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    Resisting To Gravity, Real Shot Jaeger-lecoultre Geophysical Observatory Tourbillon Watch

    When it comes to the watch of the Geophysical Observatory, we have to mention the Geophysical Year. This project is an international geophysical research project. Every once in a while, each member country forms a scientific research team to the earth. Many aspects including changes in geology and climate are investigated. In 1958, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the first series of Geophysic watches, using Swiss craftsmanship, to equip scientific team members with watches that are still reliable in polar environments. In 2015, Jaeger-LeCoultre organized this watch into a separate series. In fact, its predecessor already existed in 2014. At that time, the watch model was designed based on the 1958 model and became a series in 2015. Since then, many modern changes have been made, the most notable of which was the use of skip-second technology and Jaeger-LeCoultre’s patented Gyrolab balance.

       In 2017, Jaeger-LeCoultre added new works to this collection, including an advanced and complex watch, the Geophysic Tourbillon. This watch is more complicated than expected, it is a combination of Jaeger-LeCoultre technology and art. Let’s talk about technology first. This watch is equipped with world-time functions. This is not unusual. What is unusual is its tourbillon. This is the first time that Jaeger-LeCoultre added a tourbillon in this series, and it is a heavyweight tourbillon, because this tourbillon is not fixed in one place like a traditional tourbillon, it will rotate around the center of the dial, this celestial body Running tourbillon, only a few brands have such stunts. What’s more, the balance wheel inside the tourbillon uses the patented Gyrolab balance wheel.

       The watch case diameter is 43.5 mm, which is not too big, but as a sophisticated model, it uses a platinum case, limited to 100 pieces. Before the preview, this watch has caused a lot of sensation. After seeing the real thing, it is quite amazing.

       This tourbillon rotates around the dial every 24 hours. At the center of the dial is a map. The deep blue lacquered ocean is decorated with a small spiral pattern, symbolizing the rough waves. The design on the entire dial is full of the grand landscape of geophysics. A tourbillon runs on it and presents the time in 24 time zones of the world at the same time. Such a spectacular view is incredible.

       There is no doubt that this is the blockbuster product of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic Geophysical Observatory series this year, but after all it is an advanced and complex watch, and it is a platinum case, limited to 100 pieces, so if you are lucky enough to see the real thing, you can play with it After all, there is still a distance from most people, so we can focus our attention on the Geophysic watch.
      For more updates on 2017 SIHH Jaeger-LeCoultre, stay tuned for the Watch House 2017 Geneva Watchmaking Salon Live Feature:

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    Jackson Watch Museum Opens Grandly

    In 2007, at the 174th anniversary of the founding of the top Swiss watchmaking brand Jaeger-LeCoultre, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch Museum, located in the heart of the Jaeger-LeCoultre factory, was grandly opened. This historic location is also the site of the first watchmaking workshop founded by the founder Antoine LeCoultre in 1833. Here, more than 500 pieces of watchmaking gems made entirely by Jaeger-LeCoultre are displayed here, including many masterpieces of art, top quality , Brand masterpieces, and more than three hundred different mechanical movements …
    At the Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch Museum
    During the event, Mr. Jerome Lambert, the global CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre Brand, came to the scene to celebrate this extraordinary moment with many guests from all over the world, and then projected the high-tech on the ancient buildings of Jaeger-LeCoultre The light show brightened the eyes of many guests. In addition, the brand is particularly honored to invite French actress Carol Bouquet to participate in the grand ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch Museum. On the evening of the event, the breeze was blowing, and all the guests were immersed in the magnetic singing of German singers and enjoyed the delicious food. In this space intertwined with ancient and modern atmosphere, these admirers of watchmaking art are all convinced by the complex but superb watchmaking technology witnessed by their own eyes.
     Since the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand was born in the Vallée de Joux in Switzerland in 1833, it has produced many historical collections and contemporary masterpieces including watches, clocks and movements. These rare collections will be First exhibit in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Clock Museum.
    In the collection of thousands of watches in the watch factory, Jaeger-LeCoultre has selected more than 500 craftsmanship treasures for display in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Museum of Watches and Clocks, which underscore the important leadership of Jaeger-LeCoultre in the history of Swiss watchmaking, especially in precision Outstanding contributions in the areas of timing, practical functions and exterior design. From pocket watches and wristwatches to ring watches and brooch watches, enthusiasts who admire excellence in craftsmanship will have the opportunity to enjoy watch boutiques spanning a century and a half in the museum.

