Persistent Pursuit Of Zenith Watches For Precise Performance

Zenith EL PRIMERO STRATOS FLYBACK STRIKING 10th watch faithfully reproduces the Rainbow Flyback model developed for the French Air Force in 1997, equipped with the world’s most accurate automatic chronograph movement, El Primero Legendary movement with 1/10 second jump-second display and flyback function.
    Since its founding in 1865, Zenith has always believed in precision and reliability. The persistent pursuit of precise performance was soon applied in the fields of aviation and transportation. Today, this Zenith watch factory-made timepiece joins the military aviation and competitive aviation fields that always value performance and team cohesion.
    As a manufacturer of precision chronographs for military and civilian navigation, Zenith presents a new model here: the El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th. This model is derived from the Rainbow Flyback watch manufactured according to the project plan written by the French Ministry of Defense. The specifications of military watches are much higher than those of civilian watches, which drives Zenith engineers to strive for perfection and perfection. Military instruments must remain accurate at all times, even under extreme conditions of sudden acceleration, rapid changes in pressure and temperature, severe vibration, and magnetic fields.
     The aviation sector will undoubtedly cause inconvenience to watches and airborne instruments. The Zenith latest model is equipped with a very durable case. It features a slotted unidirectional rotating bezel with a scratch-resistant black ceramic disc. The outer edge of the dial is equipped with a ranging scale. Instant jump function. The curved sapphire crystal is inspired by the vast expanse of the sky, and has the same effect as the glass portholes on the back of the fuselage that ensure astronomical navigation.
    This Zenith EL PRIMERO STRATOS FLYBACK STRIKING 10th watch is limited to 1969 pieces. And 1969 was the year when the Zenith El Primero movement was launched.
Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th Watch: Superb Movement Showing 1/10 Seconds
    The Zenith Stratos Flyback Striking 10th is equipped with an El Primero movement. This high-vibration chronograph movement with column wheels has a 25% higher number of swings than all other movements. The 1/10 second jump function makes every beat of this excellent movement clearly visible. 1/10 seconds is the smallest unit of time that a mechanical movement can measure.
    The Zenith Stratos Striking 10th is also equipped with a flyback function. When flying in the sky, all routes are automatically calculated based on a predetermined heading and time. Before the flyback function was invented, two different buttons had to be pressed three times to pause, reset or restart the chronograph hands.
    For fighter pilots, this operation is both time consuming and overly complicated. The creative watchmaker has developed a flyback function for this purpose. Just press the same button to pause, reset and restart the chronograph, so the pilot can recalculate the course at any time. This feature is essential for pilots who must land at the scheduled time notified by the navigation tower.
Three colors for Zenith:
    The three colors that embellish the chronograph are the unique colors used in the first Zenith El Primero chronograph, introduced in 1969. At that time, dark, black and dark blue dials were popular with tonal chronograph dials. To make the reading more clear, Zenith developed this three-color dial. The hue changes combined at a ratio of 3-6-9 make the hands contrast sharply with the dial’s bottom color, making it clearer when read. The dark hour accumulator is chosen because the instrument records longer time; the second hand uses a lighter color to symbolize the ephemeral time; and the dark blue is suitable for the minute hand, indicating that the minute is the main point of the chronograph measurement.