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    Swiss Radar Serves As The Official Timer For The 2015 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Debuting On The Clay Court In Stuttgart For The Third Consecutive Year

    (Linno, Switzerland – April 2015) RADO will be honored on the central court of the 38th Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, the third consecutive year Act as the official timer for this event, and record every minute of every game.
       The 38th Porsche Tennis Grand Prix will be held from April 20th to 26th at the Porsche Stadium in Stuttgart, Germany. At this time, the world’s top female tennis players will compete against each other and present a wonderful tennis week to the audience. In addition to the corner clock located at the central stadium, RADO will also appear in the sports life village, where visitors can stop and explore the exciting new Swiss Rado watch series.
       For tennis enthusiasts who want to compete with today’s top tennis players, you can go to the Swiss radar hitting corner located in the sports life village, pick up the racket, and test your speed.
       The special model of RADO HyperChrome series court is the official watch of this event. Its orange pointer design complements the hue of the clay court where the event is held.
    About RADO
       RADO is a world-renowned brand, known for its innovative design and revolutionary use of materials, designed to create the world’s least wear-resistant watch. From the beginning of its establishment in Linno, Switzerland, Rado has always been a pioneering spirit. Today, it still adheres to the brand philosophy of “if you can imagine, you can create”.
    RADO and Rado 2015

    In 2015, Swiss radars served as official timers for the following events:
    Mubadala World Tennis Championships, Abu Dhabi, UAE (January 1-3, 2015)
    Aircel Chennai Open, India (5-11 January 2015)
    Abierto Mexicano Telcel, Acapulco, Mexico (February 23-28, 2015)
    Miami Open, United States (March 23-April 5, 2015)
    Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Stuttgart, Germany (April 18-26, 2015)
    Istanbul Open, Istanbul, Turkey (April 27-May 3, 2015)
    Sparta Prague Open, Prague, Czech Republic (May 2015)
    Yuxin Bank Czech Open, Prostejov, Czech Republic (June 2015)
    Aegon Classic, Birmingham, UK (June 15-21, 2015)
    Aegon Championship, London, UK (June 15-21, 2015)
    Aegon International, Eastbourne, UK (June 20-27, 2015)
    Malaysia Open, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (September 28-October 4, 2015)
    Erste Bank Open, Vienna, Austria (17-25 October 2015)
    Swiss Indoor Tennis Tournament, Basel, Switzerland (October 24-November 1, 2015)
    About the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix
       The Porsche Tennis Grand Prix is ​​held annually at the Porsche Stadium in Stuttgart, Germany. This clay court match is part of the WTA Tour Crown event. This tennis tournament was elected as the WTA athlete’s favorite game for the sixth time. It is not only known for bringing together the world’s top women tennis players to compete in the same field, but also known for its joyful and friendly atmosphere.
    Rado, a pioneering watch brand with design and high-tech materials
       RADO was born in 1957 and is an important brand under the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch group. As a global leader in watch design and innovative materials, Swiss Radar first introduced high-tech ceramic materials to the watchmaking industry in 1986, setting a precedent for ceramic watches. Swiss radar is also one of the earliest luxury watch brands entering China, with unique understanding and special feelings for the Chinese market and Chinese consumers. Adhering to the core spirit of Visionary, Innovative and Iconic, Swiss radars continue to make breakthroughs in materials and technology, and are committed to innovation, creating a future history with a pioneering spirit.

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    Introduction Of Two Breguet Watches With Transparent Cases

