Baselworld 2018: Self-made Level Evolves Again Tudor Black Bay Gmt Watch

TUDOR expands its Black Bay series and launches a brand new watch that introduces a very useful and complex function-GMT, that is, a multi-time zone function. In addition to the conventional display of the local time, it can also display two other Time in time zone. The Black Bay GMT is equipped with an eye-catching rotating outer ring. It is matched with the dark blue and burgundy of the Black Bay series. This matte Black Bay GMT also pays tribute to this outstanding feature.

The Black Bay series continues to increase the number of new forces. In 2018, Tudor added new practical two-time works, paired with red and blue cola circles, which is impressive.

The red ‘snowflake’ hands of Tudor’s aesthetic features rotate around the 24-hour scale on the surface, and the two-way rotating outer ring is also engraved with a 24-hour scale for easy reading of other time zone times. The red part of the wine is printed with a 12-hour scale during the day, and the blue part is printed with a 12-hour scale at night. The Black Bay GMT has a steel case with a diameter of 41 mm and a water resistance of 200 meters. The winding crown shaft is made of frosted steel and echoes the case and the winding crown. This design is the first appearance in the Black Bay series. The black surface is suitable for various occasions. With the luminous hour markers, the contrast is clear and the time is easy to read at night. ‘GMT’ mark on the surface at 6 o’clock.

The Black Bay GMT uses the fourth red pointer in the center to indicate the time between the two places. At the same time, the ‘GMT’ on the dial at six o’clock is the main feature of the new model.

Like other models in the Black Bay series, the dial design of the BlackBay GMT also draws inspiration from the 1950s Tudor diving watch. This model uses a well-known angular pointer called ‘Snowflake’ by collectors. This distinctive pointer appeared in the brand’s 1969 product catalog. The new watch also follows the ‘big crown’ design, which is a typical feature of the first generation of Tudor diving watches with a water resistance of 200 meters. The Black Bay collection cleverly blends the brand’s traditional aesthetics with contemporary watchmaking. This series of watches is not simply a replica of the classic watch, but the essence of the Tudor watch for more than sixty years of diving watch production.

Tudor’s self-made movement expanded to two time functions in 2018. The new MT5652 has a silicon hairspring, passed the C.O.S.C. certification, and has a power reserve of 70 hours.

Tudor developed a new Tudor original movement MT5652 for the Black Bay GMT watch. This move introduces new functions to the original Tudor movement, highlighting the technical development direction of Tudor. New features benefit from clever structures, rather than simply adding more components, making the construction more complex. The MT5652 movement inherits the classic appearance and polishing process of the original Tudor movement. The hollow automatic plate is processed by sanding process, with sandblasted details, and the polished and sandblasted finishes of the splint and main splint are interlaced with each other, embellished with laser decoration. The inertia fine-tuning balance wheel is fixed on both sides by a strong horizontal splint and equipped with a non-magnetic silicon hairspring. The movement structure is cleverly designed to ensure reliability and solidity. This movement is certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (C.O.S.C.). Its power reserve is up to 70 hours.

Black Bay GMT In addition to the new version of the chain design (links on both sides are connected by rivet heads), Tudor also launched 赭 brown belt and black textured strap styles for consumers to choose from

The Tudor watch was inspired by the brand’s folding rivet straps from the 1950s and 1960s to design the Black Bay GMT strap. The rivet strap is famous for its original design features, and the links on both sides are connected by rivet heads, presenting a unique stepped structure. The Black Bay GMT strap incorporates the above two classic aesthetic features on the one hand, and uses solid links to integrate modern manufacturing processes. There are three straps available for this model. In addition to the steel strap, the other two are 赭 brown belts with discounts; and a black textured strap with burgundy stitching. This textured strap is made by a 150-year-old family-owned company in St-Etienne, France, using traditional jacquard technology. The textured strap is a major feature of Tudor and is considered an innovative design.

