Blax’s New B-rocket Watch Debuts In Las Vegas

It is reported that the Swiss watchmaker Bell & Ross recently held a grand party in Wynn Las Vegas. In this event, the brand also brought the latest B-Rocket watch Meet everyone.

 Participating in this new product launch event that day included some of the top watch enthusiasts, large retailers and well-known members of the media. Everyone accompanied by relaxing music, tasted a variety of cocktails and high-end cigars, and countless delicious food. Of course the most important thing is the new B-Rocket watch from Bell & Ross.

 When it comes to Bell & Ross, many people may think that it is a relatively young brand. In fact, initially, watch designers and aviation control instrument experts gathered to gather the expertise and wisdom of everyone, just to design the best Professional timekeeping to face the challenges of extreme environments and situations, leaving a name in the history of traditional Swiss watchmaking. Today Bell & Ross watches have become an important piece of equipment for professionals such as astronauts, pilots, divers and bomb demolition experts.

 Professionals place high demands on watch reliability. Therefore, legibility, functionality, accuracy, and water resistance are the four basic design principles of Bell & Ross’s function-oriented approach. Each detail of the watch has its own design intent and function; precise craftsmanship is realized through simple and beautiful lines and timeless elegance.

 Of course, with the development of the times, people’s needs have far exceeded those of the past. At the same time, watches have begun to show a variety of cross-border elements to show the wearer a different sense of freshness. Bell & Ross once again teamed up with Shaw Harley-Davidson to make the legendary watch B-Rocket. It perfectly integrates the concept of flying motorcycles, it also symbolizes a fearless yarn spirit, and also regains the classic memories belonging to the 1960s.

 The BR01 B-Rocket Chronograph is a true rider’s chronograph. The 46mm case is full of weight. The dial also has three timers of 60 seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours. The black and white shape of the 60-second timer is very eye-catching, and it has the same effect as the instrument panel.

 In order to better show you these two new chronograph watches and B-Rocket motorcycles, Bell & Ross will arrange a most special and boldest speed test, and we will continue to pay attention to it.