    Breguet Classic Series 7639 Minute Repeater
    If you want to make a large ranking of the back of the watch, the transparent bottom cover is probably the most popular among consumers. The harmonious operation between the gears is clearly seen through the sapphire glass on the back, which is really fun. However, this design has higher requirements on the grinding and manufacturing process of the watch’s internal movement. No one wants to see a rough movement inside the case. Instead, it’s better to have a metal cover to hide the ugliness. In the transparent bottom watch, the fineness of the movement has become the focus of attention. In fact, there is a more pleasing craft, which is the engraving of the movement. The engraving process of the movement has been formed in the era of pocket watches, but it is still rare in watches because the movement of the watch is too small, the process is more complicated and the time is longer. Regarding this point, Breguet is really admirable.
    Whether it is the lifelike pigeons on the Reine de Naples self-winding self-timer clock or the music-themed patterns on the classic series of super complicated functions 7639 minute repeater, it is composed of the movement’s splint, automatic rotor and engraved ornaments. The exquisite engraving of the movement gives the watch real life and carries the spirit that watchmakers really pursue. This is not only a rare and complicated watch we rarely see, but also a perfect combination of traditional watchmaking technology and music and art.
    We no longer talk about the atmosphere of these watches, how good the performance is, and how valuable the materials are … just talking about the insignificant ‘white board’ on the back, look at the back of these expensive watches, hidden in the end How much affection and dedication the watchmaker has.
    Watches can be said to be a low-key luxury. At this time, consumers’ taste for life has narrowed to a few centimeters square. On the battlefield between various watch brands, from the balance wheel or tourbillon to the crown on the left or right, material, decoration, technology, performance, etc., watchmakers have thought of everything. Competition between enterprises has been transformed into nuances. It takes at least five years for Patek Philippe to go from design to delivery: four years of research and design, nine months of production, and three months of assembly and quality testing. The hand-polished movements and chamfered edges of the plywood are carefully carved even where they are not visible. The achievement of expensive value is from the details. Things that are easily overlooked, called details, are more important today than ever before.
    In the process of buying a watch, we may consider all aspects, but the bottom of the watch is always a place that is ignored. In fact, the design of the bottom of the watch often adds points to the product. Our common bottom design is a ‘white board’ with a back cover engraved with some models, brands, origins, and so on. Later, more and more watches designed as ‘through bottoms’ were loved by consumers because they could appreciate the beauty of the movement through sapphire glass. In addition, some functions are given to the bottom of the watch, or they are engraved with some monumental patterns and so on. When consumers have a hard time choosing between two watches that are similar in all respects, the details at the bottom of the table are enough to determine success or failure. In fact, an important reason why details can win is that details can be touching. Because the details reflect meticulousness, careful reflection of the intention, and the intention is used for both the effort and the emotion. The details designed with good intentions can fully show the humane colors and emotional charm. Most consumers are always willing to invest their money in the most humane and therefore the most detailed products, and watches are no exception.

    Musical motifs on the Breguet Classics 7639 Minute Repeater

    Breguet Reine de Naples self-winding self-timer

    Breguet Reine de Naples automatic winding self-winding watch

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    Timeless Classic Tasting Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch

    Rolex is the leader of legendary watches. The Oyster Perpetual series is by far the most recognized and easiest to recognize. Over time, it has been recognized as a representative of modern watches. The Oyster Perpetual is the result of Rolex’s watchmaking technology and expertise. Over the years, this watch has experienced many aesthetic improvements, but its unquestionable design features have always been respected and retained. Today I will bring you a Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch. The official watch model is 116000-70200.

      The success of the Oyster wristwatch dates back to 1926. At that time, Rolex invented the first Oyster watch and applied for a patent. Oyster watch as the world’s first waterproof watch, can be described as the pioneer of modern watches.

      The recognition rate of the Oyster Perpetual Watch is very high. The round case with a diameter of 36 mm, the simple three-pin design, and the sapphire crystal glass are easy to read at a glance. Unlike the calendar type, there is no date display function. The arched bezel design, these outstanding features have been widely praised since its inception and are still in use today. The Oyster case is an important basis for Rolex’s prestigious reputation and excellent performance. The material is 904L stainless steel, which has high corrosion resistance and is widely used in high-tech, aviation and chemical industries.

      The design of the double-locked winding crown is simple and practical. The double-locking device can ensure that the screw-in crown is completely waterproof, with a depth of 100 meters and sharp edges. The crown is engraved with the Rolex small crown logo.

      The strap uses an oyster strap, consisting of three rows of wide, flat links, which are extremely sturdy. It has always been the most widely used strap in the Oyster series, made of 904L stainless steel.

      Viewed from the side without the crown, this watch is relatively thin, not heavy, and comfortable to wear.

      The Oyster Folding Hidden Buckle opens and closes with an operating clasp, making operation easier and safer to wear. Every time I click on the clasp, it makes people feel happy.

      The design of the oyster lugs is very short. In order to better match the flexibility of the chain strap, the lugs are basically flush with the first bracelet, more like a part of the bracelet, which is very comfortable to wear.