Black Bay GMT

Stainless steel material / MT5652 self-winding movement / hour, minute, second, date display / time display of both places / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 200 meters / diameter 41mm

The Appearance Of New Technologies In The First Half Of 2016

The two major watch exhibitions at the beginning of this year have attracted global watch enthusiasts. The main reason is that every year, two watch exhibitions will meet with the world like never before. The latest watch concepts and technologies will shine at both exhibitions.

At this year’s Geneva International Watch & Clock Fair, Audemars Piguet introduced a Royal Oak Concept series super chronograph watch, featuring high pitch and precise pitch. This watch features a lightweight titanium case that sounds perfectly the same, and meets the highest standards of watchmaking with unparalleled acoustic performance, sophisticated sound quality and precise tonality.

   Using three innovative patents, it perfectly combines the ultimate harmony, exclusive sound quality and bright tone. A new method of designing the stainless steel gong structure creates a unique minute repeater sound. The watch uses a newly developed case, and its unique structure prevents sound loss to achieve sound reinforcement. According to the traditional manufacturing process, the gong of the minute repeater mechanism is directly fixed on the main plate of the movement. The gong is mounted on a device made of a special material below the movement. The gong directly transmits the vibration generated by the hammer to the device made of special materials, instead of the traditional main plate of the movement. This technological innovation is like the case of a guitar. Through precise resonance, the sound intensity, tonality and timbre are improved. The adjusting device for controlling the time, time and minute rhythm is also newly designed. The gong bolt is more flexible and can absorb noise generated when the time signal device is operating.

   At the subsequent Basel International Watch Fair, Athens surprised four people with a Grand Deck flagship tourbillon watch. The highlight of this Athens Tourbillon watch is not the tourbillon, but the minute hand. Looks like a normal retrograde hand, but if you look closely you will find that this hand is more than half the diameter of the dial is controlled by a thin wire.

   Obviously, the design of the watch incorporates the elements of the ship, let’s not talk about the function and technology of this watch, such a beautiful dial is worthy of our quiet appreciation. The minute hand is driven by a high-tech nanowire, which moves it on the curved scale. Every hour, the slider will automatically return to the origin. The return of the slider is controlled by a special automatic return mechanism, which can reset the minute hand in only 3 to 4 seconds. In order to solve the huge energy required for slider movement, the UN-630 homemade manual movement used in this watch has a dual barrel design, one for the movement and the other for the time display. In the end, this watch has more than 48-hour power reserve. Water-resistant to 100 meters. It is worth mentioning that the material of this slider is made of Polyethylene Dyneema fiber, which is one of the important materials for making sailing equipment. Regardless of its diameter is only 0.0357 mm, but it can withstand a traction force of 1.41kg. Not only that, the hands of the mast and the wooden dial, lock nails and pulleys are perfectly integrated to create a scene where the ship is about to go out to sea and sail!

   The modular mobile phones that have been popular on the Internet for a while must be familiar to everyone. TAG Heuer has also modularized its Heuer 01 and Heuer 02 watches this year. The case is made up of 12 modules. You can freely change various colors and materials according to your preferences, making the watch more versatile and full of fashion. Heuer is indeed a younger brand.

