Boll’s Space Chief Flight Timing

In recognition of the achievements of the brand ambassador Brian Binnie, BALL WATCH has launched a new watch: ‘Engineer Hydrocarbon Series’-‘Astronomical Orbital Space Chief ‘(Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital). Brian Binnie
The revolutionary and innovative shock-resistant system ‘BALL Amortiser’ allows the chronograph to fall from a height of 5.2 meters and still operate normally-once again subverting the seismic standards of all mechanical watches. Since ancient times, human beings have always dreamed of going to space and exploring the infinite universe. Today, the outstanding pilot Brian Binney piloted the great pioneering work of ‘Spacecraft One’, making space tourism a reality. Brian Binnie will fly SpaceShip Two in 2011 to carry seven passengers to more than 100 kilometers of space, witnessing the magnificent earth and dark space, magical. Wonderful scenes separated by ‘ice blue light band’.
追求 In order to pursue higher and further goals, Bohr watch engineers got inspiration from space exploration. Through continuous research and development, they finally turned their dreams into reality and developed an excellent GMT Chronograph with a limit of 999 pieces worldwide.
Engineering Hydrocarbon Space Master Automatic Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital Series
陪 To accompany Brian Binnie to face the extreme environment in space, this watch combines exquisite watchmaking technology and aesthetic appearance, exuding the extraordinary personality of vitality, strength, rigor and natural elegance. The matte titanium case with a diameter of 45 mm is not only sturdy, light and comfortable, but also contains extraordinary technology.
杰出 In the sturdy case of the ‘astronomical orbital space chief’, there is an outstanding research and development achievement-BALL Amortiser, a revolutionary patented shock-resistant system that can ensure that the movement can withstand strong shocks. This wonderful micromechanical device consists of two parts: first, an anti-magnetic protection ring that wraps the movement while reducing the shock to the movement. Second, the ‘rotating table top locking device’. This system protects the movement against shocks from both the front and sides. Whether flying into space or playing golf, Brian Binney can choose to lock the watch rudder to prevent the ‘automatic rotating watch’ that is swinging from being suddenly shaken.
Engineering Hydrocarbon Space Master Automatic Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital Series
‘Astronomical Orbital Space Officer’ is a precision timepiece for flight crews who need absolute reliability. The compass design of the dial can evoke memories of the old directional instrument. The two-way rotating outer ring is engraved with four basic orientations in the southeast and northwest. The watch hands, the sun orientation and the four scales are used for orientation. This is different from the general compass and will not be affected by any magnetic field. In addition, the two timekeeping functions allow the wearer to quickly grasp the time in another area.
‘Astronomical orbital space officer’ meets both performance and comfort requirements. Four screws tightly connect the stainless steel strap with the case, making the watch fit the wrist more. The patented three-fold buckle and extended band section of the Bol watch patent provide the best ‘ergonomic design’.
From legibility to operability, the ‘astronomical orbital space chief’ has implemented the concept of Bohr watches. In addition to the brand history, it also redefined the standard of custom watches. In 1891, Mr. Webb C. Ball, the founder of Bolt, brought revolutionary changes to the watchmaking industry, formulated the ‘standard time system’, and established strict guidelines for reliable timepieces. This set of guidelines is the pioneer of the Observatory Certification (COSC) established by the ‘Swiss Observatory Timepiece Association’ from 1973 and has been in use ever since. BALL WATCH presents the Spacemaster Orbital limited edition watch in tribute to extraordinary achievements.
Engineering Hydrocarbon Space Master Automatic Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital Series
Model: DC2036C—S—BK
Movement: automatic movement ETA 7754
Special movement oil can withstand low temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius
Function: chronograph stopwatch-accumulated to 12 hours
Two places time display
Hour / minute / second hand; date display
Hour / Minute / Second hand and a total of 52 font-inlaid miniature gas lamps on the surface
Case: titanium case, diameter 45 mm, thickness 18.3 mm
Two-way rotating outer ring
Anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Patent registry lock protection system
Patent registration Ball Amortiser anti-vibration system
Water resistance: 100 meters
Antimagnetic performance: 4,800A / m
震 Shock resistance: Pass 7; 500Gs impact test
Bracelet: Each band is a special strap made of titanium and stainless steel components .