How To Take Care Of Your Watch Seiko Dior Tissot Big Reveal Secret

How to take care of the watch
1. Because the automatic mechanical watch has to be wound automatically by the swing of the arm, the watch must be worn for more than eight hours a day to ensure accurate timing. Newly-purchased watches may not have enough daytime activity within a week, resulting in insufficient travel time. Therefore, it is recommended to swing the watch horizontally and repeatedly for about 1 minute before putting it down at night to supplement the winding and ensure normal travel time.
2. When the battery of the quartz watch is exhausted and stopped, it should be sent to the designated Seiko service station for inspection as soon as possible to avoid leaving the uncharged battery in the watch for a long time to cause damage to the movement.
 3. Do not bring the watch, radio, TV and other magnetic objects close to each other, so as not to affect the accuracy.
4. Do not keep the watch close to solvents, mercury, cosmetic sprays, cleaners, adhesives or paints, camphor, otherwise the case, strap, etc. will discolor, deteriorate or be damaged.
5. In order to prevent the case or strap from rusting or discoloring, it is recommended to wash and dry it with water every day (refer to watches with “WATER” waterproof logo on the back case). When the mechanical watch is not in use, it is best to wind it once a month to prevent the oil in the watch from solidifying.
6. Waterproof, shockproof, and antimagnetic watches can only play a preventive role. When in use, it is still necessary to avoid contact with water, magnetic fields and strong vibration, so as not to damage the movement and affect the service life.
7. If the water is not serious, but there is a layer of mist in the watch glass, you can wrap the watch tightly with several layers of toilet paper or fleece that is easy to absorb moisture, and bake it for about 30 minutes at a distance of 15 cm from a 40-watt electric bulb to eliminate water vapor. . Do not bake the watch directly near the fire to prevent the watch from being deformed by heat. The watch can also be worn with the watch facing inwards and the bottom case facing outwards on the wrist, and the moisture can be eliminated after two hours. If the watch gets serious water, it is best to send it to the watch store to wipe the oil immediately to remove the moisture from the movement to avoid rusting of parts.

Novice in the workplace
As a newcomer in the workplace, it is necessary to choose a suitable watch, which can quickly give a reliable first impression. Young people wear watches and don’t care about the price. The key depends on whether it is in line with your own personality and work nature. Come with Xiao Bian to choose the first workplace watch, this is the first investment in a new job.
Simple and elegant
As the first watch to enter the workplace, simple and classic is the absolute first choice. The key to choosing is to be unobtrusive with your professional suit. Some exaggerated watches are recommended to wear them when they are party dressing.
For formal watches, both belt and steel belt models are good choices, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages: because steel belts are resistant to water and sweat, their durability is much better than leather straps, but leather The many colors of the strap are a big temptation for young girls. The round and square dials are well-formed, which is a wild element of office modeling. As for the popular six-pointed star or diamond shape, as a newcomer, you are better to converge.
Recommended model: Dior VIII series watch

Adhering to the long tradition of Dior, 展现 shows the design style of geometric figures, full of eternal charm of feminine beauty. The ultra-thin case and its delicate accessories are simple and neat. The bracelet is made of high-precision ceramics cut in a pyramid shape, which is elegant and noble.
Recommended model: Bell & Ross BR01 Instrument Diamonds series

The case is set with diamonds, which adds a sparkle to the simple design. The precise setting work confirms Bell & Ross’s expertise in watchmaking.
Exquisite and beautiful
款式 In this ‘post-80s’ OL era, style has become an important choice element for transcending functions and brands. A watch like a jewellery is something that every woman will prepare for herself, because it is exquisite and stylish, and can be matched with most clothes in your closet. As long as it is not too cartoony and out of place, decorative watches can be easily With.
If you are in an industry that often communicates and goes out with others, you may wish to choose a watch with a trendy design and suitable for wearing on the go. Its casual, elegant and exquisite detail design will make others appreciate your taste.
Recommended models: Swarovski & ldquo; Elis Lady & rdquo; series

Based on Swarovski’s jewellery and accessories series, the charm of magic is displayed through the crystal mesh straps of silver, black and gold. The leather fabric is embellished with a large number of transparent or black mineral crystals, which is an amazing creation of Swarovski’s extraordinary creativity.
Recommended watch: Plum Blossom elegant Yiren series

Elegant Yiren watch with slim design, exquisite elegance, always reveals the charming charm and elegant taste of young ladies. The overall design of the watch is classic and chic, and the sparkling Swarovski crystal adds a touch of exquisiteness.
As a new woman in the workplace, just having a decent watch may feel very boring. Want your first watch to be personal and practical? Then you must choose a full-featured sports watch. Compared with formal watches, sports watch audiences are much larger, it is by no means limited to sports wear. Nowadays, many jobs do not require shifts, such as outings, setting up venues, etc. These vibrant jobs for interviews are more suitable for wearing sports watches, which can show their youthful vigor and fighting spirit, and easily win the favor of bosses and colleagues. In addition, you will be particularly eye-catching when you work outdoors with a diving watch.
Recommended model: HUBLOT Hublot BIG BANG full black green series

Big Bang full black and green creates a nearly fluorescent reflective vision through the elegant combination of faint black and bright green. Micro-blasted and polished black ceramic case and bezel, black matt dial, black matt titanium H-screw, natural rubber inserts & hellip; & hellip; materials with matte tones perfectly blend together Flexible alligator green alligator strap.
Recommended watch: Tissot Starfish 1000 Series

The Tissot Starfish Dive 1000 watch is the best combination of style and performance. Its design and appearance are inspired by diving, adventure and fashion.
Excellent water resistance of 300 meters, fully prove that underwater sports and automatic watches can be accompanied.