Why Does Longines Succeed? Take A Look At Huo Kenuo’s Brand Marketing Approach

Apple Watch has recently become the focus of public discussion, but it should also be remembered that it took the Silicon Valley giant 40 years to launch its first watch; Longines, which is located in St. Somia (St. Imier, the brand of the quiet town, has been dedicated to watchmaking since 1867 to the present day. In addition, Apple may claim to be the most valuable brand in the world today, but Longines’ flying wing hourglass logo is the oldest valid registered trademark of the World Intellectual Property Organization.
   Walter von Känel, the current CEO of the brand, joined Longines in 1969, and is still stationed in Sri Lanka after nearly half a century (46 years), so it is not surprising that he dismissed the Apple Watch or generalized smart watch. ‘We have also tried digitization during our 46-year Longines career. After all, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a Swiss patent,’ he said. ‘Then we made some LED (light emitting diode) watches. Museum. Later, with the ETA digital / analog movement, we launched Speed5. ‘
   ‘In my opinion, manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and other smartwatches are just a supplement to our work. I firmly believe that the fundamental function of a watch is no longer just a signal of time, it is also a symbol of identity and taste. Why choose Patek Philippe, not Swatch-because of the desire to show off. ‘
   However, regardless of reputation or value, there is a huge gap between Swatch and Patek Philippe. The world’s largest private collection of Swatch (5,800 pieces) sold for only a quarter of Patek Philippe Henry Graves’ super-complex menu. So where is the position of Longines at both ends of the balance?
   ‘Clocks and watches are an emotional consumer product,’ explains Hokeno. ‘This is also the point where we spend a lot of budget to establish a sponsorship partnership, and the ambassadors are actively promoting it.’ In fact, through cooperation with equestrian, tennis and ski sports Longines has ensured a stable news appearance.
Hokino and the brand’s elegant ambassador Aishwarya Rai at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

   The background of Huoke Nuo’s background in sales also makes profit and loss become the primary consideration of the brand. During the Basel conference, Hokenau always carried four essential items with him: a stack of plastic-packed forms (sales data, best-selling models, and ledger by country or product line), pencils, sharpeners, and A set of precision calipers dating back to 1969. The old school who lived aloof, frankly, ‘I don’t have a computer, and my mobile phone is also an old guy (old communication equipment in the pre-intelligent era), and I won’t even reply to text messages.’
   His sensitivity and focus on sales are amazing, and those key statistics seem to be imprinted in his mind, and he still remembers them. It is also this sensitivity and focus that has contributed to the birth of the brand’s ‘fifth pillar’-a new series created specifically for equestrian sports.
   ‘If we plan to invest millions in this area and can appear in equestrian events every weekend, chronographs alone are not enough,’ explains Hokeno. ‘We need to develop new ones, especially Women’s collection, and we also have a special watch for the obstacle course. ‘
New Comcast Classic Moon Phase Ref.L2.798.5.72

   Even if he asks personal questions such as favorite watches, Hokeno can return to sales. ‘This year, our investment and promotion focus is on the Concas classic series (accounting for 7% of Longines’ total sales). This model is a steel and gold two-tone moon phase watch, and I should be consistent with the brand image and lead by example. ‘It seems that it is no longer necessary to guess what watch the Longines CEO is wearing.
   Even considering Hookeno’s sales background, people were taken aback when he announced that Longines set a new sales record last year. In the troubled Hong Kong market, Longines recorded a strong growth record of 10% last year, when mainland tourists turned to support the Hong Kong markets of South Korea and Thailand. So, this year’s economic environment is full of uncertain factors, can this rally continue? ‘It looks like it!’ Hockenor predicts confidently on the opening day of Basel International Watch & Jewellery.

Swatch Swiss Watches Mean What

The Swatch brand is believed to be familiar to most people. He is a fashion watch brand from Switzerland. The Chinese name is ‘Swatch’. Swatch watches have won the love of countless young friends with their fashionable and colorful colors and subversion of traditional watch shapes. But careful friends can easily find that the English word ‘Swiss’ is printed on Swatch watches. Then Swatch
What does the Swiss watch mean? Let the watch home lead everyone to understand it!

The word ‘Swiss’ means that this Swatch is made in Switzerland. Not only Swatch, although there are watches produced in Switzerland, the word ‘Swiss’ is marked on the case. Swiss made not only It is used to indicate the nationality of the trademark. This sign should be a “origin of origin” in legal terms and enjoy a high reputation all over the world. “Made in Switzerland” has long established a high quality in people’s minds. Image, it represents both credible technical quality: accurate, reliable, waterproof, heat-resistant, and is synonymous with beautiful elegance and novel design.

