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    Hermès Adds Two New Factories, Balancing Tactics Continues ‘hungry Marketing’

    For Hermès, we do not consider fast or slow, we are thinking about what is the technology of such a craftsman, whether we can do a good thing, this is our strategy, not the market, but It depends on our own capacity.

    ——DANIEL TALENS, Managing Director of Hermès Asia Pacific.

    之外 Outside France, Hermès only produces a small number of products in Vietnam, and only produces some Hermès showcases in China.

    ——Former Hermes China executive.

    爱 On March 21, 2014, Hermes released the 2013 annual report. Operating income reached 3.755 billion euros, an increase of 13.0% (fixed exchange rate). All regions and departments of Hermès have grown steadily, with double-digit growth rates in parts of Asia.

    In July 2013, Hermès announced the addition of two new factories. How did Hermès, which has long been known as ‘Hungry Marketing’, make this decision? Seow, a wealthy Southeast Asian businessman who has worked hard for decades in China, went there two months ago. Los Angeles, USA. In Beverly Hills, he found that there was a ‘Birkin’ and a ‘Kelly’ in the Hermès store.

    Seow has been in the fashion industry for many years, and is also an old fan of Hermès. This scene shocked him. ‘I have never encountered two of these bags at the same time in a shop, and even one of them is lucky. Hermes appears in the shop. Such inventory is a signal of a bad economy. ‘

    Hermes announced in July 2013 that it has added two factories, which has mixed fans. Industry analysis believes that the increase in production of Hermès will not shorten the waiting time for banner products such as ‘Platinum Bags’, but merely alleviate the large-scale shortage of Hermes store products.

    As a listed company, in the face of the acquisition ambitions of LVMH chairman Arnold, Hermès strives to maintain the rhythm of growth while continuing its “hungry marketing”.

    Made in France

    Not long after Seow’s trip to Los Angeles, in mid-July, Hermes issued a message from the French headquarters: two new production plants are about to be created, all for the production of handmade leather products.

    The new plant will be located in the Franche-Comté region of France. Hermès revealed that the functions of the new factory are the same as those of another leather factory built by the company in 1996, and the manufacturing process is the same. Workers in the new factory will first receive handicraft training in harness and leather goods.

    Hermes did not respond to the ‘Lu Xi interview notes’ about production capacity and production time, only revealed that the company is about to set up a temporary factory in 2014 to welcome the first batch of horse and leather craft training students. Once completed, the new factory will attract 600 artisans, including 210 artisans who are already working in other leather factories.

    斌 He Bin, director of China marketing for Kiton, an Italian luxury menswear brand, told reporters that for European factories, 600 people are a fairly large scale, and it is even more striking now that the unemployment rate is high.

    Hermes wrote in the first half of the results report released in mid-July that demand for Hermes products is still very strong, but sales of handbags are still limited by production capacity.

    In the recent financial reports of Hermès, it is not difficult to find that the company is committed to ‘increasing production capacity’. Out of stock for a long time is a prominent topic around Hermes. In response, the former Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas stated in 2012 that he is well aware of the current situation of insufficient supply of products, but always insists on ensuring product quality as a prerequisite before considering expanding production capacity.

    Hermes and leather goods increased by 10% in the first half of 2013. Hermes said it will continue to invest in this category to increase production. In addition to the two recently announced plans to open new plants, the two Hermès plants opened in France in 2012 will also increase production.

    ‘Hermes has been growing, but not as crazy and fast as its competitors. It is precisely because Hermès knows how to control growth.’ Michel Gustaz, director of the MBA and EMBA courses at Marseille Business School, told Lu Xi’s interview notes. In 2012, Hermes’ total revenue reached 3.48 billion euros, an increase of 22.6% over 2011. Hermes’ decision to grow at this time is based on facts and must be carefully considered.

    ‘Waiting List’

    As famous as Hermes platinum bags and Kelly bags, it is Hermes’ ‘waiting list’.

    The handbags displayed in Hermès stores are generally for reference only. Customers need to choose the material of the handbag: cowhide, reptile leather or ostrich leather, etc., and then choose the color and metal parts; and the details of the front line and so on. For months.

    With too many fans and long teams, some people need to wait for several years. This has stimulated the desire of fans, and Hermès has also been regarded as a textbook of ‘hungry marketing’.

