Dear Inn’ Brother Tao’s Domineering Watch Delivery, Emilion Takes You To Understand The Temperament Of The Watch

Since its launch in October, the reality TV show ‘Dear Inn’ has been widely praised by stars like Liu Tao, Wang Ke, Chen Xiang and others. The theme of the program, ‘Slow down, go to live,’ awakened people’s longing for the slow life in the city. As one of the hottest variety shows at the moment, in accordance with the practice of Hunan Television, the main characters who participated in the recording were also invited to record ‘Happy Camp’. In the ‘base camp’, the most memorable one has to say that the scene of a valuable watch that Brother Tao sent to Chen Xiang at the scene, Brother Tao’s pride leaked. ‘What kind of watch does Brother Tao give to Chen Xiang?’ The topic temporarily occupied the top search ranking.
   As for ‘what is the watch that Brother Tao gave to Chen Xiang?’ The show did not reveal too much, but there are indeed many stars in the entertainment industry who love watches, and Huang Qiusheng has as many as thirty or forty watches in his house. Among them, there are many classic watches. He regards the collection of famous watches as an investment. Wu Zhenyu also has the habit of collecting watches. He will buy some limited-value, valuable and commemorative watches. He feels that this can maintain value and can also be used as a busy work A kind of reward; Li Jiaxin likes some of the more retro watches, and has a watch worth more than 100,000 yuan. In life, she will wear different watches according to different occasions, different clothes …
   Everyone has a heart of love. People say that personality determines experience, experience determines experience, and experience determines temperament, and choosing the right watch can not only enhance your personal image, but also show your temperament.
   Each watch can match a different temperament. But how does the temperament of a watch manifest itself? The following introduces you to the different temperaments of Emilon watches.
Fair Lady is elegant and elegant, fresh and refined.
   The creativity derived from the lotus is perfectly expressed by the metal dial technology, and the delicateness of the petals enhances the eternal beauty of metal technology. Fair Lady watches are elegant and elegant. She is a symbol of purity and beauty. She praises elegant and fresh women with lotus flowers. Particularly suitable for elegant and intellectual women to wear, without the need for complicated foiling and decoration, the generous and elegant temperament naturally penetrates from the inside to the outside.

LES AILES DU TEMPS-Wings of Time, smart and intelligent, longing for the better.
   Human beings have always dreamed of being able to freely travel through time and space. Amy Long designed the ‘wings of time’ series to express this dream. The contours on both sides of the case present a symmetrical ‘time wing shape’, symbolizing the wings of time, blending beautiful expectations into the design of the watch. The lugs and case are connected as a whole through simple streamlined lines. The middle arc is outlined and the two ends are slightly outward, like a pair of wings that want to fly. The Wings of Time series symbolizes humanity’s use of technology to realize distant dreams. It shows that people are optimistic and smart at the same time. If you are full of desire for dreams at this time, you are also willing to fly for your dreams Then let ‘Wings of Time’ witness every moment of your struggle for your dream.

HERITIER inheritance-inherit the classics, dare to innovate.
   Emilion’s classic style heritage watch is a gift to the history of watchmaking in Geneva. It is our interpretation of classics. It integrates classic elements into contemporary watches, accompanied by modern technology, to ensure that Higher modern quality standards. He can fully show people the courage to pioneer and innovate in the face of history and the future, boldly combine the classic elements of history with modern technology, learn from ancient innovations, and explore their own path in inheritance. As a person who respects history and does not stick to old routines, the HERITIER watch series will be an expression of your creativity and a source of your inspiration.

   Love a watch, starting from the face, loyal to temperament. It may be your life’s companion, to accompany you through the confusion of the trough, to accompany you to the praise of success, but no matter how much experience it has, it will always be with you, always guarding you. The unique temperament of Amy Long will be the accumulation of your life experience and the choice of your life.