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    Subverting The Basic Principles Of Horology: Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Phantom Watch

    The all-new Monaco V4 Phantom is completely black, matte, stylish, uncompromising, and extremely low-key. Its case, and the seven bridges in its legendary movement, are entirely made of carbon fiber; the movement is equipped with the famous micro-sawtooth drive belt (equivalent to the thickness of a hair, less than 0.07 mm in width), and a linear automatic disk Running back and forth on the track, and automatically winding the watch in a completely new way that completely subverts the horological tradition, this is the Monaco V4 Phantom.

       The new features of the new Monaco V4 Phantom are a case made of CMC (carbon-based composite material) and seven bridge plates in a movement also made of CMC (carbon-based composite material). In the production process, the ‘oriented carbon’ technology is specially used, that is, the carbon fibers are placed in a certain direction in the mold, and then micro-blasted to give them an even and elegant ‘matte black vertical matte’ appearance. The entire dial is presented in dark gray and black tones. For example, the hands have a multi-faceted design and satin finish, with titanium carbide coating and black-gray SuperLuminova ™ luminous material. Only gems (48 gems in the movement) can show a touch of red.

    Monaco V4 uses linear orbits for belt drive and linear gravity motion, subverting the principle of clockwork

       TAG Heuer, located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, uses carbon fiber in the development, production and manual assembly process to create a stylish and modern Monaco V4 Phantom model. And provides additional seismic protection. For an ultra-complex performance watch, its avant-garde and bright design is exceptional.


       The first Monaco V4 was released 12 years ago, in 2004. The name V4 is derived from its V-shaped main splint mounted between two adjacent pairs of ball bearings and with four barrels. They are at an angle of +/- 13 °, reminiscent of the cylinders used in F1 racing engines. The Monaco V4 does not perform conventional rotary motion, but instead uses belt drive and linear gravity motion on a (patented) linear track, subverting the basic principles of clockwork. The first Monaco had a square case, which was worn by Steve McQueen in an unforgettable 1971 movie Le Mans; the watch was made in Germany Won the Red Dot Design Award, in addition to the Watch of the Year by Wallpaper Magazine and Popular Science Magazine Best of What’s New.

    The back of the new Monaco V4 Phantom can be seen in the movement made of CMC (carbon-based composite material)