Introduction Of Two Breguet Watches With Transparent Cases

Breguet Classic Series 7639 Minute Repeater
If you want to make a large ranking of the back of the watch, the transparent bottom cover is probably the most popular among consumers. The harmonious operation between the gears is clearly seen through the sapphire glass on the back, which is really fun. However, this design has higher requirements on the grinding and manufacturing process of the watch’s internal movement. No one wants to see a rough movement inside the case. Instead, it’s better to have a metal cover to hide the ugliness. In the transparent bottom watch, the fineness of the movement has become the focus of attention. In fact, there is a more pleasing craft, which is the engraving of the movement. The engraving process of the movement has been formed in the era of pocket watches, but it is still rare in watches because the movement of the watch is too small, the process is more complicated and the time is longer. Regarding this point, Breguet is really admirable.
Whether it is the lifelike pigeons on the Reine de Naples self-winding self-timer clock or the music-themed patterns on the classic series of super complicated functions 7639 minute repeater, it is composed of the movement’s splint, automatic rotor and engraved ornaments. The exquisite engraving of the movement gives the watch real life and carries the spirit that watchmakers really pursue. This is not only a rare and complicated watch we rarely see, but also a perfect combination of traditional watchmaking technology and music and art.
We no longer talk about the atmosphere of these watches, how good the performance is, and how valuable the materials are … just talking about the insignificant ‘white board’ on the back, look at the back of these expensive watches, hidden in the end How much affection and dedication the watchmaker has.
Watches can be said to be a low-key luxury. At this time, consumers’ taste for life has narrowed to a few centimeters square. On the battlefield between various watch brands, from the balance wheel or tourbillon to the crown on the left or right, material, decoration, technology, performance, etc., watchmakers have thought of everything. Competition between enterprises has been transformed into nuances. It takes at least five years for Patek Philippe to go from design to delivery: four years of research and design, nine months of production, and three months of assembly and quality testing. The hand-polished movements and chamfered edges of the plywood are carefully carved even where they are not visible. The achievement of expensive value is from the details. Things that are easily overlooked, called details, are more important today than ever before.
In the process of buying a watch, we may consider all aspects, but the bottom of the watch is always a place that is ignored. In fact, the design of the bottom of the watch often adds points to the product. Our common bottom design is a ‘white board’ with a back cover engraved with some models, brands, origins, and so on. Later, more and more watches designed as ‘through bottoms’ were loved by consumers because they could appreciate the beauty of the movement through sapphire glass. In addition, some functions are given to the bottom of the watch, or they are engraved with some monumental patterns and so on. When consumers have a hard time choosing between two watches that are similar in all respects, the details at the bottom of the table are enough to determine success or failure. In fact, an important reason why details can win is that details can be touching. Because the details reflect meticulousness, careful reflection of the intention, and the intention is used for both the effort and the emotion. The details designed with good intentions can fully show the humane colors and emotional charm. Most consumers are always willing to invest their money in the most humane and therefore the most detailed products, and watches are no exception.

Musical motifs on the Breguet Classics 7639 Minute Repeater

Breguet Reine de Naples self-winding self-timer

Breguet Reine de Naples automatic winding self-winding watch