Fantasy Night Sky Brief Comment On Grande Lune Grand Moon Phase Watch

Parmigiani, Switzerland’s top watch brand, carries the brand spirit of ‘whatever you want and knows what you are good at’, and uses the concept of ‘travel’ as creative inspiration to present Parmigiani Atelier watches . The bold design of this series of watches has changed the traditional norms of the high-end watch industry, bringing watch pieces that are hard to find on a daily basis for watch enthusiasts. In this series of watches, the most remarkable is the Grande Lune, a large moon phase watch with a precise moon phase display. This watch contains technology and wisdom in the mechanical rhythm of time In the middle, it presents a dreamy wrist accessory. Today, the Watch House brings you this Parmigiani Grande Lune large moon phase watch, reference model: PFA242-1207001.

   Parmigiani presents the world in the most exquisite combination of simplicity and complexity, and is committed to bringing unique surprises to every watch collector and enthusiast, exploring and cherishing the resonance with everyone who loves watches.

Case diameter 40 mm

   The case diameter of this watch is 40 mm, which is in line with the current trend of large watch diameters. It displays a precise gold phase display with a huge gold moon. The dark blue dial reproduces the mysterious night sky.

With a sapphire crystal

   The watch uses a sapphire crystal glass. The inner surface of the watch is anti-glare treated. While protecting the dial, the beautifully designed dial is presented without reservation.

Double crown design

   This watch features a unique double crown design, each with a diameter of 6.20 millimeters and a comfortable winding feel. The crown engraved with the ‘PF’ logo of Parmigiani is the timekeeping crown, and the crown covered with a 4N gold crescent pattern is used to calibrate the moon phase. At the same time, the moon phase will follow the pointer to change forward or backward. Therefore, you need to adjust the time first, and then adjust the moon phase.

With a black Hermes crocodile strap

   This watch is equipped with a black Hermes crocodile leather strap. The strap is exquisitely crafted, the leather is exquisite, comfortable to wear, the fine pins and natural crocodile leather texture present a natural luxury.

Case in 18K white gold

   The case of this watch is made of 18K white gold and has a thickness of about 10.88 mm, which is comfortable to wear. The bezel is engraved with half-circle scales, and the finely polished case shows a charming precious metal luster.

Unique hook-shaped lugs

   The lugs are made of 18K white gold, and the unique hook-shaped design presents a unique sense of strength. The curve can perfectly “grasp” the wrist, ensuring the comfort of the watch when worn.

With a pin buckle

   This watch is equipped with a pin buckle, which is flexible in use. The buckle is made of 18K white gold with a simple shape and fine polishing. The pin buckle is engraved with the ‘PF’ mark of Parmigiani, which shows the distinguished brand identity. .

Triangular pointer is legible

   In addition to being clear and easy to read, the large triangular hands also add a bit of toughness to the watch. The center of the hands is filled with fluorescent materials to facilitate reading in the dark environment. ‘PF’ sign.

The dark blue dial reproduces the mysterious night sky

   The dark blue dial has a delicate texture, the upper dial is cut and decorated, and a gold moon at the bottom is looming, recreating the mysterious night sky like a dream.

Huge gold moon

   The two huge gold moons on the dial are crafted by hand, alternately presenting the moon’s gloomy and clear sky. The moon phase display of this watch is driven by a set of gear trains to achieve uninterrupted operation, which is more accurate than the general current system. Every 7 years and 7 months, the moon phase display will appear one day faster than the actual profit and loss. error.

Equipped with a PF336 self-winding mechanical movement

   The water-resistant depth of this watch is 30 meters. A sapphire crystal is embedded in the case back, which can reveal the secrets of the operation of complex mechanical movements. The case is equipped with a PF336 self-winding mechanical movement. The movement is beautifully carved. It is equipped with a 22K gold oscillating weight. The movement frequency is 28,800 times / hour. It has two barrels and can provide up to 55. Hour power reserve.

Summary: In addition to the chronograph function, the moon phase can be said to be one of the most popular watch complications. The reason is simple. These two functions are a stepping stone to the complicated functions of mechanical watches. They are not expensive, but they can add a lot to the dial. Although the moon phase is probably the least practical of many complicated functions compared to timekeeping and other functions, the gloomy lack of the small moon on the dial is always so fascinating. Compared with the traditional moon phase design, Parmigiani boldly used the entire dial to display the beautiful moon phase, showing the brand’s innovative spirit to break through the tradition, and presented a visual feast for us.