More Than 10,000 Yuan, You Can’t Get Around These Diving Watches This Year

After the Basel exhibition in March this year, Rabbit wrote a new watch recommendation within the budget of 20,000 yuan. As a result, there is a watch that readers ask about every month: ‘Is it available? ‘I feel that the money in everyone’s arms must not be thrown at me. Yesterday, Rabbit continued to worry about everyone’s spending plans. Tmall’s flagship stores walked around, followed the new watch process, and finally saw the performance itself—the time has come. It is the crushed waste plastic, placed on the back of the dial Oris Oris Clean Marine Limited Edition, the price of 15,800 yuan. Combined with your personal experience in garbage sorting recently (led by Shanghai compatriots, everyone in other places should also be studying), Rabbit feels that environmental protection is not just a matter of doing things. It needs to be ingrained in our daily lives. Clean Ocean Limited Edition is the most bright new product of Oris this year. As the diving watch of the Aquis series, it is also justified. Let’s revisit its appearance. The surface of the plate is a gradient blue, and it really has a marine atmosphere. 39.5mm is suitable for most men. The back of the Oris733 self-winding movement watch is also seen by everyone. The colorful round pieces look beautiful. In fact, they are made of recycled materials. These Plastic bottles are broken first. After compression, it becomes a recycled plastic sheet. It is said that this small piece on the back of the case requires 20 bottles. Oris, who has always been concerned about marine protection, launched this waterproof 300-meter Aquis diving watch in cooperation with Pacific Garbage Screening. Every year, more than 800 tons of plastic enters the ocean. It is said that by 2050, the total amount of plastic in the ocean will exceed that of fish, which will not only destroy marine ecology, but also seriously affect human life. The problem of garbage disposal is a long way to go, and of course it is more important to start at the source. The significance of this watch is also a warning, let us realize the seriousness, and do our best. So it also comes with a special watch box made from sustainable seaweed extracts. As a limited edition, there are a total of 2,000 pieces worldwide. It is said that China has ordered about 100 to 150 pieces, and there are still many opportunities for everyone to get it. In addition, the bold Oris Oris followed the Star Wars 2 sets of watches and began to play 3 sets of watches for sale. This set is called the marine protection trident. In addition to the clean marine limited edition just now, there are 2 other different diving watches. This familiar watch case, like the back cover of the Clean Ocean Limited Edition, is made of recycled plastic. One of them is the Oris Blue Whale Limited Edition watch, which also belongs to the Oris Aquis diving watch. Its size is 45.5. Millimeters, water-resistant to 500 meters. The blue whale is the largest creature on the planet, but its current survival is also threatened. This watch is a collaboration between Oris and the charity-Whale and Dolphin Conservation Association (WDC). According to calculations, there were at most about 350,000 blue whales in the ocean. But before industrialization, uncontrolled hunting had greatly reduced the population of blue whales, and currently only 10,000 to 25,000 blue whales remain. Even if hunting is banned, human activities, including environmental pollution, still threaten the survival of blue whales. The limited edition of Blue Whale pushed by Oris is a chronograph, which is also equipped with a gradient water blue dial and a ceramic diving bezel. The back cover is engraved with the blue whale pattern and limited number. This watch is limited to 200 pieces, but is only released in the form of a marine protection trident set, not only sold. The third piece of the set is the third-generation Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition watch (The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world, and human beings have been restoring the ecology here in the form of artificially grown corals). The size of 43.5 mm is The stainless steel case is still a gradient water blue dial, with a limited edition of 2,000 pieces. The characteristic of this watch is that it has a small second hand and a ring calendar display function. It is also a self-winding mechanical movement, priced at 17,800 yuan, and the rabbit has already begun during Basel. The entire marine protection trident set has a total of 200 sets, and the three watch numbers are exactly the same. So in addition to the blue whale limited edition of 200, Clean Ocean and Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition will take out 1-200 into the set. This also means that consumers who purchase limited editions of Clean Ocean and Great Barrier Reef separately can only choose numbers 201-2000. It is said that China has ordered 10 sets, and currently 2 sets have arrived on the market, and the set price is 65,000 yuan. Speaking of diving watches, I have to admit that Oris Oris is a dark horse in recent years. As an independent watchmaking company, without the resources