Severin Wunderman, Chairman And Owner Of Corum Kunlun Died After 50 Years Of Watchmaking History

Last week, Severin Wunderman died of a severe stroke at his vacation home in Nice, aged 69. Severin has been the owner of the Corum Kunlun watch brand since 2000. His innovative spirit and originality have rebuilt the Corum Kunlun watch brand and rejuvenated it. Severin is a genius of art and culture. His personality and charm are integrated into his creation and design, making him an icon in the field of watchmaking.

Severin’s watchmaking career began in the 1960s, when he grew rapidly in the United States and developed outstanding business talents. His encounter with Aldo Gucci changed his destiny, and he has since become an innovative entrepreneur, combining Italian luxury design with the precision of Swiss watch manufacturing under the Gucci watch brand. In the twenty-five years Severin has worked with Gucci, the company has sold millions of watches worldwide.
Severin is always looking for new challenges. In 2000, he acquired Corum Kunlun Watch, and since then has created a new era. Corum Corum was founded in 1955. As the chairman of Severin, this brand has once again proved to be a very successful, bold and innovative design. Severin launched a new Bubble series, all of which are original designs, showing his new perspective on the field of classic watch manufacturing. He also relaunched the legendary Admiral’s Cup and Romulus series, injecting them with new features and effects.
Loyal employees of the Wunderman family and Corum Kunlun watches around the world will be proud of Severin. They will continue to fulfill his mission to make Corum Kunlun watches into the world’s most respected luxury watch brand.
Severin has a special hobby for Jean Cocteau’s art works, which is his important connection with the field of culture and art. Over the years, his artistic sense has become more and more acute. He has added some great creative artistic feelings of the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries to his watch collection. As an art patron, he established the Jean Cocteau Museum in Orange County, California. He is also a major donor to the Menton Museum, which houses 1,200 Cocteau works donated by Severin. Opening year.
In addition to Severin’s activities in the arts, he also founded the Severin Wunderman Family Foundation, demonstrating his fraternity and humanitarianism. The foundation sponsors various charitable activities and medical research around the world. In addition, Severin funded the Severin Wunderman Holocaust Child Survivor Testimony Collection: Child-to-Child Dialogue project organized by the Shoah Foundation, founded by Steven Spielberg.
Severin’s dedication to culture and charity throughout his life earned him respect and recognition in his hometown of Cocteau. On December 31, 2004, Severin was awarded the French Legion of Honor by the President of France.
We will always remember his creative genius and business acumen, as well as his generosity throughout his life.
Corum and all employees thank Severin for everything they have done for them and express their deepest sympathy to Severin’s family at this most sad time.
‘He lives in our hearts forever’
Jean Cocteau
Source: Corum