial of the GRAND LANGE 1 ‘Lumen’ shows the hours, minutes, seconds, large calendar and power reserve indicator, and the configuration is clear and non-overlapping.
    原理 How Lange’s Large Calendar Display Works
    大 The design of the Lange Grand Calendar is inspired by the five-minute digital clock made by Ferdinand A. Lange for the Dresden Semper Opera in 1841. To use a larger date format, the calendar unit uses two separate display elements like its model: a ring-shaped single-digit dial with 0 to 9 digits advances one space a day. Only when the transition from the 31st to the 1st will the single digit dial stand still on that day. A ten-digit cross with 1 to 3 digits and white blank spaces advances one space every ten days. When displayed as 3, the ten-digit cross will advance to the blank space after 2 days. This irregular switching sequence is controlled by two program gears with precisely calculated gear trains.
    About Lange
    Din Ferdinand A. Lange (Ferdinand A. Lange) founded his own watch factory in 1845, but also laid the cornerstone for the watch industry in Saxony. The precision pocket watches he made back then are still sought after by collectors around the world. Founder’s great-grandson, Walter Lange, seized the opportunity and set off again in 1990. Today, Lange produces only thousands of gold or platinum watches each year. All are equipped with an exclusive movement carefully modified and assembled by hand. In 20 years, Lange has developed more than 40 Manufacture-manufactured movements, leading the world’s leading watch brand. The brand has been fruitful, introducing different innovative timepieces, such as LANGE 1 with the first large calendar display, and LANGE ZEITWERK with clear, easy-to-read, accurate word-jumping devices. Both watches have also become Lange’s signature models.
    GRAND LANGE 1 ‘Lumen’ Model 117.035 Technical parameters:
    Movement: The L095.2 movement manufactured by Lange Watch Factory is manually wound, in accordance with Lange’s strictest quality standards, carefully modified and assembled by hand; five-way precision adjustment; both the machine plate and the bridge plate are untreated Made of German silver; hand-engraved balance wheel plywood
    Movement parts: 400
    Gem bearing: 42
    Escapement system: pallet fork
    Oscillator: shock-proof screw balance; watch factory-made top balance spring, 21,600 vibrations per hour, equipped with lateral fine-tuning screws and gooseneck-type precision fine-tuning system
    Power reserve: 72 hours of full-winding operation
    Function: Display time in hours, minutes and small seconds with stop-second device; power reserve display; large calendar display
    Operating component: crown for winding the watch and setting the time; buttons for quickly correcting the large calendar display
    Crystal and case back: Sapphire crystal (hardness 9)
    Case: Platinum
    Dial: Solid silver (black) main dial (outer ring, hours, minutes, small seconds), sapphire crystal with translucent coating on the groove part; large luminous calendar display and hour and power reserve display
    Hand: Gold rhodium plated; luminous hours, minutes, power reserve display
    Strap: Hand-stitched black alligator leather strap
    Clasp: Lange pin buckle in platinum
    Limited edition: 100 pieces

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    The Stars Wear The Piaget Jewellery Watch To Attend The Event

    Yi Xi Qianxi wears Piaget jewelry to shoot TFBOYS new EP ‘Like You’ promotional poster. The young man’s spirit, the star eyes turn slightly, PiagetPossession onyx necklace shows its perseverance; the ring of the same series embellishes between the fingers, the confidence and vitality between the rotation.

       He Sui appeared at the event with a white long skirt. PiagetRose white diamond ring blooms in the slender jade fingers, the same series of earrings flashes against the ears, set off against fair skin, and throws your hands to reveal the elegant and dignified charm like roses.

       Mei Ting attended the event with a long blue dress. The PiagetPossession lapis lazuli watch and the same bracelet complement the navy blue dress, showing its quiet and independent temperament, showing calmness and elegance.