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    Bulgari Daniel Rose Zhongle Three Questions Tourbillon

    Bulgari DANIEL ROTH Series Tourbillon Minute Repeater
    A crystal-clear, modern Bulgari original watch Bulgari strives to create a completely self-made movement, with an ingenious design that brings a feast of sound
    In the field of precise and complex watch manufacturing, the watch is still the most difficult type for watch manufacturers to make, so the works must be unique. Bulgari is one of the few brands that can independently develop these unique and complex watches. This new Daniel Roth series Zhongle Minute Tourbillon watch shines brightly, exposing this exclusive craft to the most exquisite.
      Bulgari researched and developed this unique watch over the years. Its unique essence stems from a three-hammer, three-question time-keeping device. This timekeeping device is the most unique and eye-catching part of this design. In general, most of the questionnaires are two hammers and three questions, and rare rare grandson watches are composed of four-tone hammers.
    DR3300 hand-wound calibre is hand-made, with an exquisite proportion (34.60 mm x 31.60 mm). This watch contains a total of 327 parts, and in the huge metal frame, rely on the tourbillon speed control device to play a pleasant melody.
    Play the perfect sound
    DR3300 movement is complex in structure, and many precise and specific parameters ensure that the movement runs smoothly and produces perfect sound. The strength and clarity of the tone is a key element of all questionnaires. However, this watch has a petite size, coordinated movement size, and is equipped with three hammers to give this minute repeater a powerful percussion force, thereby enhancing the effect of lingering aftershocks. The three gongs fixed on the main board are connected to the speed regulating device. When the tapping device operates, the speed regulating device can reduce friction to a minimum, thereby avoiding any noise interference.
    The gong of the Zhongwen Le Minute Tourbillon watch has been carefully crafted separately through multiple processes. The unique hand-made shape ensures perfect sound quality and uniqueness. After bending them by hand, they are calcined (or hardened) at 900 ° C and then fired at 500 ° C so that the metal can make a crystal clear echo before cleaning. After several cleanings and polishings, these gongs can be fixed on the movement and finally adjusted. The thickness of the file-corrected gongs is aligned longitudinally along the edge teeth on the drive levers-these precision designs are designed to play beautiful tunes.
    三 This minute repeater timepiece strikes three different hammers, playing three different types of tones. In the C-report, E-D-C repercussed in turn and E-reported points.
    This movement is equipped with a dual barrel: one guarantees the smooth operation of the hammer device, and the other has an automatic winding function; when the winder is fully wound, the power reserve of the movement can be guaranteed for up to 75 hours. There is a corresponding energy storage display window on the dial.

    Extremely fine mechanical device
    Calibre 3300 movement has a delicately carved hollow shape, exquisite structure, carefully cut plywood, and various parts layout design. It inherits its family ancestry and has modern features. The beautiful color contrast highlights the delicate and delicate movement.
    The precise polishing process continuously polishes back and forth between the hammer, the gong, the tourbillon metal frame and the hollow surface. At the same time, the exquisitely decorated motherboard and plywood surface are treated with elegant NAC surface. NAC is an alloy composed of 4 elements belonging to the platinum family: platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, and indium. This is a very high-tech coating process, which can give the metal a noble and stable black hue.
    Through the sapphire crystal dial, the details of the timepiece and tourbillon inside the watch can be seen at a glance. The internal device is protected by a rose gold case, the minute repeater slider is designed on the left, and the slider slides along a special area from 7 to 11 o’clock. The crown is engraved with numbers from 1 to 30, corresponding to one of 30 limited edition watches, with a transparent sapphire crystal back and water resistance up to 30 meters. The strap is brown crocodile leather, set with 18K rose gold three-layer folding clasp to secure the strap firmly.

    Zhongle Minute Tourbillon Watch Technical Parameters
    Movement DR3300 with manual winding movement, 327 parts, three-hammer minute repeater and tourbillon with a frame diameter of 13 mm; silent clutch, splint and main board are surface-treated with NAC; the sun is engraved and polished on the splint Angle treated stainless steel parts, polished screw heads and gold-plated gears.
    Vibration frequency: 21,600 vph (3 Hz)
    Power reserve: 75 hours
    Functions Hour hand, minute hand, second hand, power reserve display
    壳 Case 18K rose gold case, diameter 43 mm; transparent sapphire crystal case back; 18K rose gold crown
    Dial Sapphire crystal dial with hammer and tourbillon clearly visible on the dial
    Water resistance 30 meters
    Strap Alligator leather strap with three-piece rose gold folding clasp