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    Severin Wunderman, Chairman And Owner Of Corum Kunlun Died After 50 Years Of Watchmaking History

    Last week, Severin Wunderman died of a severe stroke at his vacation home in Nice, aged 69. Severin has been the owner of the Corum Kunlun watch brand since 2000. His innovative spirit and originality have rebuilt the Corum Kunlun watch brand and rejuvenated it. Severin is a genius of art and culture. His personality and charm are integrated into his creation and design, making him an icon in the field of watchmaking.

    Severin’s watchmaking career began in the 1960s, when he grew rapidly in the United States and developed outstanding business talents. His encounter with Aldo Gucci changed his destiny, and he has since become an innovative entrepreneur, combining Italian luxury design with the precision of Swiss watch manufacturing under the Gucci watch brand. In the twenty-five years Severin has worked with Gucci, the company has sold millions of watches worldwide.
    Severin is always looking for new challenges. In 2000, he acquired Corum Kunlun Watch, and since then has created a new era. Corum Corum was founded in 1955. As the chairman of Severin, this brand has once again proved to be a very successful, bold and innovative design. Severin launched a new Bubble series, all of which are original designs, showing his new perspective on the field of classic watch manufacturing. He also relaunched the legendary Admiral’s Cup and Romulus series, injecting them with new features and effects.
    Loyal employees of the Wunderman family and Corum Kunlun watches around the world will be proud of Severin. They will continue to fulfill his mission to make Corum Kunlun watches into the world’s most respected luxury watch brand.
    Severin has a special hobby for Jean Cocteau’s art works, which is his important connection with the field of culture and art. Over the years, his artistic sense has become more and more acute. He has added some great creative artistic feelings of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries to his watch collection. As an art patron, he established the Jean Cocteau Museum in Orange County, California. He is also a major donor to the Menton Museum, which houses 1,200 Cocteau works donated by Severin. Opening year.
    In addition to Severin’s activities in the arts, he also founded the Severin Wunderman Family Foundation, demonstrating his fraternity and humanitarianism. The foundation sponsors various charitable activities and medical research around the world. In addition, Severin funded the Severin Wunderman Holocaust Child Survivor Testimony Collection: Child-to-Child Dialogue project organized by the Shoah Foundation, founded by Steven Spielberg.
    Severin’s dedication to culture and charity throughout his life earned him respect and recognition in his hometown of Cocteau. On December 31, 2004, Severin was awarded the French Legion of Honor by the President of France.
    We will always remember his creative genius and business acumen, as well as his generosity throughout his life.
    Corum and all employees thank Severin for everything they have done for them and express their deepest sympathy to Severin’s family at this most sad time.
    ‘He lives in our hearts forever’
    Jean Cocteau
    Source: Corum

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    Indian Cricket Player Rohit Sharma Becomes Friend Of Hublot Brand

    In terms of fan base, cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. Especially in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the West Indies, cricket is the most popular sport. Today, Rohit Sharma, the explosive cricket batsman who kicked off for the Indian team, joins the ranks of Captain Michael Clarke of Australia and becomes a member of the Hublot family. He is both a friend of the latest brand and a loyal fan of Hublot.

      Taking over the Hublot ClassicFusionAerofusionChronograph2016ICCWorldTwenty20 watch, RohitSharma said: ‘As an avid watch enthusiast, it is a joy to be associated with a brand like Hublot. Hublot design has created many incredible timepieces It’s unique and different. I’ve always been a big fan of Hublot, so it’s incredible to be able to work with the brand. Hublot’s involvement in sports has made our cooperation even more exciting. ”

       RohitSharma combines traditional skills and entertainment when hitting the ball. Hublot sees a lot in common with the brand. Rohit Sharma is one of the world’s top ten batters in restricted rounds, holding a 50-round high-scoring record. Hublot is proud to work with this explosive cricket player.