and financial background of a large group, it occupies a price of 10,000 to 20,000. A place. Products with features are of course the most important, but it is more reliable to say that the time has come for us to mature-our demand for watches has shifted from practical safety to features and easy matching. As an old media person with 10 years of experience in the Basel watch exhibition, Rabbit is watching the rise of diving watches with his own eyes in recent years. Even before seven or eight years ago, brands were struggling to push their diving watches to dealers, even if the responses were ‘good-looking’ and ‘professional’, but the few orders finally showed what they really wanted. We may wish to divide the popularity of diving watches into several stages. Initially, it was born for diving. The hard indicator required is waterproof performance, followed by strong underwater readability (luminous light is very important). Of course, safety is also essential. There must be a rotating bezel with a minute scale to indicate the dive time. In the 1950s and 1960s when the diving watch was born, it was destined to be the watch of a few people. But as the diving watch slowly entered the public’s field of view, it was actually undergoing subtle changes. It was very obvious that the heavy case became relatively delicate and slim. I remember 3 years ago, a reader asked me that Oris is famous for making diving watches. Why are some watches waterproof to 100 meters (this is actually a 65-replication waterproof depth, not a professional diving watch)? However, in the past two years, I have never heard such a voice. People are more concerned about whether the appearance is attractive and whether it is comfortable to wear. After all, compared to the launch test, most of the time we wear it on our hands to appreciate it, and the wrist’s load-bearing feeling and visual enjoyment are more real. Oris launched a special 65-recycled recycled plastic strap for World Clean Day. Therefore, the strap also appeared in the matching list of diving watches. It began to become an accessory for fashion occasions, and no longer just for launching. In addition to the marine trident, Oris also has 2 unique diving watches this year. The first is the Aquis Date calendar watch that received attention during Basel. The highlight is the color of the dial, which is a relatively refreshing mint green (to gray gradient), especially suitable for summer. The size is also 39.5 millimeters, and the water-resistant 300-meter watch has a steel belt model of 14,200 yuan and a belt model of 12,600 yuan. This watch is expected to be fully launched in China next week. Another very attractive Aquis Relief calendar watch, to be honest, it is attractive because of the red rubber strap at first glance. This watch is a collaboration between Oris and the expedition swimmer Ernst Bromeis to promote water conservation. This watch has a classic 43.5mm stainless steel gray-black dial, equipped with a unidirectional rotating diving bezel, and is water-resistant to 300 meters. The second hand is specially designed to be red, which is matched with a red rubber strap, of course, it also has the choice of belt and steel belt. The price of the steel belt model is 14,800 yuan, and other watches are 13,200 yuan. In fact, the belt model on the left is not listed in China, but there are gray rubber belt models to choose from. It is not difficult to find that there are always two characteristics of moving diving watches: 1 , Must be attractive, not able to dive a few meters. This is also the cleverness of Oris in the past two years. It is bold to play with colors and materials, and by the way add commemorative significance; 2. It is necessary to turn the slightly bulky tool watch into a stylish and exquisite daily wear watch, especially a financial resource and popularity Both are limited independent brands. Because the function is easy to homogenize, there is no upper limit for the matching attribute (so some people are willing to buy it all the time). But then, we ca n’t just stop at the appearance, but also consider wearing safety, such as Oris’s “safety anchor” tape—the tip is designed as “anchor”. Once the buckle is accidentally disengaged, the buckle can be hooked. Don’t fall. Comfort and peace of mind are what we now demand from diving watches. Another interesting data is that most dive watches are oversized. For example, the mainstream size of Oris is 43.5 mm or larger, but the wrist of Chinese consumers, especially southerners, is difficult to control, so the 39.5 mm medium Rising slowly over the past two years, this year’s 618 platform sales data shows that the sales of the medium size have gone hand in hand with the large size. And girls are more and more added to the consumption of medium-sized diving watches, it is more like accessories on the wrist than professional needs. The market is always changing quietly, with the needs of each generation strengthening. Good-looking, lightweight, safe to use, and suitable for your own hand, this is just the need to lower your head in any current trend. Smart brands will not go against the trend, and we won’t be right with wallets. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!