Hidden Watch Fans-luo Jin’s Elegant Gentleman With A Leather Strap Watch

There are a lot of watch fans among the stars, so Luo Jin is also one of them. Favorite watches like Luhan and Yu Wenle will be directly exposed, so their ‘mystery’ attribute is obvious. Luo Jin likes watches is really low-key, usually does not wear the watch, but carefully observes him who likes to wear a suit, in fact, every time he changes his wrist with a different style of watch. Can be described as a ‘hidden’ table fan.

Luo Jin

Luo Jin Dai Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Series

 Luo Jin prefers watches with leather straps. Even the sporty Audemars Piguet Royal Oak offshore watch also chooses the model 26470OR.OO.A002CR.01 with a crocodile leather strap. This 42mm rose gold case and dial, with a chronograph with black ceramic buttons, looks avant-garde and domineering. The oversized check decoration on the dial and the black snail-shaped small dial highlight the dynamic charm of men. The image is compared to Sven’s Luo Jin, and the overall style is also quite resolute after wearing it.

 Luo Jindai Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Series

Luo Jindai Rolex Yacht-Master Series Watch

Luo Jindai Rolex Yacht-Master Series Watch

 Former Luo Jin’s girlfriend Tang Yan often wore Daytona, Green Water Ghost, and Women’s Diary on her wrist. I don’t know who is affected by who, Luo Jinping’s most commonly worn watch is also Rolex. However, he is not like Tang Yan who is interested in some classic and popular Rolex watches. He wears most of the yacht-style watches with rubber straps. Daytona with brown dial also occasionally get started.

Luo Jin Dai Chopard L.U.C Series

 Because of work, Luo Jin spends a lot of time wearing a suit. And every time he wears a suit, he must have a variety of leather strap watches. Chopard L.U.C, Jaeger-LeCoultre Biplane Travel Time Watch and Piaget Altiplano watch, design elegant gentleman, with a variety of functional watches is his preferred style.

Luo Jin Dai Jijia Bi-Wing Travel Time Watch

 On the Jaeger-LeCoultre Biplane Travel Time Watch, the unique grained carved dial is unique, and the unique Unique Travel Time system can display the time of any continent or country for travelers, free from time difference. As a travel watch that can show taste, Luo Jin’s vision is still very good.

Luo Jin Dai Movado modern classic watch

Luo Jindai Piaget Altiplano watch

 Piaget’s thinnest manual winding mechanical chronograph. The small white dial is equipped with a small second hand, a flyback chronograph function, and two time display functions. With black dots and lines and a white dial, this ALTIPLANO watch shows a very clean style. Luo Jin chose this watch in a suit, and it can be said that he did a great job in the details.

 Luo Jin’s watches are actually very elegant gentlemen, for men with the same style, whether in daily dress or wearing a suit, you can use this as a reference.