   Swatch not only refers to his internationality through ‘Swiss’, but also means ‘S’ in the name to indicate that it is made in Switzerland. There is also ‘second
‘Watch’ is the meaning of the second watch. Swatch hopes that their products can be like fashion, so that everyone has more than two watches. This is what the Swatch brand has been advocating. It is not only a kind of The new high-quality watch will also bring a new concept to people; the watch is no longer just an expensive luxury and a simple timing tool, but a ‘fashion on your wrist’!

   The above is the ‘Swatch’
What do Swiss watches mean? I believe you already know the answer to the question. Swatch is not only a fashion watch, but also a Swiss professional watchmaking brand. It successfully combines modern fashion elements with the quality of traditional Swiss watches. It meets people’s requirements for watch quality, and is also favored by users for its trendy and stylish design .

Dream To The Sky, Extraordinary Creation, Cartier Launched The New Santos De Cartier Series Watch

Conquering the sky, sublimating ideals, gravitation in battlefields … The fearless spirit of the pilot Albert Santos Dumont has been faithfully manifested in the new Santos de Cartier watch series.
   The new watch is represented by Albert Santos Dumont, which continues the pioneering spirit, extraordinary style and passion of conquering the sky of the pioneers of the aerospace industry.
   Simplicity, practicality and innovation are the three principles Albert Santos Dumont follows. In 1904, the flight pioneer ordered the first modern watch from Louis Cartier. This timepiece can be worn on the wrist, making it easy for him to check the time while flying the aircraft.


   The simple design of the watch, with its square dial, exposed screw design and ergonomically comfortable strap, make it an industry model of the era.
   It belongs to this ambitious legend-he has invented and designed more than 20 aircraft in total, possesses a large number of patented technologies, conducts test flights without fearing the danger of life, and also generously donates his income. His dress is also praised for its practical elegance.

Simple and elegant-the new SANTOS-DUMONT watch

   A tribute to classic watches
   The new Santos-Dumont watch with crocodile leather strap is exquisitely subtle, faithfully continuing the elegant style of the original 1904 model. This new work is available in 18K gold, 18K gold and stainless steel or stainless steel case, with Roman numerals, exposed screws, bead-shaped winding crown set with blue cabochon gemstones, continuing the system The historical heritage of the model masterpiece.


   Cartier retains a square case with a geometric pattern composed of four towers when overlooking the Eiffel Tower, echoing the Parisian architectural aesthetics of simplicity, purity and perfect symmetry. As a symbol of the modern design revolution at the beginning of the 20th century, this watch transcended the limitations of the times, abandoning the round pocket watch styles that were popular at the time, and highlighting the crisp and straight lines.


Santos-Dumont watch in 18K rose gold, dark grey crocodile leather strap, durable power quartz movement, 6-year battery life

   The simplicity and purity of the Santos-Dumont watch is exactly what Albert Santos Dumont portrayed in modern style: no matter what the occasion, he always dresses well, from suit vests, bowlers, collars, cuffed trousers to The anti-peak peaked cap all reflects its chic style.

   Powerful quartz movement

 Santos-Dumont watch in 18K rose gold and steel, black crocodile leather strap, durable power quartz movement, 6-year battery life

Santos-Dumont watch Stainless steel, dark blue alligator strap, long-lasting quartz movement, 6-year battery life

   When flying an airplane, Albert Santos Dumont always wears goggles and a custom coat that connects various cables to the rudder. He values ​​comfort and practicality without losing grace.

   Likewise, practicality has played a decisive role in the development of Santos-Dumont watches. In 2019, Cartier equipped the Santos-Dumont watch with a high-efficiency quartz movement with a battery life of about 6 years, which is twice as long as the traditional quartz movement. To this end, the Cartier workshop redesigned and resized the movement in order to reduce power consumption, while equipped with a new high-performance battery.

Breakthrough record-SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph


   Speed ​​is one of many challenges that Albert Santos Dumont must face. How to surpass and control speed? He has repeatedly set records in the aviation field, which can be traced back to the flight speed record set in 1906, that is, 220 meters in 21 seconds.

SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph, oversized 18K rose gold, interchangeable bracelet / strap (crocodile leather and rubber), Cartier 1904-CN MC workshop-finished self-winding chronograph movement

   Cartier’s new chronograph is specially created for measurement records. In the 21st century, this tradition of excellence continues to be carried forward. Cartier pays attention to the elegant appearance and ergonomic design of the watch. It has a start / stop button at 9 o’clock, and the reset function is directly operated by the crown. Watch design is more simple and easy to operate.

SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph, oversized model, 18K yellow gold and stainless steel, replaceable bracelet / strap (stainless steel and rubber), Cartier 1904-CN MC-crafted workshop automatic winding chronograph movement

   This watch is equipped with Cartier 1904-CH MC workshop refined movement. Guide column, vertical clutch device and linear return-to-zero hammer constitute a delicate mechanism for controlling and coordinating timing functions.

SANTOS DE CARTIER chronograph, oversized model, ADLC carbon coating (amorphous diamond-like carbon coating) stainless steel, replaceable bracelet / strap (rubber and crocodile skin), Cartier 1904-CN MC workshop refined automatic Winding chronograph movement

   In 1909, Cartier applied for a patent for the first folding buckle design. This year, Cartier continues to innovate the buckle system, highlighting more comfortable, simple and safe quality features. The push-button switch mechanism is equipped with a lighter sheet, which continues the iconic design and makes the operation of replacing the strap / bracelet easy.
   Just like the other Santos de Cartier watch series, its strap / bracelet has the advantage of being easy to use: the stainless steel bracelet, crocodile leather or rubber strap can be easily replaced by the patented QucikSwitch strap quick-change device, Its delicate mechanism is hidden in the case; the exclusive patented SmartLink bracelet adjustment device makes it possible to change the size of the metal bracelet without using tools.

   The night sky was also Albert Santos Dumont’s eager conquest. He had conceived that during the test flight, the night sky was lit with searchlights.


   Cartier presents the new Santos de Cartier Squelette Noctambule hollow luminous watch, realizing this dream: the movement bridge is covered with Super-Luninova® luminous coating, which is no different during the day, and it accumulates the bright light when it falls at night.

Jacquet Droz (Father Love Is Silent, Deep And Heavy)

Father’s love is subtle and silent, but behind it there is deep-seated true love, which can only be experienced with heart. As Wenhao Dickens said: ‘Father should be a generous friend.’ When we look back on our growth years, our father is one of the most respectable and trustworthy friends. He uses his heavy and selfless love in the journey of life. We cover the wind and rain, guide the direction, and guard us all the time. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Jaquet Droz selected two Grande Seconde watches to present Father’s Day in return for his father’s love.

 The Grande Seconde series, as a classic of the brand, embodies its philosophical value, aesthetic characteristics and technological pursuits. It still leads the way after more than two hundred years, showing the long-lasting vitality of Jacques Dro design philosophy. The unique 8-character inner ring hugs and hugs, like the real and endless love between father and son, embracing and relying on each other, is the permanent spiritual pillar of the other party. The number 8 also contains the meaning of ‘∞’, just like the great continuation of the life that fathers give to their children, creating the eternity of affection.

