Leader In The History Of Blancpain Mechanical Women’s Watchmaking

Since 1930, Blancpain has firmly believed that women have a strong appreciation of magical mechanical watches, so Blancpain’s traditional Haute Horlogerie ladies watch has a rich and varied history. Over the past century, Blancpain has made countless achievements in this field, including the first women’s automatic winding watch, the smallest circular winding movement, and the world’s most recently manufactured watch. The thinnest perpetual calendar. For many years, Blancpain has often witnessed the eternal moments of love by designing premium limited edition Valentine’s Day watches. Blancpain watches have evolved from purely chronograph tools to jewellery-encrusted or unique styles. This change has witnessed the development trajectory of the contemporary watchmaking industry. For many years, many women’s hearts beat with the gentle rhythm of Blancpain’s mechanical winding movement. It is no accident.

The world’s smallest round watch Ladybird
    After the Second World War, the world gradually returned to peace and returned to normal track, and Blancpain watch focused on the development of women’s watches. The small size was the mainstream of fashion at that time. Blancpain used its incomparable creativity and professional talents to minimize the parts of the mechanical movement and put them into the extremely limited female watch’s compact case space, while taking into account the functionality of reading time And its aesthetic appearance. Finally, the watchmakers of Blancpain did it. In 1956, the world’s smallest mechanical movement, Ladybird, was immediately evoked.
Blancpain’s ancient Ladybird movement, introduced in 1956, is the world’s smallest round movement.
    After continuous research and development of Blancpain watches, in addition to the manual winding Ladybird, a few years later, the more complicated and more difficult automatic winding Ladybird also came out, representing a new milestone in watchmaking technology, and even 1993 In 2007, Blancpain once again set a new record for the world’s thinnest mechanical watch movement with the Cal.610 manual winding movement. Two years later, it created a new world’s smallest movement with the Cal.615 automatic winding movement. These records are not only achieved by reducing parts, but also rely on precise and sophisticated mechanical structure calculations and innovation.
    Careful research and superb watchmaking technology have made the small and delicate Ladybird always the focus of fashion. Although its size has been slightly increased, it still maintains its light figure, giving modern women another more historical significance, elegance and exquisiteness. Watch selection.

World’s first female flyback chronograph, Blancpain female flyback chronograph
    For many watch connoisseurs, the flyback chronograph represents the wonderful craftsmanship of mechanical chronographs. The function of the chronograph is to calculate and record the interval of a period of time. In the oldest pocket watch era, the timing device is usually equipped with an ink pen to draw an arc to record the length of a period of time. Later, this design was replaced by a more practical chronograph function. The start and stop of the chronograph second hand, plus the minute chronograph circle, followed by the hour chronograph circle, were used to calculate the length of time. After pressing the chronograph button, you can start or stop the chronograph function. The position of the chronograph second hand on the dial indicates the length of time. You can clearly read the chronograph result by just looking at it, and you don’t need to mark it with ink.
    So far, no brand has incorporated the ingenious flyback chronograph function into women’s watches. For a long time, the flyback chronograph, which has been praised and loved by pilots, is limited to the use of men’s watches. Blancpain watched that women’s watches have always lacked such sophisticated and sophisticated watchmaking technology, and women love the era of mechanical watches. With the rising trend, the Cal.F185 caliber launched by Blancpain is the world’s first female flyback chronograph, dedicated to all women with superb watchmaking technology.