    However, no matter how ‘hungry’ the fans are, Hermès still produces at its own pace and firmly controls its production system.

    Most of Hermès production is completed in Europe, and only some raw materials are purchased overseas. It is well known in the industry that Hermès has set up a crocodile farm in Australia to obtain crocodile leather handbags. In order to prevent these crocodiles from killing each other and being damaged, Hermes also breeds them separately.

    In 2007, fashion columnist Diane Thomas wrote in the book that Hermès has the largest leather goods production line in the Bond area north of Paris, with 300 artisans and 15 studios. The factory also produces some ready-made garments, as well as a leather-making school.

    Hermès has extremely high requirements on craftsmanship. Only after graduating from the famous French academy of leather and craftsmanship and completing apprenticeship at the Hermès leather school for more than two years can they enter the Hermès factory. The apprentice needs to ‘learn from senior Hermes mechanics and cut leather, how to perfectly sew the brand’s signature saddle stitches’.

    In addition, Hermès also produces silk products in Lyon.

    A Chinese executive from an Italian luxury (special reading) brand revealed to reporters that Hermès once gave some knitwear products to a European high-tech clothing company to be foundry. This foundry has been recently acquired by the Italian brand.

    A former Hermès executive from China revealed to Lu Xi’s interview notes that outside of France, Hermès only produces a small number of products in Vietnam and only some Hermès window displays in China.

    ‘The waiting list of customers has strengthened their desire, which is great for Hermès’ image.’ Michel Gutsatz believes that Hermès truly has the essence of the ‘exclusiveness’ of luxury goods.

    Fans sometimes prefer to wait. Seow always remembers that he traveled to Tokyo many years ago, and encountered a surprise of a Hermès platinum bag in the store. He bought it decisively and gave it to his beloved daughter. He said that if he could buy it anytime, anywhere, he would not feel surprised, and at the same time, he would worry about the devaluation of her collection.

    ‘Even if there is a new factory, it will still be difficult to buy platinum bags in the future.’ Gu Teng, former CEO of Richemont Asia Pacific and founder of Gu Teng Consulting, believes that Hermès has adopted a very cautious strategy for a long time. Will not harm the brand for short-term profits.

    Gu Teng believes that although not as well-known as the platinum bag, other Hermes products are in short supply, and out-of-stock stores are common. Hermes opened a new factory this time, which may increase the supply of other products, but the ‘Platinum Bags’ will always have a long waiting list.

    Hermès profit does not depend on long-term scarcity of platinum bags, and financial reports over the years prove this.


    ‘In the fall, Hermes’ silk scarves have reached the peak season for sales.’ Seow said. In mid-July, Hermes released the first half of 2013 performance report. The company achieved sales of 1.767 billion yuan, an increase of 14.4% year-on-year at constant exchange rates. The United States and the Asian markets (excluding Japan) led by Greater China increased year-on-year. The fastest speed is 17%.

    ‘Some shareholders of Hermès said that we do not require you to make how outstanding Hermès products are. It is the work of the artist.’ Patrick Thomas said in an interview with Chinese media. He frankly stated that Hermès is a listed company and must consider profit. He believes that Hermès has done a good job in protecting brands so far, but Hermès regards profits as rewards for making high-quality products, and good quality naturally makes money.

    Patrick Thomas has worked for Hermes twice, becoming the CEO when members of the Hermes family took over the vacant window, and realized the listing of Hermes.

    The balance between art and profit has thus become a lingering topic for Hermès. He Bin, China Marketing Director of Kiton, believes that as a listed company, profits and stock prices are issues that cannot be ignored. The management team needs to ensure that the company’s performance grows every year and meets the shareholders’ requirements.

    Hermes needs to care more about profits than ever. Chairman of LVMH, known as the ‘snake’ of the luxury goods industry, Bernard Arnold has quietly purchased Hermès stocks since 2001, using various rules to cover up the acquisition. Hermès has tried hard to block Arnold’s attack, but just recently, LVMH once again disclosed that it would increase its holding of 0.5% of Hermès, but as of now, Hermès’ equity held by LVMH has reached 23.1%.