Ivory large open flame enamel date large seconds hand (GRANDE SECONDE QUANTIÈME IVORY ENAMEL)
 While adhering to the classic aesthetic style, Jacques de Lo not forgetting to innovate, incorporating a silicon hairspring into the movement’s escapement system, writing a new legend for the large second hand series. The date shows that the large seconds watch respects the classics and respects the tradition, just as the children are grateful and respectful to their father.
 The date display Grande Seconde Quantième was born in 2011 and is inspired by the brand’s legendary models. This year, it will be launched with a new look and movement, injecting vitality into the classic elements of Jaquet Droz, once again confirming the brand’s immortal watchmaking process.
 The watch movement has undergone a major change for the first time, boldly using a silicon balance spring and an inverted pallet fork. The texture of silicon is flexible and flexible, and only a few watchmakers in the world are proficient in using this material for watchmaking. Silicon is very resistant to impact, temperature changes, and pressure, and is not affected by magnetic fields. It is stable and constant.
 Jacques Droe is good at refining the movement, this movement is no exception: the motherboard is polished on both sides with round pearls; the gears are chamfered, polished, and rounded; the steel parts are softly chamfered and straight; the corners are Manually sanded and polished, all of these processes give the movement an exquisite and unique look. The transparent beauty of the case provides a beautiful view of the machine. To coincide with the grand launch of the Grande Seconde Quantième Ivory Enamel date with ivory-colored large enamel enamel, the surface of the movement is also specially decorated with fan-shaped Geneva ripples, highlighting its distinguished identity.
 The movement is carefully retouched to present a new modern aesthetic. The atmospheric bridges and gray-black tones project a more pure modern spirit. The brand’s classic decorative elements are integrated into one.
 Through the change of movement and appearance, Jacques de Loire once again expressed the brand’s unchanging watchmaking philosophy: adhering to the superior craftsmanship and traditional aesthetics, and constantly innovating and performing with the times. Just as children continue to inherit and inherit fatherly love, a watch tells a moving story

Ivory large open flame enamel date large seconds watch GRANDE SECONDE QUANTIEME IVORY ENAMEL
Double ivory large open flame enamel dial;
Red gold case
Automatic winding movement;
68-hour power reserve;
43 mm diameter
Red gold hour, minute, second and date hands
Red lacquered decorative date display pointer pin end
Suggested retail price: 171,000 RMB

Ivory large open flame enamel seconds hand (GRANDE SECONDE IVORY ENAMEL)
 In 1785, Jacques Droer pioneered the concept of the Grande Seconde, interpreting time in a whole new way. The eye-catching second hand movement makes the wearer better understand the passage of time, which has become the golden rule of the watchmaking industry for centuries. Since then, the accuracy of the minute is no longer unique to scholars, merchants, missionaries, and kings. Anyone who loves beautiful objects can share this relentless pursuit of precision and elegance.

 The beauty of the Grande Seconde is not overshadowed by the passage of time. The unique digital shape and arrangement will always lead the trend of the times: the hours and minutes are expressed in classical Roman numerals; the Arabic numerals are easy to identify and the seconds are displayed, so that the watch reflects modern achievements while reflecting the glorious past. The proportions of the two inner disks are symmetrical and the lines are neat and even. Its design inspiration comes from the auspicious number 8, which is also a lucky number for Jacques Dro watch factory.
 Nowadays, almost all watch factories are keen to launch watches with many complicated functions and compete fiercely in the market, but Jacques Dro has always adhered to principles, pursued the essence, and paid attention to artistic beauty and eternity. Watches are not just simple mechanical devices, but also passion and enthusiasm from the heart. Jacques Dro continues to create timepieces for discerning collectors, always adhering to the philosophy of pursuing innovation and pure beauty.

Large ivory enamel large seconds hand GRANDE SECONDE IVORY ENAMEL
Ivory Grand Fire ‘Grand Feu’ Enamel Dial
18K White Gold Case
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
43 mm diameter
Suggested retail price: RMB167,000

Hublot Watches Applaud The Global Brand Ambassador Usain Bolt World Championships!

In the early morning of August 18, Beijing time, the Jamaican team led by HUBLOT Hublot global brand ambassador and the world’s ‘first trapeze person’ Usain Bolt won the 2013 World Championship in 37 seconds Men’s 4 * 100m championship. At this point, the legendary superstar known as the world’s first person in the sprint event, won 3 gold at the World Championships, and once again created the ‘Big Bang’ of his career!

