Mb & F’s M.A.D. Gallery Brings Marc Ninghetto Back To Our Childhood

MB & F’s MAD Gallery once again brought us back to our childhood, this time by the prestigious Swiss photographer Marc Ninghetto using a new photo series he called ‘The Loneness of a Machine’ Reminiscent of our favorite animation memories.

Marc Ninghetto – Le Jour où le Soleil s’arrêta

The main machines of this exhibition are the Japanese animation robots Grendizer and Astroboy, which are called ‘Goldorak’ and ‘Astro, le petit robot’ in French, respectively. For 15 years, the Swiss-born photographer Marc Ninghetto has not found any reason or platform to create a series of photographs based on his childhood, until someone asked him to create some for MB & F’s MAD Gallery. The series happens to coincide with the origin of the brand. These exquisite works of art created quietly give aliens and alienation to robots in the real earth environment.

Marc Ninghetto – La Pierre de Foudre

To achieve this, Ninghetto uses what he calls ‘digital sampling’, which he has perfected over the course of his many years of work, including combining captured 3-D robot models with photos from his personal image library Combine. Ninghetto focuses on two timeless heroes, Grendizer and Astroboy, who have debuted for 40 years, either standing on two skyscrapers in the city, at a point in the sky of the city’s intricate overpass, or hiding in a small town Hiding place of gas station.

Marc Ninghetto – Le Baptême du Feu

There are 8 photos in this series, limited to 25 prints. There are different specifications for you to choose: 100cm x 70cm tax-included price is 1,500 Swiss francs; 120cm x 80 cm tax-included price is 1,800 Swiss francs, 150cm x 214 cm The tax-included price is 5,900 Swiss francs.
Geneva, Switzerland
Rue Verdaine 11
M.A.D. Gallery
Source: MB & F