      The black dial design is very unique. Except for the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, the other hour positions are replaced by minute digits. The classic small crown design at 12 o’clock position is beautiful and elegant, and the design of the big three hands is clear and clear when reading. The crown at 12 o’clock uses Rolex’s inlay technology. There are two main types of Rolex dial logo production processes, namely transfer and inlay. All inlaid logos will have a slightly larger volume, which is the ‘big crown’ that everyone often mentions. It looks full of three-dimensional and very imposing. It is worth mentioning that there is a brown inner ring in the dial, which indicates in English that the Oyster Perpetual is certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC).

      This watch has a screw-in caseback and is equipped with Rolex’s self-developed 3130 self-winding movement with unparalleled reliability. This movement is equipped with a Parachrom hairspring to help resist impact and temperature changes. Coming influence. This self-winding structure is equipped with a half-moon-shaped automatic cymbal, which can rotate freely around the central axis wheel in a single direction, while the other automatic cymbal can swing naturally with the wrist, sending endless sources of natural energy to the watch, with a power reserve of 50 hour.

      Summary: In the history of Rolex’s watch development, the Oyster Perpetual model has become a recognized symbol of elegance with its extraordinary aesthetic design. The watch not only has a classic appearance and excellent functions, but also inherits the origin of Rolex’s pioneering innovation, showing the simplicity of the original watch. If you want to choose a classic low-key and durable watch, this watch is definitely your best choice. The current quote for this watch is 42,500 RMB. (Picture / text watch home Dong Hang)

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    Boll’s Space Chief Flight Timing

    In recognition of the achievements of the brand ambassador Brian Binnie, BALL WATCH has launched a new watch: ‘Engineer Hydrocarbon Series’-‘Astronomical Orbital Space Chief ‘(Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital). Brian Binnie
    The revolutionary and innovative shock-resistant system ‘BALL Amortiser’ allows the chronograph to fall from a height of 5.2 meters and still operate normally-once again subverting the seismic standards of all mechanical watches. Since ancient times, human beings have always dreamed of going to space and exploring the infinite universe. Today, the outstanding pilot Brian Binney piloted the great pioneering work of ‘Spacecraft One’, making space tourism a reality. Brian Binnie will fly SpaceShip Two in 2011 to carry seven passengers to more than 100 kilometers of space, witnessing the magnificent earth and dark space, magical. Wonderful scenes separated by ‘ice blue light band’.
    追求 In order to pursue higher and further goals, Bohr watch engineers got inspiration from space exploration. Through continuous research and development, they finally turned their dreams into reality and developed an excellent GMT Chronograph with a limit of 999 pieces worldwide.
    Engineering Hydrocarbon Space Master Automatic Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital Series
    陪 To accompany Brian Binnie to face the extreme environment in space, this watch combines exquisite watchmaking technology and aesthetic appearance, exuding the extraordinary personality of vitality, strength, rigor and natural elegance. The matte titanium case with a diameter of 45 mm is not only sturdy, light and comfortable, but also contains extraordinary technology.
    杰出 In the sturdy case of the ‘astronomical orbital space chief’, there is an outstanding research and development achievement-BALL Amortiser, a revolutionary patented shock-resistant system that can ensure that the movement can withstand strong shocks. This wonderful micromechanical device consists of two parts: first, an anti-magnetic protection ring that wraps the movement while reducing the shock to the movement. Second, the ‘rotating table top locking device’. This system protects the movement against shocks from both the front and sides. Whether flying into space or playing golf, Brian Binney can choose to lock the watch rudder to prevent the ‘automatic rotating watch’ that is swinging from being suddenly shaken.
    Engineering Hydrocarbon Space Master Automatic Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital Series
    ‘Astronomical Orbital Space Officer’ is a precision timepiece for flight crews who need absolute reliability. The compass design of the dial can evoke memories of the old directional instrument. The two-way rotating outer ring is engraved with four basic orientations in the southeast and northwest. The watch hands, the sun orientation and the four scales are used for orientation. This is different from the general compass and will not be affected by any magnetic field. In addition, the two timekeeping functions allow the wearer to quickly grasp the time in another area.
    ‘Astronomical orbital space officer’ meets both performance and comfort requirements. Four screws tightly connect the stainless steel strap with the case, making the watch fit the wrist more. The patented three-fold buckle and extended band section of the Bol watch patent provide the best ‘ergonomic design’.
    From legibility to operability, the ‘astronomical orbital space chief’ has implemented the concept of Bohr watches. In addition to the brand history, it also redefined the standard of custom watches. In 1891, Mr. Webb C. Ball, the founder of Bolt, brought revolutionary changes to the watchmaking industry, formulated the ‘standard time system’, and established strict guidelines for reliable timepieces. This set of guidelines is the pioneer of the Observatory Certification (COSC) established by the ‘Swiss Observatory Timepiece Association’ from 1973 and has been in use ever since. BALL WATCH presents the Spacemaster Orbital limited edition watch in tribute to extraordinary achievements.
    Engineering Hydrocarbon Space Master Automatic Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital Series
    Model: DC2036C—S—BK
    Movement: automatic movement ETA 7754
    Special movement oil can withstand low temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius
    Function: chronograph stopwatch-accumulated to 12 hours
    Two places time display
    Hour / minute / second hand; date display
    Hour / Minute / Second hand and a total of 52 font-inlaid miniature gas lamps on the surface
    Case: titanium case, diameter 45 mm, thickness 18.3 mm
    Two-way rotating outer ring
    Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
    Patent registry lock protection system
    Patent registration Ball Amortiser anti-vibration system
    Water resistance: 100 meters
    Antimagnetic performance: 4,800A / m
    震 Shock resistance: Pass 7; 500Gs impact test
    Bracelet: Each band is a special strap made of titanium and stainless steel components .

