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    Mb & F’s M.A.D. Gallery Brings Marc Ninghetto Back To Our Childhood

    MB & F’s MAD Gallery once again brought us back to our childhood, this time by the prestigious Swiss photographer Marc Ninghetto using a new photo series he called ‘The Loneness of a Machine’ Reminiscent of our favorite animation memories.

    Marc Ninghetto – Le Jour où le Soleil s’arrêta

    The main machines of this exhibition are the Japanese animation robots Grendizer and Astroboy, which are called ‘Goldorak’ and ‘Astro, le petit robot’ in French, respectively. For 15 years, the Swiss-born photographer Marc Ninghetto has not found any reason or platform to create a series of photographs based on his childhood, until someone asked him to create some for MB & F’s MAD Gallery. The series happens to coincide with the origin of the brand. These exquisite works of art created quietly give aliens and alienation to robots in the real earth environment.

    Marc Ninghetto – La Pierre de Foudre

    To achieve this, Ninghetto uses what he calls ‘digital sampling’, which he has perfected over the course of his many years of work, including combining captured 3-D robot models with photos from his personal image library Combine. Ninghetto focuses on two timeless heroes, Grendizer and Astroboy, who have debuted for 40 years, either standing on two skyscrapers in the city, at a point in the sky of the city’s intricate overpass, or hiding in a small town Hiding place of gas station.

    Marc Ninghetto – Le Baptême du Feu

    There are 8 photos in this series, limited to 25 prints. There are different specifications for you to choose: 100cm x 70cm tax-included price is 1,500 Swiss francs; 120cm x 80 cm tax-included price is 1,800 Swiss francs, 150cm x 214 cm The tax-included price is 5,900 Swiss francs.
    Geneva, Switzerland
    Rue Verdaine 11
    M.A.D. Gallery
    Source: MB & F

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    Movement • Go With The Essence Hermès New Slim Dʼhermès Ultra-thin Watch

    Hermès new watch series Slim dʼHermès is an art style exploration with the theme of pure aesthetics. Aiming at the essence of exploration, the slim lines of the case simplifies the basic lines. The wide dial size converges in real time, forming a right angle with the lugs. The succinctly simple watch conveys a movement that follows its essence in a beautifully balanced way.

       Slim d’ Hermès comes from the handwriting of Philippe Delhotal, creative director of Hermès watches. He uses Philippe Apeloig (the graphic designer Philippe Apeloig and Hermès have collaborated for several years: in 2012, he created a visual image for Puiforcat; in 2013, he created the ‘Saut Hermès’ poster.) The original font is used as a time scale to illustrate Flat design style for brand. The light and transparent digital contours inject a lively rhythm into the dial, giving time a pleasing rhythm.

       The watch is suitable for men and women and is available in three sizes. The large 39.5 mm diameter is equipped with the Hermes-made H1950 ultra-thin movement. Incorporate the mini-rotor into a manually wound movement to slim down the movement to 2.6 mm. It is exactly the same as other Hermès self-made movements. The movement is decorated with the H letter pattern decoration. The bridge is polished by hand to preserve the traditional watchmaking technology. The details of the movement are clearly visible from the transparent sapphire caseback. Time is displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds in the simplest and most direct way.

       Large 39.5mm can be equipped with perpetual calendar function. Perpetual calendar is the most complex and demanding feature of advanced watchmaking technology. This complication is reported for several days and months, and the leap year is clearly calculated, and a four-year display is provided. In this ultra-thin movement, there is a moon phase display, the moon is made of natural white mother-of-pearl, and it is placed on the sky background of agate gold glass; there are also two time displays.

      Small and medium 32mm and 25mm quartz movements and new alligator leather straps: dark purple, cloud white and shiny blue, and red, brown, elephant gray and brilliant purple. Also available in natural cowhide strap or steel strap style. Slim dʼHermès is available in rose gold or stainless steel, with or without diamonds. The rose-gold version is paired with a white natural mother-of-pearl dial, engraved with a guilloché guilloche pattern; the brand’s ‘ex-libris’ motif is adorned on the caseback.
       Whether it is a concerto or artistic construction of mechanical components, Slim dʼHermès writes the ultimate pure definition of time, symbolizing the return to the basic principles of watchmaking art. The new watch series is committed to preserving the brand’s glorious tradition and highlighting the vast creative space of manual technology. Whether it is about the history of watchmaking or the unprecedented watchmaking process, it can give birth to outstanding authentic works.

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    The Years Without Regrets

    The ultimate ideal of Blancpain is to present and even shape the cognition of time with a watch. The brilliance of the brand is attributed to the insistence on digging the connotation of time as the starting point, the exploration and release of mechanical aesthetics, and finally returning to the wearer’s position. Blancpain’s full-calendar moon phase is exactly the embodiment of this idea, and it has become the ‘most classic moon phase watch’.

