Iwc Portofino Manual Winding Eight Days Power Reserve Watch

IWC Portofino Manual Winding Eight Days Power Reserve Watch
2011 For IWC, 2011 is a year of elegance and beauty: in the name of Portofino, it reflects the beauty of fashion and confidence. This series has been redesigned and reinvented, making its debut at the SIHH in Geneva. Among them, the Portofino manual winding 8-day power reserve watch equipped with IWC-made 59210 movement is an uncompromising, low-key and implicit protagonist. The era of Portofino began.

IWC Portofino Manual Winding Eight Days Power Reserve Watch
For several years, IWC’s Portofino watch has been the low-key and implicit protagonist in the IWC watch series, and it is an internationally recognized symbol of high taste. Among all the new works exhibited by IWC in the 2011 Haute Horlogerie Salon in Geneva, only Portofino embodies a timeless elegance that is closely related to the Italian lifestyle. The best among them is the Portofino manual winding eight-day power reserve watch, which is worthy of the name and does not show off the flashy protagonist. In fact, this watch has already made its appearance through its brand-new appearance, huge size and amazing watchmaking craftsmanship: the beautiful era of Portofino has begun.
But should also talk about other protagonists inseparable from Portofino. Almost all the screen idols of the Hollywood DreamWorks, as well as other celebrities from all walks of life, are the guests of the Hotel Splendido. They brought a fresh and casual atmosphere. Since then, Portofino has become a popular destination for everyone to enjoy the style of southern Italy.
Finally, let’s talk about the prelude to our story and how IWC and the Portofino have an inextricable bond. About 30 years ago, in 1980, an epoch-making pocket watch based on the noble and elegant hunter-type pocket watch was produced, and the number 5221 came out. . This watch is equipped with a 46 mm diameter case, Roman numerals and moon phase display, challenging the trend of the era that admired the ultra-technical sense at that time. This is the second pocket watch style watch launched by IWC after the Portuguese watch. Today it is a classic, just like Portofino itself.
In the heyday of Portofino watches in the early 1950s, the founders of Portofino also upheld the ancient tradition. At the time, Portofino’s timeless and elegant design was contrary to the emerging era of purism in the technological era adopted by many IWC watches, making the Portofino series an unstoppable charm. Therefore, IWC decided to return to the essence, redesigning the entire Portofino series from the inside out, giving it a new size and many reinterpreted details, making this watch series representing Europe’s high-quality watches more noble And equipped with a new movement completely made by IWC.
The most prominent work in the Portofino series is undoubtedly the Portofino manual winding 8-day power reserve watch numbered 5101. This more magnificent watch, elegant and noble, comfortable to wear, is equipped with the 50,000 movement series recently developed by IWC and has an eight-day power reserve. It is no accident that the design with a diameter of 45 mm and a thickness of 12 mm coincides with the popular 1981 classic.
Uphold subtle elegance in watchmaking traditions
This beautiful design, timepiece equipped with a long-power movement has become the design standard for the entire series. Design director Christian Knoop and his team in Schaffhausen believe that the watch itself should reflect the design philosophy of the collection: time is life. The Portofino manual winding eight-day power reserve watch embodies this creed in a very special way. There is no need to worry about winding the watch for a whole week, it must be said that it is a pleasant life enjoyment. And to enjoy life doesn’t have to go to the beautiful seaside village, the truth works everywhere.
The young designer Aude Solari took inspiration from the grooves of Portofino to bring a whole new look to this series, including Portofino chronograph and Portofino automatic watches all adopt the same size. As she explained, ‘In addition to redesigning the size and diameter, there are many harmonious tiny details that give the watch a lighter look, reflecting the Italian lifestyle, including the 12 o’clock or 6 o’clock position. Roman numerals, longer time scales, slightly longer hands and red printed elements. ‘
If the style and design of the watch, as well as the source of inspiration, are inseparable from the Italian style, then the decision to launch a stainless steel style with a once-popular Milanese woven bracelet is a perfect fit for this simple-looking model. The second choice.
Another highlight is that the Portofino manual-winding eight-day power reserve watch was engraved with Portofino on its caseback for the first time in a subtle way, re-emphasizing the brand and the Ligurian coast. Close ties between small villages. This small village was once known by the Romans as the ‘dolphin port’, and although it has only 550 inhabitants, it is one of the most unique holiday destinations in the world. Coincidentally, the new Portofino automatic watch in red gold is engraved with Portofino’s famous coastal scenery on its case back, paying tribute to this picturesque fishing village.
漂亮 These beautiful new styles are certainly nothing to publicize. On the contrary, they will continue the long tradition in the field of IWC timepiece manufacture, with perfection in discreet elegance. The model that best reflects this feature is the Portofino automatic watch with the hour, minute and second hands indicating the time. This watch is characterized by a central seconds hand. These watches have all the functions of a timepiece, including a date display. Even with a 40mm stainless steel or red gold case, they are a symbol of IWC’s understated style.
As emphasized by Thomas Güumann, classic elegance does not run counter to superb watchmaking. Thomas Güumann is responsible for the development of the new IWC 59210 movement for the Portofino automatic eight-day power reserve watch. He is the head of this project. As can be seen from the movement number, this new movement is in the same vein as IWC’s first launch of the 50,000 large movement series in 2000. This 37.8mmX5.8mm movement is the best choice for a 45mm diameter case, which perfectly fits the size of the wrist, with a thickness of only 12mm. This thin thickness can only be achieved with a non-automatic winding mechanism.
The introduction of this watch may not only indicate the revival of the manual-winding movement, but also reflect the resurgence of the active interaction between the wearer and the timepiece. This extremely common behavior in the era of pocket watches is almost due to the automatic winding. Appear and disappear. The Portofino self-winding eight-day power reserve watch provides space for this interaction. The large barrel can be seen partly from under the bridge of the barrel. It can provide sufficient power when fully wound, making the The watch has been running for more than 9 days. Thomas Güumann explains that the barrel will stop automatically at exactly 192 hours (8 days) to ensure that the constant weakening of the mainspring’s momentary force will not adversely affect the accuracy of the watch.
Alligator leather strap from the fine work of Santoni’s high-end shoe workshop
Two carefully decorated large bridges are visually integrated to form a three-quarters of the movement design. After further explanation by Thomas G? Umann, it is not difficult to understand the watchmaking contained in this new structure. idea. ‘We set out to develop a modern watch movement suitable for everyday use. Unlike the traditional Jones movement, this sturdy and reliable design can carry additional functions such as the date display and long power reserve display.’
? G? Umann believes that whether the watch is fully wound every day, or according to the power reserve prompt, each wearer can find their own watch usage rules. In either case, the wearer knows that his watch is full of power, and even if it is not used for several days, it is not necessary to change the watch and readjust (fast forward) the time and date. Not going on the chain for eight days is not a one-time operation, but it can save you time, especially if your schedule is too full.
外观 In terms of appearance and size, the Portofino automatic eight-day power reserve watch has a significant feature. This watch is available in 18K red gold with a smoky gray dial and a stainless steel version with a silver-plated or black dial. The crocodile leather strap matched with the Italian craftsmanship, from the father and son workshops of Andrea and Guiseppe Santoni in Corridonia near the Adriatic coast, are entirely handmade and of impeccable quality. And each strap is a unique piece. The stainless steel watch can also be matched with a well-made Milanese braided bracelet