Radar Watch New Precision Ceramic Series Gems Shining Bright

As the radar’s popular precision ceramics series launched, the watchmaking industry was shaken. The first high-tech ceramic used has a flawless surface and comfortable skin-friendly characteristics. The industry is the first to use high-tech ceramics. ‘Integrating watches with bracelets’, a design concept that once sounded avant-garde in the watchmaking industry has now proven to be a golden rule. While inheriting the classics, the radar watch has always been brave in innovation, constantly betraying the classics, and constantly creating new classics. Today, the new precision ceramic series carries the dream of recreating classics, and is born brightly!
Rado Integral Jubile Series
   Simple, sensual, modern and luxurious! The new precision ceramic series showcases a superb design with a strong modern feel and a mastery of the material. The iconic design elements of the entire series-the arched sapphire crystal and the high-tech ceramic strap are integrated into one body, which is smooth and smooth. Like Feihong, it brings perfect visual enjoyment and a pleasant wrist fit, making every precision ceramic watch an aura of eye-catching aura.
   Under the designer’s exquisite ideas, the new precision ceramic series has magically changed its appearance, but each one is engraved with a distinctive family imprint. Or set 6 brilliant diamonds on the left and right columns of the dial to show the time scale, or precious diamond bars decorated on both sides of the mirror and strap, or the black leather strap and sapphire crystal to interpret the light and dark contrast, or use the ring Interlocking high-tech ceramic straps, each precision ceramic series watch exudes simple beauty.
   High-tech ceramic material is called a ‘luxury’ new material in the fashion industry. It is not only widely used in medical, aerospace and other high-tech fields because of its high wear resistance and pressure resistance, but also because of its natural ‘ Skin-friendly ‘sex. High-tech ceramic is a lightweight, hypoallergenic material, which can quickly adjust to body temperature with low thermal conductivity, and it is light in texture, soft to the touch, and not easy to be allergic, like the second skin of a person, for the wearer Comes with unparalleled comfort.

High-tech ceramic material-extreme luxury
   The legendary Ceramica ‘Integral Ceramic’ series of radar watches have continuously accumulated expertise, deepened their understanding of high-tech ceramic materials, and successfully escaped the limitations of the traditional watchmaking industry both aesthetically and technically.
   In addition to excellent scratch resistance, high-tech ceramics have other important properties. It is a lightweight, hypoallergenic material that can be quickly adjusted to body temperature with low thermal conductivity, bringing unparalleled comfort to the wearer. People and watches are united, luxury is enjoyed.
   Through a deep understanding of high-tech ceramics, the radar meter also discovered another little-known characteristic of ceramics: this is an unparalleled color medium. In order to obtain reproducible colors without changing the structure and maintaining its excellent mechanical properties, deep knowledge of sintering, various oxide concentration and pigment proportions is required. Following the classic gold, the radar watch has developed black and white, and recently added pink, wine red, lake blue, etc., all thanks to advanced technology and the unswerving pursuit of pure surface.
   The radar watch continuously perfects the metal plating process. Following the classic gold and copper colors, it has developed another world-class innovation in black and white, which is dazzling.
High-tech diamonds-dreams come true
   Undoubtedly, the tungsten-titanium alloy and high-tech ceramics of the radar are unprecedented technical achievements. However, there is still a certain gap between these materials and diamonds with a hardness of 10,000 Vickers. Therefore, for radar watches, reaching this ultimate goal-to create the world’s hardest watch with a permanent and pure surface-means realizing the ultimate dream of the brand. In 2004, with the advent of the world’s first high-tech diamond radar table V10K series (the name of V10K means 10,000 Vickers hardness), this dream finally became a reality. This is a great leap forward in the field of materials, and it will be recorded in history forever!
   High-tech diamonds are the result of long-term research and development by experts in nanotechnology, and have obtained a number of international patents. The process is to attach nanocrystalline diamonds to specially prepared surfaces in hydrogen and methane gas. This operation needs to be performed in a vacuum, low pressure and high temperature environment-similar to the high temperature environment on Jupiter, so that it can convert carbon into diamond and accelerate its volume growth. When nano-diamond crystals are attached to the pre-made tungsten-titanium alloy element and placed in a boiler filled with carbon atoms, the carbon atoms will gather on the original diamond crystals and slowly thicken. The resulting polycrystalline structure will Will meet the diamond hardness requirements. The process is a technological innovation that truly addresses aesthetic challenges.
   As the only watch brand that has mastered this cutting-edge technology, Swiss Radar has once again written the brand legend with high-tech diamonds, fully demonstrating the outstanding achievements of Radar in innovation and future design!