Hermes Cape Cod Tonneau Watches

Hermès Cape Cod tonneau watches are small stainless steel models. The watch series named after Cape Cod, a resort on the east coast of the United States, symbolizes the design style based on elegance and movement. The case of the new Cape Cod watch has a larger curvature, and the strap is a double-circle strap designed by Hermes in 1998 to integrate the watch with the strap.
    For example, in the Hermès Cape Cod tonneau watch, the mood of pleasure has become an important concept that dominates its design thinking: This watch series named after Cape Cod in the United States East Coast resort interprets Cape Cod’s natural and leisurely nature with its elegant and rhythmic temperament. Life style, and the unique double-circle strap seems to be more full of improvisation and casual fun. Although the watch did not really involve rational elements about the city of Cape Cod in its design, the mood and atmosphere created by it were enough to make it a cultural symbol representing Cape Cod.