Black And White Double Hero Zenith Flagship Moon Phase 03.2160.4047 Series Brief Comment

Zenith launched a new flagship series in 2012. The watch has a large calendar, sun and moon phases, and chronograph functions. New functions and a new movement have given this The new power of the series. This series of watches are divided into 42mm rose gold models and 45mm steel models, and the steel models are divided into black and white. Today we have the steel series. Zenith 03.2160.4047.21.C714-black steel model and Zenith 03.2160.4047.01.C713-white steel model, one black and one white in different styles, black calm and capable, white elegant classic, next please look at the detailed evaluation.

  Today we have steel products of this series. Compared with rose gold products, the diameter of the steel models will be larger. The rose gold models have a diameter of 42 mm and the steel models have a diameter of 45 mm. If you have the strength, you can consider buying two black and white colors. One black looks smart and the white looks elegant. It can be matched with different occasions.

  This is a complex watch with chronograph, moon phase, speed measurement function, large calendar display at two o’clock. With a 45 mm diameter and Zenith El Primero 4047 automatic movement, it is the only one that can accurately measure the time display to 1/10 with a frequency of up to 10 times per second (ie 36,000 times per hour). Movement in seconds. For more than 40 years, the precision and reliability of the El Primero chronograph has given it a legend.

  First of all, we look at Zeni 03.2160.4047.21.C714-black steel model, the large diameter of 45 mm in my hand does not look particularly large, this should be due to Zeni’s beautiful design style, The compact dial design has a visual impact, so it does not look particularly large.

  There are three buttons on the side of the stainless steel case. They are the chronograph start / pause button at two o’clock, the crown in the middle, and the zero reset button at the bottom. The case thickness of 16.35 mm is still more common in men’s complex watches. The total weight of this watch is 143 grams. It is not particularly heavy because it does not use a gold case. You will not worry about wearing it. There will be pressure on the wrist.

  The size and thickness seem to be quite satisfactory when laying down flat. The hand-stitched black crocodile leather strap blends perfectly with the dial.

  This watch uses a transparent sapphire crystal case back. The oscillating weight is engraved with Zenith LOGO and Zenith iconic five-pointed star, the case is engraved with water resistance of 50 meters, and the model information. Although 50 meters of water resistance is enough for general men’s watches, there will always be a bit of trouble in my heart.

  A close-up picture of the front, the hour and minute hands are coated with luminous coating, and the hour markers are also coated with luminous coating materials, so that when we read at night, there is a speed scale on the outer ring of the dial. A small game entertainment is also a good feature.

  In addition to the hollow display at the nine o’clock position, the essence of the design of this watch lies in the fact that at six o’clock, Zenith is known for its practical and poetic sun and moon phases. This feature that reveals the orbit of the sun and the moon is demonstrated by two overlapping disks. The upper transparent disc inlaid with two polished metal moons rotates every 59 days, while the lower disc, which is used to distinguish between day and night, completes a circle every 24 hours.

  The 45mm large-diameter watch is more suitable to wear on my hand. If it is larger, it will definitely not hold. The face of the dial is very impressive at first glance, and it has many functions of pulling the wind.

  Next we look at Zenith 03.2160.4047.01.C713- white steel. In fact, the dials of these two watches are decorated with sun patterns, but the black models are not obvious. We will see the sun patterns on the white models. Many, it will reflect the light from different angles. The white dial features a brown alligator leather strap, the elegant white dial with a stylish brown alligator leather strap, and the large calendar at two o’clock shows that every detail reveals the fine workmanship of Zenith.
Summary: The two watches introduced today are all based on Zenith’s prestigious El Primero automatic mechanical movement, with chronograph, big calendar, sun and moon phases, and speed measurement functions. Zenith El Primero series movements The precise travel time has not changed for more than 40 years. Zhenli’s signature open surface not only provides a glimpse of the movement of the movement, but also the adjustment device, high-speed vibration frequency and the exquisite decoration process on the entire movement. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 69600 yuan. Personally, with the Zenith brand and workmanship, it is a mechanical watch with a clear personality and worth buying.
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More watch parameters: Zenith 1969 flagship watch 03.2160.4047.01.C713 watch (white steel)