 ‘I love Moscow!’ After winning the men’s 4 * 100m relay championship for the Jamaican team, the excited Bolt shouted towards the TV camera. After the award ceremony, Bolt, as the global brand ambassador of HUBLOT, also wore his own exclusive watch—the limited edition of Hublot “The Supreme King Usain Bolt” to celebrate this Victory.
All the design elements of ‘The Supreme King Usain Bolt’ are integrated into Bolt’s signature personal style, which is highly recognizable: Bolt’s signature bow movement is clearly visible in the center of the small seconds at 9 o’clock, The whole body is made of micro-blasted black ceramic and matched with the eye-catching gold-Bolt’s exclusive boots color, once again highlighting his unparalleled personal charm. The bezel is coated with 2N gold powder and golden synthetic leather-the material from Bolt boots is perfectly reproduced on the strap.

 This watch will continue to accompany Bolt’s invincibility on the arena and continue to make history! As Bolt said in the post-match interview: ‘World record? Let’s see!’

Supreme King Usain Bolt
Technical Parameters
Serial number 703.CI.1129.NR.USB12
Limited edition of 250 pieces, numbered from 01/250 to 250/250
King of Cases-48mm diameter, microblasted black ceramic
Bezel black ceramic, 6 H-shaped embossed titanium screws with black PVD coating
Table mirror sapphire mirror transfer gray minute scale
Anti-reflective treatment inside and outside
Lugs black synthetic resin
Front side black synthetic resin
Case back micro-blasted black ceramic
Sapphire mirror, Bolt silhouette
Crown black PVD-coated titanium, black natural rubber insert
Button black PVD coated titanium, black natural rubber insert
Titanium screws with black PVD coating
Water-resistant to 10 standard atmospheres and about 100 meters underwater
Dial matte black with satin-finished edges and 2N gold coating
Brushed satin finish, black nickel-plated scale with black luminous coating
Meteor gray Bolt silhouette printed at 9 o’clock, 2N gold powder HUBLOT logo and 12 o’clock
Brushed satin-finished hands, black nickel-plated hands with black luminous coating
Caribre HUB4100 automatic mechanical movement with central seconds hand, small seconds at 9 o’clock
Number of parts 252
Number of jewel bearings 27
Calendar pane at 4:30
Power reserve about 42 hours
Adjustable black natural rubber strap with golden synthetic leather of the same material as Bolt running shoes
Buckle King Extreme series micro-blasted black PVD coated titanium folding buckle, black ceramic decorative veneer

Chopard Launches Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph Zagato 100th Anniversary Edition Chronograph

Chopard, a Swiss luxury watch and jewelry brand, and Zagato, an Italian car design company, compete in the Mille Miglia. The two concepts share the same concept, they both love machinery, are passionate about shape design, respect tradition, and are fascinated by competition and precision performance. Today, these commonalities are the mechanical masterpiece of Chopard, which pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of its car racing partners and close friends, the Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph Zagato 100th Anniversary Edition chronograph, carefully created by Chopard, limited Issued 100 pieces. This new timepiece features a dial decorated with Zagato’s signature lacquered red ‘Z’ pattern, a curved 42 mm stainless steel case, and a ‘bund’ leather strap in the style of a Zagato car seat. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), which has both outstanding beauty and superb technical performance.

  Mille Miglia is known as ‘the most beautiful car race in the world’ (la corsa più bella del mondo)! Because of this fate, it is bound to evoke an unusual response. Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and Andrea Zagato knew each other. Chopard Co-President Carl Frederick Schaefer is the fourth-generation heir to the Kingdom of Watches and Jewelry, founded in 1860. He is also a loyal fan and amateur of antique cars. For 31 years Chopard Has been a partner to and from the famous Mille Miglia Miles between Brescia and Rome; Andrea Zagato is the grandson of the founder of the family-owned company Zagato, which was founded in 1919, the only independent Italian car to survive The design brand is also the originator of the ‘Total Design Studio’ concept, serving automotive brands such as Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo.
  The two drove their own cars and competed on the Italian country track. Based on their common passion for precision mechanics and aesthetic design, the two also established a sincere friendship between them. Chopard Chopard became the official sponsor of the Scuderia Sports Zagato team, and Zagato inspired Chopard’s design inspiration to create a limited edition of the Mille Miglia watch series. The spirit of racing witnessed the fierce competition between gentlemen and drivers during the day. After crossing the finish line, they were keen to share their own experiences. This spirit played out in the cooperation between the two sides. It’s reasonable that the two brands should be sympathetic. Watches and cars have similarities, but they have real meaning only when they resonate with one another. The key lies in careful details, exquisite machinery, elegant lines and harmonious beauty. Chopard and Zagato both know how to do this and jointly create outstanding masterpieces.
  A timepiece with outstanding performance and elegance
  In 2019, Chopard refused to let himself be a tribute to Zagato’s 100th anniversary with a commemorative timepiece. The main design frame was quickly selected. The 100th Anniversary Edition is a Mille Miglia watch, which will belong to the Classic Chronograph series created in 2017, with the characteristics of a dedicated timepiece for car racing, thus reflecting the traditional racing cars cherished by the two brands. spirit. Therefore, this 42mm stainless steel watch shows a distinctive retro style, and its curved design inspiration is derived from these attractive classic cars. The watch has impeccable mechanical properties and is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory Precision Chronometer (COSC), which is accurate and reliable.