       Moon phases, ancient times. It used to appear on various timepieces either as a single function or in combination with single and double calendars. It wasn’t until Blancpain creatively combined it with the tri-calendar that the moonphase watch really gained internal, systematic life. Because in the current universal timing system, the moon itself is the decisive force. Based on its operation, the three concepts and units of the week, month, and day have been formed to help us distinguish and master time.

    Both a classic moon phase and a classic Blancpain
       Any classic is the perfect parallel of concept and technique; any classic is a masterpiece of the creator’s style. Blancpain full-calendar moon phase watch has the brand’s most iconic aesthetic-elegant and harmonious.

    Master of dial layout
       How to deal with the moon phase, the month, the day of the week, the date, the time, the pointer, and many other elements, how to deal with everything without clutter, and how to make it accessible at a glance, Blancpain can be described as innocent.

       Taking 6654 as an example, the double-layered bezel and the date circle of the Arabic numerals form a soft structure of concentric circles. Between them, a three-dimensional time-point scale made of precious metal is set and distinguished by Roman numerals.

       The date circle is slightly sunken to form an interlayer. Inside it, the brand logo and the sunken, left and right month and week windows are located in the upper semicircle, and the moon phase windows occupy the same area in the lower semicircle. Moon phase face with a variety of vivid expressions to choose from.

       The pointer best reflects the climate of Blancpain. The hour and minute hands are already slim, but they are hollowed out to make them lighter and lighter; the second hand is the thinnest and the longest, and if it is thin, the end is marked with ‘JB’ to prevent it from being too light. One release and one close, there are some differences. The top of a snake-shaped blue-steel pointer is treated with ‘curved arcs’ and fits just inside the date circle. The entire plate is memorable due to its harmony and legitimacy, providing a pleasing, efficient and convenient reading time.
    Invisible and visible details
       In addition to perfectly showing the luster of the visible parts such as the case, buckle, and scale, for Blancpain, meticulous sanding will also occur inside, and even more attention is paid to those ‘invisible places’.
       The grinding of internal parts will affect the accuracy, durability and stability of the watch. The polishing of Blancpain’s movement fully reflects the brand’s excellence. Watchmakers have carefully polished the inner and outer corners and inner and outer edges of each tiny part without exception, and extremely complicated chamfers can be seen in many places. The chamfering process is very particular about the strength of the craftsman. Excessive force will cause deformation of the part, and insufficient strength will cause the angle to be inconspicuous and unclear.

    Unique technology: practical and humane
       Based on the practicality of watch wearers, Blancpain’s watchmakers have developed a unique functional design through imagination, research and development, fine-tuning and patent application.
       Concealed adjustment device: In order to better present the simple aesthetics, Blancpain invented the invention of hiding the adjuster under the lugs to achieve the watch’s clean and rounded lines. The wearer does not need professional tools, and only needs to lightly touch the fingertip to complete the adjustment process.

       Movement safety protection device: In the past, the fast-adjusting calendar function should be avoided as much as possible from 9 pm to 3 am the next day, because the watch’s calendar mechanism is operating at this time, the adjustment is easy to damage the movement at this time. Blancpain’s safety adjustment and protection system can lock the fast adjustment function during this period, even if it is mistakenly operated, it will not cause any damage to the movement.
       Ultra-long power: In order to facilitate the use of the wearer, Blancpain has been working hard to extend the power of the moon phase watch. It is the first brand to achieve long-term power in the moon phase function. Such as 6263, for the first time equipped with dual barrels of 100 hours of power; 6639 power reserve reached 8 days. In terms of power, Blancpain has always been at the highest level in the industry, highlighting humane considerations.

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    Balber Fifty Fathom Flyback Timing-5200

