Highly Formalized Sports Watch Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Ultrathin Tourbillon

Regarding the tourbillon technology, Audemars Piguet has always exerted great efforts. In 1986, the world’s first self-winding tourbillon watch was published by Audemars Piguet. At the time, the quartz storm swept the end of the industry. Tradition The mechanical watch world has not yet fully revived from the impact, and Audemars Piguet’s research and development has undoubtedly injected a strong heart into the watch world. At that time, the thickness of the 2870 movement of this tourbillon watch was 3.5mm. In order to reduce the overall thickness, the movement substrate is the case back. Therefore, the thickness of the entire watch is only 5.5mm. It is still the world’s thinnest automatic winding tourbillon. . Of course, the accuracy and durability, of course, cannot be compared with the new watch hardened by modern technology, but it is a historical symbolic work.

The blue faceplate is decorated with the ‘Petite Tapisserie’ checkered pattern from the Royal Oak of the early 1972, with streamlined hour markers and hands, leaving the glory to the tourbillon at 6 o’clock, and the large screw balance Keep moving in seconds, and appreciate the delicate chamfering of the bridge’s cut

Feature 1: RO’s signature characteristics remain unchanged for half a century
As for the modern Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 41mm ultra-thin tourbillon watch, it has quite another classic meaning. The signature octagonal case from the ship’s porthole does not change the original taste, including the crown also made of octagonal cross, the bezel is locked with hexagonal screws, and the blue face plate is decorated with a small ” Petite Tapisserie ” The decoration is in perfect harmony with the warm and warm rose gold case. The simple stick-shaped hour markers and hands restore pure indication. Below the 12 o’clock hour mark is the word ” AUDEMARS PIGUET \\ ‘. An interpretation of the gentle and bright style of a gentleman.

The case is polished through two different textures: brushed matte and polished. It shows the sharp transition of the Royal Oak series octagonal case, and the sharp outline of only 8.85mm in thickness. Material case can also show different levels

Feature 2: Tourbillon known for its thinness
Watches are accessories, and of course they should be light and convenient to carry around. Therefore, the new Royal Oak Tourbillon is thinner than the previous generation. The 2924 movement is 4.46mm thick, which is currently on the market. One of the tourbillon movements, even with the case, is only 8.85mm. Although it has the complicated device of the tourbillon, it still has a surprisingly slim. The 2924 movement is composed of 216 parts, with a 3/4 plywood design on the back. It forms a solid structure with the straddle bridge of the tourbillon. The large screw balance wheel has a stable vibration frequency of 21,600vph and a dynamic storage of 70. The spectrum of the hour, while striving for a slim watch, adheres to the precise and durable nature of a timepiece.

The 2924 movement uses a 3/4 plywood design with a polished Geneva wave surface. The traditional form just exposes the tourbillon at 6 o’clock, which is opposite to a barrel that can store about 70 hours of power. The thickness of the movement is only 4.46mm. One of the finest in tourbillon movements

Feature three: changes in different materials and colors
In addition, the diameter of this watch is also adjusted to 41mm, which is more in line with the large size preference of modern people for sports watches, but it is not too unreasonable. It adds weight without reason, and is thinner, more masculine, and more modern Royal Oak. Through the adjustment of local details, the new benchmark of modern beauty is blended into classic masterpieces in a subtle way to achieve the next 40 new era. In addition to the expensive rose gold model, the first Royal Oak in 1972 was actually made of stainless steel. Therefore, the 41 mm ultra-thin tourbillon watch also has a stainless steel case with a blue dial. Rigid style, closer to the Royal Oak spirit.

Royal Oak Tourbillon 41mm Slim Tourbillon

Stainless steel or 18K rose gold material / 2924 self-winding movement / hour and minute display / tourbillon device / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / diameter 41mm

Gun Runner’ Won Consecutive Prizes In The First Level And Won The 90th ‘whitney Championship’ In Longines’ Timekeeping

‘Winchell Thoroughbreds’ and ‘Three Chimney’ racing horse ‘Gun Runner’ is one of the top male racing horses in the United States. This time it is worthy of the name. The first-level race was won, and the 90th Whitney Invitational Day took place on Saturday with a 3-5 odds enthusiasm, which resulted in a 5 ¼ horse victory.

   The ‘Whitney Championship’ is a traditional focus event staged at the 149th ‘Saratoga Race Course’. It is designed for older horses. Longines is the official timekeeper of the race.