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    Boulacei And Feldmar Hold A Special Event Celebrating The 10th Anniversary Of Plavi Traveltec In Los Angeles

    On November 9, 2015, in Los Angeles, Swiss luxury watchmaker Bucherer and famous watch retailer Feldmar held a special in-store event for local watch lovers, socialites and finance Important people from the industry attended.
       In the shop, Plavia ScubaTec watches are displayed. This series of watches is equipped with an ultra-precision automatic movement, decorated with luminous hands and scales, equipped with a helium discharge valve, and has a sturdy rubber strap with adjustable length. It is waterproof to a depth of 500 meters, making it the perfect companion for the charming underwater world adventure .
       Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Plavi TravelTec series, Bucherer also exhibited the latest creation of the series-the Plavi TravelTec II watch, which combines the time display and timing functions of the three places.
    Plavi TravelTec Watch 00.10620.03.93.01

       During the event, guests had the opportunity to follow up on the delicate assembly of the patented single button of the Plavi TravelTec watch. This feature is extremely convenient, and the wearer can quickly adjust the time zone from east to west with a single button.
       In a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere, guests enjoyed exquisite side dishes and customized cocktails prepared by Los Angeles star chef Josef Centeno.
       The Bucherer CEO Sascha Moeri, Hollywood actor and watch enthusiast Joe Mantegna and friends of the brand and actor Daniel Bernhardt attended the event.

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    Almost 500 Brands Confirmed Their Participation In Baselworld 2019

    It is reported that there will be nearly 500 brands participating in the Baselworld 2019 this month. Although the decline is significant compared with 650 in 2018, it is not as worried as some people are. A catastrophic crash following the exit of the Swatch Group.

       Yesterday, Baselworld announced the list of exhibitors on the official website, a total of 468, including Patek Philippe, Rolex, BVLGARI Bulgari, Breitling, Chopard, Hublot Hublot, Zenith Zenith, Tudor, TAGHeuer Tag Heuer, Seiko , Citizen and Chanel.

       Baselworld has announced that from 2020, the show will be co-ordinated with competitors’ Geneva International Horological Salon (SIHH). In 2020, SIHH will be held in Geneva from April 26th to 29th. Baselworld followed closely and kicked off in Basel from April 30th to May 5th. This agreement will last until 2024.

       Baselworld hopes to attract the Swatch Group back, while also facilitating media partners and international tourists to arrange itineraries. One week before the opening of Baselworld this year, the Swatch Group will host an exclusive exhibition in Zurich to present retailers with the latest work from its brands.

       With 468 exhibitors, Baselworld has maintained its position as the world’s largest watch and jewellery show, but compared to 2014 (1,500 exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions), the decline is extremely significant, and the exhibition time has also been shortened from 8 days to 6 days.

       Hall 1.0, previously occupied by Swatch Group brands, including OMEGA, Tissot and Longines, will be transformed into a central square, opening new restaurants, bars and lounges to provide better services to media partners.