  Based on this excellent chronograph movement, Chopard and Zagato have designed an elegant watch, suitable for endurance enthusiasts who are fighting on the asphalt road. The details are carefully considered to make the timepiece elegant. First, Milan designer Zagato and Mille Miglia’s favorite lacquered red dial is decorated with Zagato’s initial ‘Z’ pattern. At 12 o’clock, there are two brand logos that show the pedigree of this watch, surrounded by Barton-type hour markers coated with Super-LumiNova® fluorescent coating, and the hands are also coated with Super-LumiNova® fluorescent coating, ensuring that Can be read clearly in any environment. The tachymeter scale decorated with black aluminum beveled texture enhances the sportiness of this chronograph. The necessary accessories for this car race can calculate the average speed during the race. Zagato takes full advantage of its features and has won the Mille Miglia Millennium Championship eight times out of 24 entries, setting a record!

  This watch is equipped with the same color stitching Zagato car decoration style ‘bund’ strap, echoes the old car trunk straps, reminiscent of the glorious era of racing. At the time, some riders loved this type of strap design, making it easy to wear the timepiece firmly on the racing suit. At night, the ‘bund’ strap turns into an elegant black calfskin strap, decorating the gentleman’s wrist. The undulating landscape of the course was filled with the breath of ‘sweet life’, which made them enchanted, and the subtle details echoed by the Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph Zagato chronograph are enough to continue the magic of this event.
  Technical specifications

Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph Zagato 100th Anniversary Edition
100th Anniversary Edition Chronograph
Limited edition of 100 pieces
Stainless steel
Stainless steel
Total diameter 42.00 mm
Height 12.67 mm
Water resistance 50 meters
Steel crown with runner 7.50 mm
Polished steel bezel
Anti-glare sapphire crystal
Stainless steel button
Zagato 100th Anniversary logo on see-through case back

Automatic mechanical movement
Overall diameter 28.60 mm
Thickness 6.10 mm
Number of gems 37
28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve 42 hours
Official Swiss Observatory Accurate Timepiece Certification (COSC)

Dial and hands:
Lacquered red dial with Zagato initial ‘Z’ pattern
12 o’clock with rhodium-plated Zagato logo and red Mille Miglia logo
At 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock, there are electroplated red circular pattern polished hour and minute counters, respectively.
Barton-type hour markers with Super-LumiNova® fluorescent coating
Faceted rhodium-plated hour and minute hands
Rhodium-plated chronograph hands
Rhodium-plated seconds hand with red tip

Minutes and seconds
Small seconds at 3 o’clock
30-minute counter at 9 o’clock
Hour counter at 6 o’clock
Calendar display window at 4:30

Strap and buckle:
Black calf leather ‘bund’ strap with tonal stitching
Stainless steel polished pin buckle

Model: 168589-3020-Stainless steel model with black calf leather ‘bund’ strap-Limited edition of 100 pieces-Available exclusively at Chopard stores and counters