Resisting To Gravity, Real Shot Jaeger-lecoultre Geophysical Observatory Tourbillon Watch

When it comes to the watch of the Geophysical Observatory, we have to mention the Geophysical Year. This project is an international geophysical research project. Every once in a while, each member country forms a scientific research team to the earth. Many aspects including changes in geology and climate are investigated. In 1958, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the first series of Geophysic watches, using Swiss craftsmanship, to equip scientific team members with watches that are still reliable in polar environments. In 2015, Jaeger-LeCoultre organized this watch into a separate series. In fact, its predecessor already existed in 2014. At that time, the watch model was designed based on the 1958 model and became a series in 2015. Since then, many modern changes have been made, the most notable of which was the use of skip-second technology and Jaeger-LeCoultre’s patented Gyrolab balance.

   In 2017, Jaeger-LeCoultre added new works to this collection, including an advanced and complex watch, the Geophysic Tourbillon. This watch is more complicated than expected, it is a combination of Jaeger-LeCoultre technology and art. Let’s talk about technology first. This watch is equipped with world-time functions. This is not unusual. What is unusual is its tourbillon. This is the first time that Jaeger-LeCoultre added a tourbillon in this series, and it is a heavyweight tourbillon, because this tourbillon is not fixed in one place like a traditional tourbillon, it will rotate around the center of the dial, this celestial body Running tourbillon, only a few brands have such stunts. What’s more, the balance wheel inside the tourbillon uses the patented Gyrolab balance wheel.

   The watch case diameter is 43.5 mm, which is not too big, but as a sophisticated model, it uses a platinum case, limited to 100 pieces. Before the preview, this watch has caused a lot of sensation. After seeing the real thing, it is quite amazing.

   This tourbillon rotates around the dial every 24 hours. At the center of the dial is a map. The deep blue lacquered ocean is decorated with a small spiral pattern, symbolizing the rough waves. The design on the entire dial is full of the grand landscape of geophysics. A tourbillon runs on it and presents the time in 24 time zones of the world at the same time. Such a spectacular view is incredible.

   There is no doubt that this is the blockbuster product of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic Geophysical Observatory series this year, but after all it is an advanced and complex watch, and it is a platinum case, limited to 100 pieces, so if you are lucky enough to see the real thing, you can play with it After all, there is still a distance from most people, so we can focus our attention on the Geophysic watch.
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