       The organizers also revealed that they have reached agreements with hotels, restaurants and bars to prevent unreasonable price increases and deceive visitors who have been attracted by Baselworld. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

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    Fantasy Night Sky Brief Comment On Grande Lune Grand Moon Phase Watch

    Parmigiani, Switzerland’s top watch brand, carries the brand spirit of ‘whatever you want and knows what you are good at’, and uses the concept of ‘travel’ as creative inspiration to present Parmigiani Atelier watches . The bold design of this series of watches has changed the traditional norms of the high-end watch industry, bringing watch pieces that are hard to find on a daily basis for watch enthusiasts. In this series of watches, the most remarkable is the Grande Lune, a large moon phase watch with a precise moon phase display. This watch contains technology and wisdom in the mechanical rhythm of time In the middle, it presents a dreamy wrist accessory. Today, the Watch House brings you this Parmigiani Grande Lune large moon phase watch, reference model: PFA242-1207001.

       Parmigiani presents the world in the most exquisite combination of simplicity and complexity, and is committed to bringing unique surprises to every watch collector and enthusiast, exploring and cherishing the resonance with everyone who loves watches.

    Case diameter 40 mm

       The case diameter of this watch is 40 mm, which is in line with the current trend of large watch diameters. It displays a precise gold phase display with a huge gold moon. The dark blue dial reproduces the mysterious night sky.

    With a sapphire crystal

       The watch uses a sapphire crystal glass. The inner surface of the watch is anti-glare treated. While protecting the dial, the beautifully designed dial is presented without reservation.

    Double crown design

       This watch features a unique double crown design, each with a diameter of 6.20 millimeters and a comfortable winding feel. The crown engraved with the ‘PF’ logo of Parmigiani is the timekeeping crown, and the crown covered with a 4N gold crescent pattern is used to calibrate the moon phase. At the same time, the moon phase will follow the pointer to change forward or backward. Therefore, you need to adjust the time first, and then adjust the moon phase.

    With a black Hermes crocodile strap

       This watch is equipped with a black Hermes crocodile leather strap. The strap is exquisitely crafted, the leather is exquisite, comfortable to wear, the fine pins and natural crocodile leather texture present a natural luxury.

    Case in 18K white gold

       The case of this watch is made of 18K white gold and has a thickness of about 10.88 mm, which is comfortable to wear. The bezel is engraved with half-circle scales, and the finely polished case shows a charming precious metal luster.

    Unique hook-shaped lugs

       The lugs are made of 18K white gold, and the unique hook-shaped design presents a unique sense of strength. The curve can perfectly “grasp” the wrist, ensuring the comfort of the watch when worn.

    With a pin buckle

       This watch is equipped with a pin buckle, which is flexible in use. The buckle is made of 18K white gold with a simple shape and fine polishing. The pin buckle is engraved with the ‘PF’ mark of Parmigiani, which shows the distinguished brand identity. .

    Triangular pointer is legible

       In addition to being clear and easy to read, the large triangular hands also add a bit of toughness to the watch. The center of the hands is filled with fluorescent materials to facilitate reading in the dark environment. ‘PF’ sign.

    The dark blue dial reproduces the mysterious night sky

       The dark blue dial has a delicate texture, the upper dial is cut and decorated, and a gold moon at the bottom is looming, recreating the mysterious night sky like a dream.

    Huge gold moon

       The two huge gold moons on the dial are crafted by hand, alternately presenting the moon’s gloomy and clear sky. The moon phase display of this watch is driven by a set of gear trains to achieve uninterrupted operation, which is more accurate than the general current system. Every 7 years and 7 months, the moon phase display will appear one day faster than the actual profit and loss. error.

    Equipped with a PF336 self-winding mechanical movement

       The water-resistant depth of this watch is 30 meters. A sapphire crystal is embedded in the case back, which can reveal the secrets of the operation of complex mechanical movements. The case is equipped with a PF336 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement is beautifully carved. It is equipped with a 22K gold oscillating weight. The movement frequency is 28,800 times / hour. It has two barrels and can provide up to 55. Hour power reserve.

    Summary: In addition to the chronograph function, the moon phase can be said to be one of the most popular watch complications. The reason is simple. These two functions are a stepping stone to the complicated functions of mechanical watches. They are not expensive, but they can add a lot to the dial. Although the moon phase is probably the least practical of many complicated functions compared to timekeeping and other functions, the gloomy lack of the small moon on the dial is always so fascinating. Compared with the traditional moon phase design, Parmigiani boldly used the entire dial to display the beautiful moon phase, showing the brand’s innovative spirit to break through the tradition, and presented a visual feast for us.