       To celebrate this sport and the 2016 ICCWorldTwenty20 event, Hublot has designed a new ClassicFusionAerofusionChronograph exclusively for cricket. Some subtle details make this watch unique. The triple scale decorated at 12 o’clock on the dial is reminiscent of the three-poster gate on the cricket court. The pointers on the two sub-dials are shaped like cricket bats, and the sapphire crystal case is affixed with the ICCWorldTwenty20 logo, even with black rubber stitching The blue calfskin strap is made in the same way as cricket.
    Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph 2016 ICC World Twenty20
    Reference number: 525.NX.0129.ICC16 (titanium)-limited to 250 pieces
    Case: 45 mm diameter, satin & polished titanium
    Water resistance: 50 meters
    Dial: sapphire crystal dial with cricket stick hands
    Movement: HUB1155 automatic chronograph movement, skeletonized
    Power reserve: 42 hours

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    How Is The Material Master Made?

    As an early batch of Swiss watch brands entering the Chinese market, in the hearts of the Chinese people, RADO Swiss Rado (RADO) represents a reliable quality from Switzerland. As the ‘Master of Materials’ in watchmaking, Radar is known for its high-tech ceramic watches. In April this year, the Watch House came to Switzerland as one of the first five media invited to visit its ceramic factory in China.

     From Beijing, a few hours later we arrived in Paris on time, from Paris to Geneva and then a car to Neuchâtel. With excitement, holding the true purpose of revealing the material master, we started this journey.

     It takes more than 2 hours drive from Geneva airport to our hotel
     Switzerland in April is the season of spring. The road was full of yellow cauliflowers, which were very gratifying one after another, attracting the attention of all of us. In this picturesque place, many watchmaking brands are bred, including the famous radar watch. Radar’s headquarters is located in the town of Bill, Linor, and the first Comadur material factory we are going to visit is located in another clock town, Lloc, and the beautiful Neuchatel is just in Linno and Lloc in the middle. Therefore, on this radar trip, the brand thoughtfully arranged our stay at the Palafitte Hotel in Neuchatel. Neuchâtel is located in the northwestern part of Switzerland. It belongs to the French-speaking area and is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Neuchâtel. Some cities are on the slopes of Chaumont and some are on the beach.

    We were arranged to stay at the Hotel Palafitte, facing Lake Neuchatel, with snowy mountains in the distance

     In a city with a population of only tens of thousands, the watch industry became the center of the city. Watchmaking factories, parts factories, and watchmaking brand headquarters are always busy. The next day, we drove to the Comadur material factory, a material factory affiliated with the SWATCH GROUP, which provides ceramics, mirrors and other watch manufacturing materials for major watch brands.

    Comadur material factory tour

     Comadur material factory is located under two mountains

     Comadur Material Factory

    Comadur factory interior

     For people who are familiar with the watchmaking industry, it should not be the first time that ceramics has been used in watches. Many brands now use ceramics in their cases and bezels. But when it comes to ceramic watches, the first thing people think of is definitely a radar watch. It can be said that the radar watch has long been deeply imprinted with the ‘ceramic material’ in the brand’s genes and the public’s memory.

    The radar table headquarters also displays ceramic models
     Why ‘ceramics’ has become an indelible part of the radar brand’s genes, maybe everyone does not use me to explain more. Radar, ‘Master of Materials’
    Over the past three decades, high-tech ceramics, plasma high-tech ceramics, Ceramos ™ cermets, colored high-tech ceramics … radar meters have played an extremely important role in the field of ceramic materials, and they have invested in the research and development of ceramic materials. A lot of time and energy. Let ceramic, a material that is fragile in our impression and has nothing to do with solidity, has become a new synonym for lightness and wear resistance in the watchmaking industry.