    Gu Teng believes that it is actually very difficult for LVMH to control Hermes, and Hermès’s biggest risk is the inconsistent opinions within the family. If Hermes does not perform well, some family members are more likely to be shaken by the temptation of Arnold.

    In the first half of 2013 performance report, Hermes wrote that the company will follow the ‘innovation’ -based market strategy, take full control of the brand, expand distribution channels, increase production capacity, and ensure security of supply.

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    Red Carpet 逶迤 Yiren’s Dazzling Charm Of Earl Of Piaget Shines At The 19th Shanghai Film Festival

    June 11, 2016, Shanghai-The 19th Shanghai International Film Festival kicked off today, and many excellent works and filmmakers will start a new round of competition around the Golden Jubilee Award. On this occasion, Piaget, the top Swiss watch and jewellery master, joined hands with the powerful filmmaker He Zhiyuan from South Korea and the popular Chinese star Guo Caijie to unveil the red carpet at the opening ceremony, and dazzled.

    The strength of the film after the river Zhiyuan wearing Piaget Piaget jewelry watch charm shines at the 19th Shanghai Film Festival





       Since starring in a movie for the first time in 2000, He Zhiyuan has continuously tried to diversify roles and broaden the variety of dramas, sweeping various performance awards in Korea including the Big Bell Award, the Blue Dragon Award, and the Korean Baekang Art Award. At the same time, several popular TV works have also established her unshakable status in South Korea and even Asia. He Zhiyuan once said: ‘I want to be a person who can touch people’s hearts, that is my dream.’ Piaget believes that film is a channel to realize people’s dreams, and Piaget hopes to work with the art of film to create with people. Dream and move. Based on this resonance, this Shanghai Film Festival, He Zhiyuan and Piaget once again joined hands, wearing Rose Passion high jewelry earrings, paired with Limelight Gala watches and Rose and Possession rings, the sparkling light and elegant smile are fixed on the red carpet moment.

    Guo Caijie wears Piaget Piaget jewellery watch to shine at the 19th Shanghai Film Festival

    Piaget Rose Earring G33U0100

    Limelight ring G34HB700

    Diamonds High Jewellery Watch G0A40206

       That night, the screen Huadan Guo Caijie also wore Piaget’s dazzling jewellery to add starlight to the red carpet of this film festival. Guo Caijie has become a leader in the new generation with the ‘Gu Li’ corner in the ‘Little Times’ series. Her exquisite appearance and frank interpretation are impressive. The skirt fluttered, and Yiren’s smile was very charming against the backdrop of the Piaget Rose necklace. The Limelight ring on the wrist and the Diamonds fine jewelry watch are scorching, witnessing another red carpet journey of the girl.
       Count Piaget has been committed to supporting the cause of drama and art. In addition to highlighting red carpets at major film festivals, he has become the main official sponsor of the Hong Kong Film Awards, the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards, and the American Independent Spirit Film Awards for many years. In February 2017, Piaget will, as always, sponsor the American Film Independent Spirit Awards, a collaboration that has lasted for ten years.

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    2012 London Olympic Blancpain Presents The Essence Of Sportsmanship

    The 2012 London Olympics, the biennial Olympics, has always been the world’s most prosperous world. When the world was excited for exciting games, B1ancPain, the creator of classic timepieces, approached the Olympics I sincerely recommend the classic chronograph B1ancPain Blancpain Fifty Flyback chronograph.

    1B1ancPain’s innovative spirit is explained by this chronograph FiftyFathoms watch. This watch delights professional divers and all enthusiasts of sailing and water sports. Most chronographs cannot be operated while diving, but thanks to a specially connected system hidden in the FiftyFathoms case, B1ancPain successfully made the watch’s buttons have perfect water resistance and can be used in Operate at a depth of 300 meters. FiftyFathoms can be used in oceans or lakes, not just on the water.
    The Fifty Flyback Chronograph with calibre F185 perfectly embodies the innovative spirit of B1ancPain. Flyback function is one of Blancpain’s professional technologies. On this mature timing system, just press the button at 4 o’clock to immediately restart the new timing operation. The chain movement is protected from magnetic fields. A specially connected system hidden in the case allows the buttons to be operated up to 300 meters underwater, making the watch’s chronograph function deep into the water from the water.

