Casio Edifice F1 Racing Concept Radio Watch Eqw-m710

F1 Red Bull Racing team, partner with watch brand EDIFICE. With the help of advanced technology, the Red Bull team in 2009 had very good results. In addition to the team’s second runner-up with 153.5 points, there were also two drivers who made it into the top five of the annual rankings. As a partner, Edifice also re-launched the new EQW-M710 model based on the racing concept with advanced technology. He also chose to sponsor Taiwan’s Lin Hengheng. He is the first and only driver in Taiwan to win the International Formula One Championship. No record has been set for the Asian Formula Race victory record.


 Motorsport is a sport that combines the achievements of automotive technology and challenges the limits of human physical fitness. Among them, the top race of F1 is a must for any extremely small details, and the time must be accurately grasped to 4 digits after the decimal point. Red Bull Racing’s driver Sebastian Vettel, who won the second place in 2009, performed well. Sebastian Vettel is also one of Lin Rongheng’s favorite drivers. Both young drivers love the Edifice racing models.


 This is a game of speed and time, Lin said that on the racing track, time is like God. The millisecond gap determines the key result, so the accurate timepiece is not only a decoration for the racer, but also a very important accessory. Lin Hengheng’s first watch was a prize from the competition, but Edifice decided to own the second watch after a lot of comparisons. He is also very interested in researching and developing automotive electronics technology. He admires Edifice’s advantages of technology while retaining texture and weight. He believes that being able to wear a favorite racing watch is a tribute to his favorite four-wheel sports.

 In addition to the EQW-M710’s function of receiving radio waves and solar charging from 6 stations in the world; the surface is derived from the design of the car’s tachometer. The long hand is 1/10 second, the 3 o’clock position is 1 second, and the 1/100 meter is 9. O’clock position; Vibrant red 3-pin stopwatch that can be calculated to 1 / 100th of a second while sprinting to simulate the thrill of rapid racing. In addition, the entire body of the watch body is full of muscle tension like the appearance of the car body.