     Hard metal material used in radar case

     In the material factory, we saw how ceramics are injection molded, fired, and specially processed and polished into a solid watch case and bracelet part. But because the factory couldn’t take pictures, I used the description to try to restore the production process of a complete high-tech ceramic watch part.

      First of all, we need to know that the high-tech ceramics of RADO are made of ultra-fine ceramic powders (including zirconia, alumina and silicon carbide). The ceramic powder is then mixed with the binder, then solidified and pulverized into granules. The granules will be re-melted in a press and injected into a mold of the corresponding shape under high pressure, so that the desired Shape, take out the molded part from the mold after cooling. Through the injection molding process, various complex shapes can be precisely created. The adhesive is then removed chemically. The formed part is then sintered in a 1450 ° high temperature furnace. In this process,
     The powder particles fuse together to form a sturdy, high-density part that is about 23% smaller in volume.
    At this point, the part has obtained the final dimensions and mechanical characteristics (such as hardness and stiffness), and it needs to be finely processed with diamond tools to obtain specific and strict dimensions that meet the requirements of assembly. Afterwards, the part needs to be polished, brushed or matt treated to obtain the desired effect. Rigorous quality inspection is essential, and the staff will manually inspect each ceramic component under a microscope to ensure product quality.

     Through the introduction of the person in charge of the R & D department of the Rado brand, we learned that the manufacturing process of high-tech ceramics is extremely complex and requires a lot of labor, so it is not surprising that its price is higher than that of stainless steel; its lightness and wear resistance The excellent characteristics of hypoallergenicity are now widely recognized in the watch industry. Many high-end brands use ceramics to create watches, and RADO has become one of the first brands to use this material for watch manufacturing.

     Today, radar watches have once again taken ceramic watches to a new level,
     In particular, we learned about the innovative material Ceramos ™ cermet that the brand has been promoting in recent years.
    As its name implies, Ceramos ™ cermet is a combination of about 90% high-tech ceramics and about 10% metal alloys. It combines the outstanding characteristics of high-tech ceramics and metals-light, wear-resistant, comfortable to wear, and emits a unique luster. Long-lasting, easy to fade. It is worth mentioning that the Ceramos ™ cermet has the advantage of being easier to shape, which opens up unprecedented possibilities in design. It can be used not only to make square watches, but also to create oval, round or D- A polyhedral watch in the Star case. During the visit, we learned that
    Due to the complex composition of Ceramos ™ cermets, the production process requires multiple production steps. Many steps take longer than ordinary high-tech ceramics. It is an excellent pioneer composite material.

     As an expert in technology and materials, in addition to its expertise in high-tech ceramic materials, the Comadur factory has also done a lot of exploration around the hardness, accuracy and miniaturization of artificial ruby ​​and artificial sapphire. These special materials are becoming more and more popular in the manufacture of watches because they give them new aesthetic and functional qualities.

     It is precisely because of the brand’s outstanding contributions in the material of watchmaking that the radar watch has ushered in a glorious day. After a morning visit to the material factory, we drove to the small town of Linno. The radar table headquarters is located in front of a beautiful mountain here.

    Rado visits Rado headquarters

    Scenery around Radar Headquarters

     Radar Headquarters

     We all know the origin of Swiss watchmaking, which is actually related to the local cold climate. In winter, due to the season, people cannot cultivate and have no source of income. In order to increase their income, farmers use their spare time in winter to make parts and assemble clocks. To this day, Swiss watchmaking has become a world-renowned quality guarantee precisely because they still retain the rare ‘artisan spirit’. We met the ‘craftsmen’ behind the radar table at the radar table headquarters.


     Watchmaker doing dial assembly

    Watchmaker checking the quality of the case
     In each position, a professional watchmaker is operating, from the assembly of the dial and hands to the complete loading of the case movement and bracelet. Every part cannot be separated from carefulness and patience. The brand’s warranty card is also produced by Swiss Radar headquarters, and after the production is completed, it is sent to the world with the product.