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    Marion Cotillard And Léa Seydoux Wear Chopard High Jewelry At Xavier Dolan’s Film ‘just The End Of The World’ Premiere

    MARION COTILLARD and LÉA SEYDOUX wear Chopard high jewelry to attend Xavier Dolan’s film ‘Just the End of the World’ Premiere

       The film starring French actress Marion Cotillard wears a pair of Chopard Green Carpet earrings; ‘Fair Gold’ certified 18k white gold diamonds, a high jewelry series 18k white gold diamond 39.68 carat diamond bracelet

       The film starring French actress Léa Seydoux wears a pair of Chopard high-end jewelry earrings, 18k white gold set with 27.48 carats diamonds

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    Leader In The History Of Blancpain Mechanical Women’s Watchmaking

    Since 1930, Blancpain has firmly believed that women have a strong appreciation of magical mechanical watches, so Blancpain’s traditional Haute Horlogerie ladies watch has a rich and varied history. Over the past century, Blancpain has made countless achievements in this field, including the first women’s automatic winding watch, the smallest circular winding movement, and the world’s most recently manufactured watch. The thinnest perpetual calendar. For many years, Blancpain has often witnessed the eternal moments of love by designing premium limited edition Valentine’s Day watches. Blancpain watches have evolved from purely chronograph tools to jewellery-encrusted or unique styles. This change has witnessed the development trajectory of the contemporary watchmaking industry. For many years, many women’s hearts beat with the gentle rhythm of Blancpain’s mechanical winding movement. It is no accident.

    The world’s smallest round watch Ladybird
        After the Second World War, the world gradually returned to peace and returned to normal track, and Blancpain watch focused on the development of women’s watches. The small size was the mainstream of fashion at that time. Blancpain used its incomparable creativity and professional talents to minimize the parts of the mechanical movement and put them into the extremely limited female watch’s compact case space, while taking into account the functionality of reading time And its aesthetic appearance. Finally, the watchmakers of Blancpain did it. In 1956, the world’s smallest mechanical movement, Ladybird, was immediately evoked.
    Blancpain’s ancient Ladybird movement, introduced in 1956, is the world’s smallest round movement.
        After continuous research and development of Blancpain watches, in addition to the manual winding Ladybird, a few years later, the more complicated and more difficult automatic winding Ladybird also came out, representing a new milestone in watchmaking technology, and even 1993 In 2007, Blancpain once again set a new record for the world’s thinnest mechanical watch movement with the Cal.610 manual winding movement. Two years later, it created a new world’s smallest movement with the Cal.615 automatic winding movement. These records are not only achieved by reducing parts, but also rely on precise and sophisticated mechanical structure calculations and innovation.
        Careful research and superb watchmaking technology have made the small and delicate Ladybird always the focus of fashion. Although its size has been slightly increased, it still maintains its light figure, giving modern women another more historical significance, elegance and exquisiteness. Watch selection.

    World’s first female flyback chronograph, Blancpain female flyback chronograph
        For many watch connoisseurs, the flyback chronograph represents the wonderful craftsmanship of mechanical chronographs. The function of the chronograph is to calculate and record the interval of a period of time. In the oldest pocket watch era, the timing device is usually equipped with an ink pen to draw an arc to record the length of a period of time. Later, this design was replaced by a more practical chronograph function. The start and stop of the chronograph second hand, plus the minute chronograph circle, followed by the hour chronograph circle, were used to calculate the length of time. After pressing the chronograph button, you can start or stop the chronograph function. The position of the chronograph second hand on the dial indicates the length of time. You can clearly read the chronograph result by just looking at it, and you don’t need to mark it with ink.
        So far, no brand has incorporated the ingenious flyback chronograph function into women’s watches. For a long time, the flyback chronograph, which has been praised and loved by pilots, is limited to the use of men’s watches. Blancpain watched that women’s watches have always lacked such sophisticated and sophisticated watchmaking technology, and women love the era of mechanical watches. With the rising trend, the Cal.F185 caliber launched by Blancpain is the world’s first female flyback chronograph, dedicated to all women with superb watchmaking technology.