    At the request of my cousin, I will write another article about 50 hours (5200). In fact, the poisoner hopes to write the old 50 hours (5015). joy. It’s very unfortunate that the fifty centenary that came here today is a limited edition of the marine series. Based on the principle of not wasting, I will write the fifty centenary of this blue ceramic. The history of Fifty Fathoms can be traced back to the ancestor of the diving watch. In the 1950s, Mr. Jean-Jacques Fiechter, Blancpain’s chief executive who was passionate about diving, based on his experience and needs in daily diving. Set out to build a reliable, tough and strong diving watch that can accompany him to explore the charming ocean. After research and development, the first modern diving watch was born in 1953. This watch was named ‘Fifty Fifty Fathoms’. This watch has the indispensable characteristics of a diving watch-water resistance, brightness, ruggedness, rotating bezel . The first fifty is a black dial with bold, large digital time scales, supplemented by refined lines: triangle, circle, square, with the first unidirectional rotating bezel. Since the launch of Fifty Fathoms, the appearance has not changed much. Until the 60th anniversary of the new replica series of deep submersibles, Bathyscaphe, launched in 2013, it has become the two main forces of the current fifty. Distinguishing the old fifty and the new fifty is also easy to distinguish from the appearance. The large size plus the sapphire outer ring is the old fifty (left), and the new fifty is the small size plus ceramic outer ring (right). On the lineage, of course, the old 50 is more pure. On the innovation, it must be the new 50. The 50 to be described today is made of blue ceramics, and it is also a limited edition of the ocean. In 2014, Blancpain, an ocean enthusiast, launched the global public welfare cause, “Mind the Ocean”, and promised that every time this watch was sold, Blancpain would promise to donate 1,000 euros to continue to contribute to the long-term development of marine protection. From the start of the charity event, Blancpain has launched three limited editions of the Ocean series, each of which is available in 250 limited editions-a total of 750,000 euros in real sponsorship. This is only a limited edition of 2016 in the hands of the poisoner. Dark blue is always associated with the ocean. At the same time, using the stylish ceramic material of Blancpain, this unique 50 噚 timepiece was launched, and the launch price was as high as 148,500, which really made many people retreat. But when I really got started, the royal blue effect was really too toxic under the sun. The blue ceramic effect broke the previous fear of ceramics: poison, virtue, and master. Compared with the classic model, the smaller new model is more suitable for daily wear. The ceramic scale with liquid metal can be seen with delicate brushing, and high-tech gives Blancpain a different sense of the times. The 43.6MM watch is equipped with a timing function that will not be hollow on the dial, and the dial combination is so comfortable. The dark brushed dial surface adopts a symmetrical positive three-eye dial surface plus a calendar combination. The middle is the daily second hand movement, the left and right are the chronograph hour and minute hands; the needle-shaped pointer is commensurate with the graphic scale. From the side, you can see the logo with a large head, and at the same time, the full ceramic drawing is full of vision. You must know that the hardness of ceramic is seven times that of steel. To sharpen ceramics, you can only rely on sharper tools. The design of the timing button is simple. How to ensure the water resistance of 300 meters is believed to be a lot of work on the inside. The ceramic buckle is also much better than the steel buckle. The edges are polished so that the strap is not worn. The inner side of the nautical canvas band is made of hot plastic, which can effectively prevent the odor caused by sweating. Looking at the back, the same ceramic material is used, and the diamond-shaped corners make people think that it is a rotating back cover design; the actual use is a gland design, and the back cover can be pried open-but it is made of ceramic material, plus this Gland design, one careless, if this back cover is scrapped, the cost will be as high as one-third of the price (plus the limited logo originally, it is estimated that it will be specially re-customized, and the other five thousand maintenance costs can not escape, so the ceramic shell is broken Or sell it directly). The movement uses F385. The biggest difference from the traditional F185 chronograph movement is the addition of the flyback function. It is wrong to see many online saying that the F385 is a new self-produced movement design. In principle, it is still something of the fp1185 movement. Of course, improvements have been made on this basis. The balance wheel splint is fixed with a special Y-shaped outer ring. The hollow gear next to it is a component of the flyback function, and the right side is an introductory column to control the timing clutch. The function of flyback timing is to press the four-point flyback button directly under the zero-point start / pause button and then reset button to realize the fast restart timing function under the timing state. The flyback button can save three traditional steps in the timing process-pause, clear, and start, which is equivalent to resetting the timer to zero and starting the function with one click. Speaking of the quality of the movement, Blancpain has always been leading various brands at the same price. Some of them have 36,000 high-frequency silicon hairsprings, beveled edges, 18k gold oscillating weight, and do not forget to print the logo of the ocean . F385 movement, diameter 31.8mm, thickness 6.65mm, 37 diamonds, number of parts 322, automatic winding, flyback function, swing frequency 36000 times / hour, power 50 hours, silicon balance spring, fine adjustment balance wheel without clamping, guide wheel Column clutch. Under the influence of the ETA suspension of many brands, Blancpain has never had to worry about this problem by relying on the large FP manufacturers, and the advantages of the movement have become more obvious. This enables Blancpain to focus on making good products, and if it can work harder on channel promotion, I believe it is also a promising brand. Brand: Blancpain, Model: 5200-0310-G52A, Watch: 43.6MM, Movement: F385, Dynamic Storage: 50 hours, Material: Ceramic, Flyback Timing, Price: 148500.