     Packaging radar models for shipment

    Laser Engraving Product Number Machine

     In addition to these professional watchmakers, modern watchmaking cannot be separated from high-tech intervention. Unlike traditional manual workshops, there must be many high-tech machines involved in the production of modern radar tables. Among them, the laser engraving numbering machine for each radar table is also an indispensable part. The people of the radar watch brand say that it is precisely because of the number that each radar watch is unique in the world. Therefore, it can’t go wrong and is running every day without rest.

     The staff is showing us the process of laser engraving

    New Product Overview

     From the launch of the brand’s signature hard-wearing watch DiaStar in 1962, to 20
     Century 80
    The era pioneered the introduction of high-tech ceramic materials into the watchmaking industry, first creating a one-piece high-tech ceramic case, and applying touch technology to high-tech ceramic watches. Innovative materials and pioneering designs are the brand DNA of the radar watch, and the title of the material master is not a vanity. In this year’s new model, radar combines materials with innovation and retro, and brought us unexpected surprises. (Secretly spoiler some for everyone)

    Some RADO Swiss Radar 2019 new watches

    One of my favorites is this Captain Cook, who will meet you in June.

     New Radar Captain
    Captain Cook’s 42mm automatic mechanical watch series retains the extraordinary elements that made the prototype watch launched in 1962 a huge success, and uses RADO Swiss radar watch’s popular iconic material to build, set the radar watch landmark breakthrough The elements are all in one, giving the watch its endless charm while possessing the characteristics of the prototype watch.

     With its iconic style and durability as the cornerstones, it is determined to use the advantages of material masters. Radar is committed to creating time-tested and beautiful timepiece masterpieces. On the road of exploration, invention and innovation in the field of watches Never stop and move forward.

     In a city with a population of only tens of thousands, this place faces the calm lake and the backside of the long mountains. It is precisely because of a group of people who really love clocks and love to keep researching and breaking through in materials. Ruyu is very hard and has a reliable quality radar meter.

      Mr. Matthias Breschan, Global CEO of Rado, said, ‘Material may be a bright spot for radar, but it is the most important for the clock itself. It represents whether a watch can stand the test of time , Whether they can be friends forever. ‘

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    The 2014 Brazil World Cup Referee Timing Board Is Inspired By Hublot Design

    The injury and stoppage time of the World Cup is always changing. The head coach’s on-the-spot will be closely related to the trend of the battle … On the green field of the Brazil World Cup this year, these moments that determine the fate of the game will be shown Hublot redesigned the referee timing plate!
     Brands known for innovation have always been committed to transcendence. As the official FIFA partner, Hublot brings a groundbreaking new watch-type referee chronograph to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil! This also successfully explains the outstanding contribution this Swiss watchmaking brand has made to this football event!

     For the first time in FIFA history, the appearance of a referee’s time plate was changed at the suggestion of its partners. This extraordinary ‘for the first time’ not only once again proves Hublot’s pioneering position in football cooperation, but also means the friendship and trust that the two sides have accumulated over many years of cooperation. Innovating on the iconic referee timeboards in football is an ultimate technical challenge. Only brands with comprehensive technology and high reputation can take full control in this regard. After in-depth research and continuous research and development, Hublot finally presented to the world the referee timepiece that embodies the spirit of innovation-the investment of excellence is exactly the same as the highest standard for watchmaking.
    The FIFA Referee Committee values ​​the referee timing plates, and its size, weight, operation and practicality require ultra-precise physical parameters. It is the rigorous research on these precise data and the extraordinary quality control and requirements made by Hublot Labs and its suppliers that make people believe in the high quality of referee time plates.
     Hublot’s newly designed aluminum and gold timepiece has weighed 7 kg (about 15 pounds). After the improvement of the technician (using a thermoformed plate), it has successfully reduced its weight to less than 4 kg (less than 9 pounds). In addition, the packaging and transportation of timing plates also require special production, and after several rounds of testing, they can finally obtain the official quality approval of FIFA and its referee committee. At the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Hublot arrived in Rio de Janeiro on time with more than 30 referee time plates specially made for it.