   Swiss watch brand Longines presented elegant watches to those who won the ‘Whitney Championship’ and the ‘Longines Test Stakes’ of the first class in recognition of their outstanding performance. The ‘Longines Retest Championship’ is a race for three-year-old female horses, and the ‘American Gal’ won the championship.

Yang Mi Wore Piaget Jewellery To Attend The Movie Conference And Weibo Movie Night, Zhang Jingchu Wore Piaget Jewellery Watch To Attend The Movie Conference

On June 18th, Yang Mi appeared in the fresh dress of the white T-shirt and skirt at the movie conference of ‘Embroidered Spring Blade Shura Battlefield’, wearing Piaget Possession series rings and earrings, showing elegant charm and overall shape It’s tender and charming.
Yang Mi wears Piaget jewellery to attend the conference of ‘Embroidered Spring Sword Shura Battlefield’

Yang Mi wears Piaget jewellery to attend the conference of ‘Embroidered Spring Sword Shura Battlefield’

Yang Mi wears Piaget jewellery to attend the conference of ‘Embroidered Spring Sword Shura Battlefield’

Piaget Earl Possession ring

Piaget Earl Possession earrings

That night, wearing a sexy dark green V-neck evening dress with vintage wavy curly hair, Yang Mi wore Piaget Rose earrings on the 2017 Weibo movie night red carpet, and her Piaget Sunny Side of Life jewelry dangled on her chest The watch adds a touch of elegance and confidence, and Piaget’s Limelight Secrets & Lights ring glows in its fingers, exuding elegant charm.

Yang Mi wears Piaget jewellery watch at the Weibo movie night 2017

Yang Mi wears Piaget jewellery watch at the Weibo movie night 2017

Yang Mi wears Piaget jewellery watch at the Weibo movie night 2017

Piaget Sunny Side of Life jewelry watch

Piaget Rose Earrings

Piaget Limelight Secrets & Lights Ring

Zhang Jingchu wore Piaget Rose earrings and jewellery watches to participate in the movie ‘Grand Theft Auto’ conference, with a black printed jumpsuit, showing mature and capable temperament without losing grace and gentleness.

Zhang Jingchu wears Piaget jewelry watch to attend the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ conference

Zhang Jingchu wears Piaget jewelry watch to attend the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ conference

Zhang Jingchu wears Piaget jewelry watch to attend the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ conference

Zhang Jingchu wears Piaget jewelry watch to attend the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ conference

Piaget Rose Earrings


Casio Edifice F1 Racing Concept Radio Watch Eqw-m710

F1 Red Bull Racing team, partner with watch brand EDIFICE. With the help of advanced technology, the Red Bull team in 2009 had very good results. In addition to the team’s second runner-up with 153.5 points, there were also two drivers who made it into the top five of the annual rankings. As a partner, Edifice also re-launched the new EQW-M710 model based on the racing concept with advanced technology. He also chose to sponsor Taiwan’s Lin Hengheng. He is the first and only driver in Taiwan to win the International Formula One Championship. No record has been set for the Asian Formula Race victory record.


 Motorsport is a sport that combines the achievements of automotive technology and challenges the limits of human physical fitness. Among them, the top race of F1 is a must for any extremely small details, and the time must be accurately grasped to 4 digits after the decimal point. Red Bull Racing’s driver Sebastian Vettel, who won the second place in 2009, performed well. Sebastian Vettel is also one of Lin Rongheng’s favorite drivers. Both young drivers love the Edifice racing models.


 This is a game of speed and time, Lin said that on the racing track, time is like God. The millisecond gap determines the key result, so the accurate timepiece is not only a decoration for the racer, but also a very important accessory. Lin Hengheng’s first watch was a prize from the competition, but Edifice decided to own the second watch after a lot of comparisons. He is also very interested in researching and developing automotive electronics technology. He admires Edifice’s advantages of technology while retaining texture and weight. He believes that being able to wear a favorite racing watch is a tribute to his favorite four-wheel sports.

 In addition to the EQW-M710’s function of receiving radio waves and solar charging from 6 stations in the world; the surface is derived from the design of the car’s tachometer. The long hand is 1/10 second, the 3 o’clock position is 1 second, and the 1/100 meter is 9. O’clock position; Vibrant red 3-pin stopwatch that can be calculated to 1 / 100th of a second while sprinting to simulate the thrill of rapid racing. In addition, the entire body of the watch body is full of muscle tension like the appearance of the car body.