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    [Video] Brand New Models From The 1950s Are Reproduced By Bucherer

    At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Bucherer launched the heritage series double calendar chronograph, this new model combines the aesthetic charm of the 1950s with contemporary fashion. In 1956, the Swiss watch world was brilliant, and Bucherer also launched a chronograph with a very retro charm. This new work released this year also draws inspiration from the chronograph of that year. The outline of the stainless steel case is the classic of the current year, and the size has been increased to 41 mm. At 9 o’clock, it also has a large calendar and annual calendar function in one, very practical.

    Bucherer Heritage Double Calendar Chronograph

      This new Bucherer is equipped with a CFB1972 automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve. New and old aesthetics are revealed on this watch, the brand watchmaking craftsmanship is in it, and it is the representative masterpiece of the new heritage series. The new timepiece includes a stainless steel case with a silver dial and a rose gold stainless steel case with a champagne gold dial, each limited to 888 pieces.
      The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.

      For more details, please click on the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

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    Dear Inn’ Brother Tao’s Domineering Watch Delivery, Emilion Takes You To Understand The Temperament Of The Watch

    Since its launch in October, the reality TV show ‘Dear Inn’ has been widely praised by stars like Liu Tao, Wang Ke, Chen Xiang and others. The theme of the program, ‘Slow down, go to live,’ awakened people’s longing for the slow life in the city. As one of the hottest variety shows at the moment, in accordance with the practice of Hunan Television, the main characters who participated in the recording were also invited to record ‘Happy Camp’. In the ‘base camp’, the most memorable one has to say that the scene of a valuable watch that Brother Tao sent to Chen Xiang at the scene, Brother Tao’s pride leaked. ‘What kind of watch does Brother Tao give to Chen Xiang?’ The topic temporarily occupied the top search ranking.
       As for ‘what is the watch that Brother Tao gave to Chen Xiang?’ The show did not reveal too much, but there are indeed many stars in the entertainment industry who love watches, and Huang Qiusheng has as many as thirty or forty watches in his house. Among them, there are many classic watches. He regards the collection of famous watches as an investment. Wu Zhenyu also has the habit of collecting watches. He will buy some limited-value, valuable and commemorative watches. He feels that this can maintain value and can also be used as a busy work A kind of reward; Li Jiaxin likes some of the more retro watches, and has a watch worth more than 100,000 yuan. In life, she will wear different watches according to different occasions, different clothes …
       Everyone has a heart of love. People say that personality determines experience, experience determines experience, and experience determines temperament, and choosing the right watch can not only enhance your personal image, but also show your temperament.
       Each watch can match a different temperament. But how does the temperament of a watch manifest itself? The following introduces you to the different temperaments of Emilon watches.
    Fair Lady is elegant and elegant, fresh and refined.
       The creativity derived from the lotus is perfectly expressed by the metal dial technology, and the delicateness of the petals enhances the eternal beauty of metal technology. Fair Lady watches are elegant and elegant. She is a symbol of purity and beauty. She praises elegant and fresh women with lotus flowers. Particularly suitable for elegant and intellectual women to wear, without the need for complicated foiling and decoration, the generous and elegant temperament naturally penetrates from the inside to the outside.

    LES AILES DU TEMPS-Wings of Time, smart and intelligent, longing for the better.
       Human beings have always dreamed of being able to freely travel through time and space. Amy Long designed the ‘wings of time’ series to express this dream. The contours on both sides of the case present a symmetrical ‘time wing shape’, symbolizing the wings of time, blending beautiful expectations into the design of the watch. The lugs and case are connected as a whole through simple streamlined lines. The middle arc is outlined and the two ends are slightly outward, like a pair of wings that want to fly. The Wings of Time series symbolizes humanity’s use of technology to realize distant dreams. It shows that people are optimistic and smart at the same time. If you are full of desire for dreams at this time, you are also willing to fly for your dreams Then let ‘Wings of Time’ witness every moment of your struggle for your dream.

    HERITIER inheritance-inherit the classics, dare to innovate.
       Emilion’s classic style heritage watch is a gift to the history of watchmaking in Geneva. It is our interpretation of classics. It integrates classic elements into contemporary watches, accompanied by modern technology, to ensure that Higher modern quality standards. He can fully show people the courage to pioneer and innovate in the face of history and the future, boldly combine the classic elements of history with modern technology, learn from ancient innovations, and explore their own path in inheritance. As a person who respects history and does not stick to old routines, the HERITIER watch series will be an expression of your creativity and a source of your inspiration.

       Love a watch, starting from the face, loyal to temperament. It may be your life’s companion, to accompany you through the confusion of the trough, to accompany you to the praise of success, but no matter how much experience it has, it will always be with you, always guarding you. The unique temperament of Amy Long will be the accumulation of your life experience and the choice of your life.