Amazing New Work: Blue Danube Three Questions Double Chasing Pins

Grieb & Benzinger This amazing new work is made of a magnificent antique movement carved by Patek Philippe for Tiffany in 1890. This movement is only 36.5 mm in diameter. It is indeed very rare to integrate such super complicated functions as the minute repeater and the double-tracking chronograph stopwatch in such a small movement. You must know that this movement is more than 120 years old, which will undoubtedly cause a sensation and a tribute to the long history of watchmaking.

This extraordinary complication watch fully demonstrates the superb skills of hand-carved and engraved, rhodium-plated or rose gold-plated substrate, and hand-carved repair of the bridge. Every component needs to be transformed and repaired, and some are even completely replaced. Of course, they have to be reorganized after processing to form a functional unit.
的 The complete renovation and repair of this movement with more than 400 components requires more than 6 months of full-time investment. Compared with the finished product of the new movement, it is more than just repairing. The Grieb & Benzinger workshop has devoted much effort to this, even approaching the production of a brand new product. And in fact, it’s not just restoration-it’s the supreme realm of art.
的 A characteristic element of every Grieb & Benzinger Platinum watch is its blue-plated platinum substrate. This is to commemorate Charles Oudin, a student of the famous watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, and began to build the movement with a blue substrate in 1820. The Grieb & Benzinger workshop is very proud to have these rare original blue Oudin movements. During the Jiaqing and Daoguang years of the Qing Dynasty in China, some Swiss watch manufacturers (Bovet, Charles Oudin, etc.) sold an astonishing amount of blue-based clocks to the royal and nobles of the Qing court. Therefore, the Blue Danube watch is also the history A symbol of roots.
The dial is another highlight and characteristic element of the Blue Danube watch. The hand-hollowed out and rare Breguet matte frosted dials unambiguously show watch connoisseurs what they need to turn such a historic movement into a new artistic masterpiece. Expertise.