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    Excellent Excellence Recommend Three Jaeger-lecoultre Watches

    In the 18th century, the Jura Mountains in Switzerland were surrounded by heavy snow for a long time. People living here have enough time and patience to research and make precise mechanical devices. Jaeger-LeCoultre grew up in the Jura Mountains, which focus on mechanical precision. The ultimate pursuit of watch manufacturing has enabled Jaeger-LeCoultre to obtain many patents in the development of more than 180 years, and has become one of the few watch-making companies with movement output. Today I recommend three watches from the Jaeger-LeCoultre series.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre MASTER CONTROL Q1398420

    Watch Series: Master Series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Domestic public price: ¥ 56000
    Watch details: CONTROL series Q147842a watch

    Watch Series: Master Series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Domestic public price: ¥ 68000
    Watch details: ULTRA THIN ultra-thin master series watch series Q1278420 watch

    Watch Series: Master Series
    Movement type: automatic machinery
    Case material: Stainless steel
    Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
    Domestic public price: ¥ 65500
    Watch details: lecoultre / 31360 /
    Watch comments: The diameter of this watch is 38.5 mm, the thickness of the case is 7.6 mm, and the case material is stainless steel. The silver round dial uses bars as time scales, the use of toffee-type hands makes the watch more harmonious as a whole, and a small second dial is also set at six o’clock. It is equipped with a movement type 896, with a thickness of 3.98 millimeters, which oscillates 28,800 times per hour, uses 32 gems, and provides 43 hours of power reserve. The strap is made of alligator leather, and the black strap sets off the dial’s cleanliness. Stainless steel folding clasp. Provides a water-resistant depth of 50 meters.
    In summary: simple lines, elegant appearance, outstanding functions, the characteristics of these master series are respected as a model of classic round watches. Equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s own movements, the perfect watch design is combined with exquisite watchmaking technology. The high passion for each watch makes the quality of the watch even more outstanding.

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    Raymond Weil Jasmine Watch Blooms New Light Color

    In 2014, the brand new and exquisite jasmine watch was put on a beautiful costume. In this series that highlights the femininity of femininity, compete with the flowers. Combining exquisiteness, elegance and chic, this watch once again pays tribute to the heroine of Puccini Opera, Turandot with jasmine-like charm. The brand always remembers the source of inspiration for its creation-music.

      This 35mm diameter watch is like a poem inspired by inspiration. It is full of praise for women’s beauty. It is full of music and flowers: it is carefully crafted with diamonds, mother-of-pearl, stainless steel and rose gold. Touching charm. The glittering luster of the case and lugs is like a thousand flames, blending with the mother-of-pearl dial water, and a jasmine blooms quietly in the center. The blue willow-shaped hands complement the round crown, crossing the Roman numerals and jumping above the moving score.

      A rose-gold calendar window surrounding the 3 o’clock position. The two-tone inter-gold bracelet is also set with diamonds, which gently fits the wrist to ensure comfortable wearing. Depending on the model, this watch is equipped with a mechanical self-winding movement and a quartz movement, which combines the delicate watchmaking craftsmanship of this Swiss brand to show the delicate beauty of jasmine.

    With its breathtaking beauty, this brand new jewellery watch will capture countless elegant and noble women’s hearts, like a diamond embellished movement, giving Jia Jia series a new glory.

      Founded in Geneva in 1976, RAYMONDWEIL is one of the few family-owned independent watch brands in the world today. Originating from Geneva, a long-established watchmaking center in Switzerland, focusing on the use of high-quality materials and delicate and pure watchmaking technology, RAYMONDWEIL has created exquisite timepieces that combine elegance and modern elements, and enjoys speciality in the field of fine watchmaking. Status.
      Music has always been regarded as the essence of RAYMONDWEIL. The brand has created many collections of music-related watches: nabucco and parsifal named after famous operas, or maestro and jasmine with rich musical connotations. At the same time, RAYMONDWEIL continues its commitment to music, becoming the official timing partner of iconic music venues, sponsoring top music festivals and music platforms, and fully supporting music charity.
      Emotional expression, precise craftsmanship, excellent performance: This is the commonality between watchmaking and music, and it is also the brand value that RAYMONDWEIL is willing to share with consumers around the world.
      The watch team’s special report team has also rushed to the exhibition to bring you the freshest and most timely first-hand watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2014, please pay attention to our special report page. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)
    2014 Basel International Watch Fair topic: